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Making Slow Motion Videos in Final Cut Pro: The Best Methods

Caroline Laurent
Caroline Laurent Originally published Dec 20, 23, updated Jul 22, 24

The slow-motion effect has been used for years to add dramatic effects to movies. An important scene is always highlighted and looks better with a slow-motion effect.  Applying slow motion is beneficial, too, as it can give you a better preview of the scene. The effect is easily accessible in many video editing applications.

How would you find an app that gives good final cut slow-motion results? This article has got you all covered on that. Here, you will find the Final Cut Pro slow-motion effect that works fantastic without ruining your video's quality. So, follow the article to learn more about using FCP slow motion.

In this article
  1. Part 1: What Makes a Perfect Slow-Motion Video?
  2. Part 2: Learning All Essential Techniques to Perform Slow Motion in Final Cut Pro X
  3. Part 3: Wondershare Filmora: A Multi-Purpose Solution to Making Effective Slow-Motion Videos
  4. Conclusion
Slow Motion Video Maker
Slow your video’s speed with better control of your keyframes to create unique cinematic effects!
Wondershare Filmora

Part 1: What Makes a Perfect Slow-Motion Video?

An ideal FCP slow-motion video requires careful attention to technical details and aesthetics. Below are some essential things to think about bringing perfection in slow-motion videos:

  • Resolution: A slow-motion video with visual appeal and a high resolution is crucial. This is especially vital if you intend to crop or zoom in on the video while editing.
  • Storytelling: Make sure the slow-motion clip supports the idea you're attempting to portray. Your scenes will have more impact if you tell them with a thoughtful narrative.
  • Editing: Try different speeds when editing your clip to achieve the best impact. Consider including sound effects or music to accompany the slow-motion images.
  • Timing: Select the appropriate times to record in slow motion. You shouldn't slow down your entire video. Instead, you can apply the effect to draw attention to acts or feelings.
  • Frame Rate: Slow-motion videos are usually shot at a greater frame rate. Frame rates of 60, 120, 240, or even higher are common as they make the video look smoother.
  • Shutter Speed: For precise and sharp results, use a fast shutter speed camera. This lessens the likelihood of motion blur in every slow-motion frame.

Part 2: Learning All Essential Techniques to Perform Slow Motion in Final Cut Pro X

Apple created Final Cut Pro, and it is only accessible to macOS users. Professional video editors can utilize the software's array of capabilities. The tool offers incredible video editing functions. Its features are tailored to handle high-resolution video material. The tool has an AI object tracker that detects faces and objects. Its cinematic mode helps you create professional videos.

Final cut slow motion gives a dramatic and intense effect to your videos. You can create an entirely different video with the power of its editing features. Slow-mo Final Cut Pro gives high-resolution results. Follow the steps below to use this tool for slow-motion effects. However, you can choose any method that seems suitable and convenient to you:

Method 1

Import your video into the app and drag it into the timeline. Click on the video and select the “Speed Meter” icon from the timeline. If you want to access the retime menu directly, use the “Command+R” command. Now, select the “Slow” option, and from here, you can select the slow speed percentage at which you want your clip.

access slow option to decrease speed
Method 2

Bring your video into the timeline and click on it. Select the “Speed Meter” icon; now, choose the “Custom” option. You can access customized settings directly using the “Control+Option+R” command to apply FCPX slow motion. Once you have opened the customization menu, manually set the speed rate and duration to how much you want.

set custom speed to apply slow mo
Method 3

Drag the timeline cursor to where you want to make a speed change, select “Speed Meter,” and hit “Blade Speed” to create a cut and separate the clip. Make as many cuts as you want to, depending on how many speed changes you require. Now click on the clip whose speed you want changed and select “Custom” from the “Speed Meter” icon. Customize your clips' speed rate and duration and save the video once you’re done.

apply blade speed

Part 3: Wondershare Filmora: A Multi-Purpose Solution to Making Effective Slow-Motion Videos

Final Cut Pro can be difficult for beginners to understand. The tool has a variety of tutorials available online, but it's still hard for many users to follow them. In this case, Wondershare Filmora is a great option for slow motion and other effects. It is an excellent alternative to final cut slow motion. Filmora offers many more wonderful features that will surely amaze you.

It can assist you in generating engaging content despite just cutting, trimming, and editing videos. With AI integration, this platform can automate your editing tasks.  

Free Download
Free Download

Step By Step Guide to Make Slow Motion Videos in Filmora

Unlike Final Cut Pro's slow motion, Wondershare Filmora is more straightforward to operate. Follow the step-by-step guide below to apply slow-motion effects to your video.

Method 1: Uniform Speed

If you want to adjust the speed and retain its high quality, use the uniform speed option. You can access this option by following the stepwise method below. Using the advanced features, you don’t need any other tool to ensure the video’s original worth:

Step 1Import Your Project and Start a New Project

After launching Filmora, head to its “New Project” option from the home screen. You will enter the main editing screen this way. Import your project in the media panel and then drag it to the timeline.

creating a new video project
Step 2Explore Uniform Speed and Adjust the Speed

Go to your video in the timeline and right-click on it. Now, explore the “Uniform Speed” option and tap on it to get an editing panel at the right. From that panel, move the “Speed” slider to the right and get a slow-motion video preview. You can see the "Duration" of the video after slowing it down and adjusting it accordingly.

decrease uniform speed
Step 3Use Advanced Features to Ensure Quality of Videos

Move down and toggle the “Reverse Speed” option if required. You can enable the “Maintain Pitch” and “Ripple Edit” options to enhance the video automatically.  Lastly, extend the “AI Frame Interpolation” menu using its downward symbol and choose “Optical Flow.” It will ensure that the video will remain slow with high quality.

set ai frame interpolation to optical flow

Method 2: Speed Ramping

This method aims to bring smooth transitions in slow-motion videos. Instead of an abrupt change, a gradual increase in speed can impose a professional look. So, there are the steps to access this feature and get a preview of smooth playback.

Step 1Discover the Speed Ramping Feature

Access the Speed Ramping option next to the “Uniform Speed” in the right-side editing panel. Alternatively, you can right-click on the video and look for the “Speed Ramping” option from the list.

navigate to speed ramping
Step 2Pick a Template for Speed Ramping or Customize It

From the speed ramping section, you can choose any template from 6 options. Also, users can pick the “Customize” option to adjust the speed ramping as desired.

customise speed to apply slow mo
Step 3Use the Render Preview Option for Smooth Playback

To get a high-quality preview of your videos, look for Render Preview. In this regard, go to the top toolbar of the timeline section on the right side. Click the “Render Preview” icon next to the “Copilot Editor.” Wait for a while and get a smooth playback of your slow-motion video. 

render preview the final video

Integral Features of Filmora

Slowing down videos is easier than slow-mo Final Cut Pro. Filmora automates the process with an optical flow, ensuring the project's high quality with one click. Without any wait, learn more about some top-rated features in the given section.

1. AI Thumbnail Creator

The AI Thumbnail Creator of Filmora makes thumbnail creation a matter of seconds. The tool is a treasure for YouTubers as it creates appealing thumbnails to attract viewers. It works with machine learning algorithms to detect the 3 best shots out of your video for thumbnail. Besides, there are over 58 thumbnail templates that can be customized after picking the right one.

2. AI Copilot Editing

AI Copilot is your personal assistant who guides you through everything related to Filmora. You can ask about any editing queries, and the AI will tell you the whole procedure within a second. It will also provide you with navigation towards the right feature. The tool is a big help for beginners; it makes using Filmora much faster and easier.

3. Motion Tracking

If you love giving an artistic touch to your videos, then motion tracking is exactly what you need. This feature automatically tracks the object throughout the video. You can add graphics, stickers, or even blur an object in the video. Furthermore, it allows you to add text with the tracked objects, like a name title with a running athlete.

4. Auto Reframe

With the help of the Auto Reframe feature, you can use one video on all social media platforms. The tool reframes your video in such a way that the main object doesn’t get removed. AI allows you to turn your landscape video into a vertical with a 19:6 aspect ratio. It saves you time and the trouble of creating different videos for every platform.


Slow-motion videos have become a trend due to social media, but they have been an essential film factor forever. Because of the rising demand for this effect, developers added the feature to their software. Many apps are developed to provide a slow-motion effect, which makes it tricky to choose one.

This article addresses your problem by showing you the use of final cut slow-motion. You have discovered a much simpler, faster, and effective platform, Wondershare Filmora. With proven statements in this article, it’s been easier to try Filmora and explore it fully instantly.

Caroline Laurent
Caroline Laurent Jul 22, 24
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