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How to Crop a Video in Magix Movie Edit Pro

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Feb 19, 2024• Proven solutions

Crop option allows you to use only a fraction of the shot you want, which makes it a great feature if you want to remove parts of the shot you don't need. This editing tool is also a great option if you want to highlight the subject in the shot and remove all other distracting elements from it. Here is how you can crop video clips in Magix Movie Edit Pro.

How to Crop A Video in Magix Movie Edit Pro

Even though cropping a video is sure way to solve a great deal of editing problems it is of utmost importance to pay attention to the resolution of a video clip because cropping a section of the shot that is too small will result in an unusable pixelated video if you are working with video files that don't have a huge resolution.

1. Place the footage you want to crop onto the timeline

Before starting the video editing process you first need to import the footage you want to edit into the Magix Movie Edit Pro video editing software. You can accomplish this task by either clicking on 'File' menu and clicking 'Open' or by clicking on the 'Import' tab in the editor's main window. If you choose to use the first method the footage you selected will be placed onto the timeline automatically, while if you choose to browse the contents of your hard-drive through 'Import' feature you'll need to drag the file to the timeline.

2. Apply the effect

After the video clip is placed onto the video track, you need to select it and click on the 'Effects' tab. Scroll down and locate the 'View/Animation' features and then click on the 'Section' option.

Change the values in the Width and Height boxes to determine the size of the area you will be cropping and proceed to insert the values in the Left and Top boxes. The software also enables you to readjust the size of the cropping area by dragging the corners of the frame displayed in the preview window.

Using the 'Section' feature isn't the only way to crop a video, you can also click on the Camera/Zoom Shot option located next to the 'Section'' feature. After selecting the Camera/Zoom option drag one of the corners of the frame displayed in the preview window and drag the entire frame to designate the cropping area. Click on the 'Play' button to preview the results or if you don't like the achieved results, click on the 'Reset' button located in the upper right corner of the 'Effects' window.

3. Export the video

Once you have cropped your video clip successfully, click on 'File' and select the output format from the 'Export movie' drop-down menu. Adjust the export settings, sit back and wait for your video clip to be exported.

An Easier Way of Cropping a Video

Despite being among the most popular video editing programs on the market today, Magix Movie Edit Pro still doesn't provide video cropping tools as efficient as the one provided by Wondershare Filmora. This video editing software makes cropping videos effortless and all you need to do is click on the 'Crop and Zoom' option and select the area of the video you want to crop.

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Furthermore, Filmora is feature-packed video editor that will enable you to produce amazing videos without having to learn the technicalities of the editing craft. Wondershare's easy-to-use video editing software is perfectly suited for young video editors who would like to create professional-looking videos with a software that doesn't cost a fortune.

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