Complete guide to recording screen on Windows 10

By Aug 21,2017 11:47 am

How do you use this new Windows 10 recording feature?

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News about Windows 10 screen recorder has recently been fairly hush-hush. The good news about the screen recorder is that many people have the program available and they're using it quite easily. If you are familiar with the Windows snipping tool you should be able to easily pick up this Windows 10 tool in just a few minutes. It's great for gamers and even better for anyone that's making ongoing YouTube videos for tutorials and more. One of the best features of the Windows 10 video capture tool is the game bar toolbar.

Using the game bar toolbar you can minimize all of the controls for the video capture program. By having a toolbar just outside of the view of the game you can quickly capture video footage of any game that you happen to be playing or even with a fully maximized application going on. This toolbar can be used with nearly any application on Windows 10 but you do have to go hunting for it.

There is a simple feature that you can use to open up the game box toolbar without having to go hunting through Windows files to find this application. By hitting the windows key and G at the same time the pop-up will appear on your screen asking if you wanted to open up the game bar. By clicking the yes button you will get access to all of the recorder functions on the game bar even if your application is open. There are other shortcuts that you can use if you don't want to click on the game bar for every recording either. By hitting the windows key + alt+ R you can start recording and the default format will recording MP4 to your video capture folder. If you want to adjust the settings you can go to the windows 10 Xbox application to find the game DVR setting to change up video quality settings, shortcuts and more.

Maximizing this application using recommended Windows 10 tools:

Just because you know how to take short video files on Windows 10, you may not know exactly what to do with these video files. Luckily we have outlined a number of excellent software tools that you can use with Windows 10 to create high-quality tutorial videos and more. Here are some of the top tools that you can use the screen recorder to improve your experience:

Filmora scrn

This tool is an excellent screenshot and video editing software that you can use for doing simple diting, adding graphics and annotations and more. The purpose of this tool is really for creating tutorial videos and gaming video recording but you can also use it for some basic video editing and special effects as well. If you plan on creating a number of different tutorials this is definitely a great free option that you could consider.

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For an alternative to the Windows 10 free version of screen recorder you can also consider using Jing. This is a fairly effective tool for capturing all types of screenshots, videos and more. It comes with an editor as well as well as some excellent tech support if you are starting off with creating videos. If your plan is to be recording a lot of big screenshots and putting together many videos this is one of the best free options available. Jing also makes the prospect of recording screenshots and videos a lot easier because the hotkeys are much more intuitive than the Windows-based system. If you need responsive recording and simple editing Jing could be just the tool you're looking for.

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