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How to Edit Recorded Video

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published May 26, 22, updated Dec 05, 23

The most critical component of post-production for a video marketer is editing. Your video will seem unfinished and repel your viewers if you cannot effortlessly weave your images together or get your cut to reach the proper frame. Learning to edit a video may soon become a never-ending task. While each project you work on will have somewhat different editing needs, the principles of video editing remain basically the same. You don't need to spend a lot on costly equipment to have a professional appearance; if you pay attention to a few important things, you can produce excellent movies with whatever you have right now.

Content producers, entrepreneurs, and influencers can have much too much material to include into a single YouTube video. You may not be able to buy video editing software if you're on a tight budget. So, what does a video marketer do if they don't have editing software? To assist you with the process of video editing, we've put up this thorough tutorial that covers everything you'll need to know to make stunning films, even if you've never done it before. We'll also demonstrate how to utilize the super-intuitive and user-friendly editor to create a video.

Part 1. Edit Recorded Video in OBS

OBS is a video streaming and recording application. It's open source, free, and works on Macs, Windows, and Linux. It is a strong and adaptable screencast video creation tool when paired with competent audio and video editing tools. Unfortunately, OBS doesn’t support editing feature and hence, we’re enlisting the recording steps so you can edit them by using a third-party toolkit mentioned in the guide.

Step 1. Download and Install OBS

Install OBS according to the instructions for your operating system by downloading it from the link below.

Step 2. Setup Screen Recording

The window is divided into separate parts called "docks" when you initially launch the app. Every dock has a distinct function. Scenes, Sources, Mixer, and Controls are the areas to pay attention to. OBS employs a Scenes and Sources system, which will be discussed in more depth in a later lesson. These two tools operate in tandem to help you keep track of your video, audio, and other production materials. When you first start OBS, you'll see that a scene is already loaded, which you can locate in the bottom left corner of the interface.

obs setup screen recording

You'll also need to add a source to this scene before you can begin recording. Click the Add button at the bottom of the Sources panel, then pick Screen Capture on Linux or Display Capture on Mac and Windows with the default Scene chosen (it will be highlighted).

Step 3. Customize the Recording Source

You'll need to create a new source before you can begin recording your desktop screen. Select "Display Capture" by clicking the "+" icon on the Sources dock. You will be prompted to name the Display source in a popup window. Click "OK". At the bottom right of the screen, click the Settings icon. Take note of the Recording Path field under the Output tab. This is where your recorded video will be kept on your computer.

obs customize the recording source

Step 4. Start/Stop Recording

You'll be able to choose the computer screen display you wish to capture in the following window. If you just have one monitor, make that the default. OBS Studios should show you the screen in the window after a valid display has been chosen. We need to change your graphics settings if OBS is unable to successfully load the screen video. Click the Start Recording button in the bottom right corner when you're ready to begin recording. When you're finished, click Stop Recording, and a movie will be saved to the folder you chose in the preferences.

obs start stop recording

Part 2. Edit Recorded Video in Filmora

Wondershare Filmora is a powerful screen recording application that includes a video editing suite, screen sketching tools, AI face recognition, built-in video effect packs, customizable branding watermark, and more. It may not only make recording movies simpler, but it may also provide you more possibilities for making your films more professional, creative, and attractive. Filmora is a great tool for beginners who want to make high-quality explainer films, training videos, demo videos, and more quickly. Because of the excellent video templates, screen recording is more appealing. To highlight important information, people might utilize annotation tools like as callouts, arrows, and drawing motions.

Steps to Record and Edit with Filmora

Step 1: Install Filmora on your laptop

To begin, you must first download this software program to your system from the following links:

Try It Free

For Win 7 or later (64-bit)

Try It Free

For macOS 10.12 or later

After you've finished downloading it, you'll need to install it on your computer so that you can start using it with your laptop.

Step 2: Launch the Program and Begin Customizing It

The next step is to launch the software application and start recording your screen. Simply click the New Recording button in the start-up box to start recording. You may totally alter your screen recordings using the tools included in Filmora. You may also incorporate your laptop's Webcam or a microphone as an audio source in your recordings.

record pc screen

Step 3: Start/Stop Screen Recording

Now is the time to begin recording your audio, which you can accomplish by hitting the red circular recording button. Press the Square-shaped button on your laptop's screen to end the recording.

recording start

Step 4: Edit the Recordings and Save Them

Finally, you may adjust your audio recordings with entirely configurable editing tools. To do so, use Filmora's editor and utilize easy to complicated editing ways to edit your recorded audio files. Filmora's Editor lets you add Animated Titles, amazing effects, Audio Enhancements, and more to your recorded video to make it more polished.

editing video project file

Step 5: Add Special Effects to Your Video

Wondershare Filmora was designed specifically to provide a professional touch to your videos. It includes a number of eye-catching and adaptable effects that you can use to make your video projects stand out from the crowd. We've gone through some of the greatest effects for giving life to your drab and amateurish videos in this section.

edited and saved

Step 6: Save or Share the Videos

Finally, after you've finished editing the recorded video, you may utilize the Filmora editor in its entirety, as described before. Click the Export option and select the platform where you wish to share your video clip to post your work of art immediately to YouTube or another well-known website. You may even alter the movie before sharing it if you desire.

export the project

Part 3. Edit Recorded Video with Zoom

Trimming and editing Zoom recordings is a necessary for digging out value-packed nuggets from captured footage. But although you already know this, you’re probably putting off doing so as you’re anticipating you’ll need to learn a ton of new tools to edit Zoom recordings.

Steps to Record Videos with Zoom

Step 1For the cloud recordings, go to and log in to your account. Then, navigate to ‘Settings’ from the navigation menu on the left.

zoom settings

Step 2 Under Advanced cloud recording options, tick the option for ‘Optimize the recording for 3rd party video editor’ and click ‘Save’.

zoom advanced cloud recording settings

Step 3Then, navigate to ‘Recording’ from the navigation menu on the left. Check the option for ‘Optimize for 3rd party video editor.

zoom genral recording

Step 4To really edit a Zoom recording, whether it’s stored on your PC or Zoom cloud, you need to utilize third-party video editing software. But no worries, you don’t need any sophisticated equipment or software here.

Part 4. Edit Recorded Video in Teams

Teams gives the opportunity to record your online meetings. This may be especially beneficial for sharing meeting recordings with individuals unable to attend live, to preserve instructional material for future use, or to enable participants to revisit prior meeting topics. At the top of the meeting window, a message will appear stating that the recording has begun, which alerts participants that their interactions in the meeting may be recorded by the recording. You will also notice a recording sign and the duration of the recording in the top-left corner of the meeting window.

Steps to Record Videos with Teams:

Step 1 Open Microsoft Teams on Windows and Mac.

Step 2 Go to appropriate Teams or Channel and click on the Video button at the top to create a video call.

teams video button

Step 3Invite people and organize a meeting. Whenever you feel you need to record any significant point, click on the three-dot menu at the top.

teams invite people

Step 4 Click on Start recording and Microsoft Teams will start recording the video/voice call. As soon as you start recording, every participant will be told about it.

At any moment, you may stop recording from the same. Once the meeting as concluded, your recording will display in the Chat panel in the main Teams window. Please note that depending on the length of the recording it might take some time for the recording to complete and display in the meeting chat. To find the recording, pick the Chat panel, open the correct meeting from the chat list and the recording will display in the chat window once processed.

teams start recording the video call

Part 5. Edit Recorded Video in Google Meet

With more individuals working from home these days, services like Google Meet are rising in popularity. You may have an online video conference, see everyone’s face, communicate, and take care of business. As with in-office meetings, notes with action items and summaries for online meetings are just as crucial. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always happen. To have formal documentation for your meeting or share it with people who couldn’t attend, try recording your Google Meet.

Steps to Record and Edit Videos by Meet:

Step 1. Launch Meet

Visit Google Meet and sign in to join or start your meeting.

Step 2. Start Recording

Select the Activities symbol on the bottom right and pick Recording when you’re ready to start recording.

meet record meeting

Step 3. Stop/Save Recording

Visit Google Drive and login in if required. Navigate to My Drive on the left and search for the Meet Recordings folder on the right. It may take several minutes for the recording to show. If you do not already have a Meet Recordings folder, Google Drive will create one. You’ll notice the recording named with the meeting identifier along with the date and hour. If Chat took occurred during the meeting, you’d view this as a distinct text file.

To get a preview of your recording or chat transcript, just double-click the file in the Meet Recordings folder on Google Drive. You may download, distribute, or acquire a link to the recording (or chat) file from the Meet Recordings folder or the File Preview. In the folder, right-click the file and pick an action from the menu. Notice you may execute further options such as Rename, Make a copy, and Open with.

meet my drive

Step 4. Use WeVideo to Edit Videos

WeVideo is the cloud-based video production tool that supports student creativity, narrative, engagement and multimodal learning. Video projects develop deep knowledge about a subject through creating abilities like teamwork, communication and critical thinking. Log in and click Create New. Choose what you want to make (video, recording, etc.) and a format. Upload your media or search the Stock media repository. Make any extra modifications and preview your movie one final time. All done? Click Finish to export, download and share your video!

wevideo edit video

Part 6: Related FAQs

1. How do I edit video recordings?

Most individuals have the tools they need to film and edit small videos. With a smartphone or tablet and access to a computer, you can get the job done without even checking out equipment, much less employing a key grip. A laptop isn’t the finest equipment to film a movie–that would be extremely uncomfortable. Smartphone or tablet is easy to use. This topic is for those with access to an iPhone and a PC. Android, iPad, and Mac users will have a distinct process. Smartphones and tablets often default to recording video at a very high-Quality level, which takes up a lot of memory and results in big file sizes. Most likely you will want to lessen the resolution that you photograph.

Can you edit an already uploaded video?

If you have found yourself in this circumstance, your initial instinct could be to worry and assume you must repair the issue, delete the uploaded video, and re-upload the new one. However, this procedure will make your prior video URL dead, and any embeds of your video will display the following graphic to visitors. Nevertheless, these aforementioned sites recognizes that artists occasionally make small honest errors, or someone included in the uploaded video may demand that they be removed from it. So, to permit that, makers may chop away sections from their film without resetting a video's metrics.

How to edit recorded video on iPhone?

If you have iOS 13 or later, you can edit films in the built-in Photos app… much as you edit your images. You may cut, crop, and straighten your films. And you may make your film more attractive by altering brightness, color, or even making it black and white. Filming films on iPhone has gotten more popular as iPhone camera lenses have progressed over the years. Many iPhone filmmakers desire the capacity to edit their video directly from their phone for simple social sharing. Using a video editing software for iPhone is a terrific method to effortlessly produce and upload videos. just open the video you want to modify, then press Edit at the upper right to get it done.


If you routinely use Google Meet or Zoom, it can be a good idea to record your conferences so you can still return to them at a later period. Recording these conversations and meetings may be a big assistance when it's time for later evaluations, updates, and enabling absent team members catch up on the meeting topic. For instance, do you wish to share meeting minutes or information with people missing in this meeting? Essentially the call recording is for other co-workers to view afterwards. Instead, you may use the recommended screen recorders to capture every moment and then use a specialist video editor like Filmora to make the required edits before sharing it with others.

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