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How to Join Google Meet?

Richard Bennett
Richard Bennett
Originally published Oct 26, 21, updated Feb 04, 24
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Running late to your Google Meet conference and can’t figure out where to join the session from? Well, don’t worry! We have got you covered. There are numerous ways through which participants can join Google Meet sessions through their mobile devices and laptops. No matter which process you choose to join a meeting, it will be fairly simple as long as you know what you are doing!

Read below to figure out how to join Google Meet conferences through the Google Meet website, Google Calendar, and so much more!

Part 1: How to Join A Google Meet from the Meet Website?

Did you know that you can join a Google Meet session directly from the website?! While many suggest that you need to be a G Suite member to access Google Meet, you do not need to be a member to join a session. All you have to do is make sure you have an active Gmail account and then make your way over to the Google Meet website.

Once you have opened the website on your laptop or desktop, all you need to do is simply copy the meeting code or link that has been sent to you by the host of the session and paste it into the “Enter a code or link” text box.

 enter link to enter google meet

After doing that, just click the “Join” button and you will be redirected to the joining page of the conference. 

join google meet on website

From here, click on the “Join” button once again and the participant will join the meeting automatically.

google meet join now

Part 2: How to Join A Google Meet trom Gmail?

Just as a non-G Suite subscriber can join Google Meet with code or link through the Meet website. They can also join it through Gmail. Joining a Meet conference through Gmail is exceptionally easy. All you have to do is follow the steps outlined below.

First, go over to the Gmail website and log in to your Gmail account. Once you have done that, near the bottom left side of your screen you will see two options; “Start a meeting” and “Join a meeting”. To join a meeting through a conference link or code, click “Join a meeting”.

Upon clicking the “Join a meeting” button, a popup will appear on the screen asking for the meeting code. Here, enter in the meeting code provided to you and click “Join”.

join in google meet  on Gmail

The user will be redirected to the main joining screen of Google Meet, where they must click “Join” again to enter the conference.

Part 3: How to Join A Scheduled Google Meet From a Google Calendar Event?

Google makes use of very centralized processes, all its applications and functions are integrated. Therefore, you can even join a Google Meet Conference from Google Calendar. However, in this case, an event must be scheduled first by the host, and the participant who is looking to join must be a guest in the event. If you match this criterion then head on over to your Google Calendar to join Google Meet conferences.

Google Calendar automatically opens to the current day, so all your events from that day are visible on your screen, as shown in the image below. 

From those events, click on the event which you would like to join and a popup will appear on your screen.

join in google meet  on calendar

On the pop-up, users can see a button saying “Join with Google Meet”, click that button and users will automatically be redirected to the main joining page of Google Meet.

Upon landing on the main joining page, click “Join” and you will become a part of the Meet session you wanted to join.

Part 4: How to Join Google Meet Using Link?

Did someone invite you to a Google Meet session and send a link instead of the code? Well, you can still join the meeting with a link only as well. The process is very similar to that of joining with a Google Meet code.

1. Directly Joining Through URL Bar

The quickest and easiest way to join with a link is by directly pasting it in the URL bar on your desktop or laptop.

join in google meet  with link on browser

Click enter and you will automatically be redirected to the Google Meet main joining page.

After being redirected to the joining page, you will have options to mute your microphone or turn off the camera, work with the options according to your needs. Once you are done working with the options, make your way over to the join button which is on the right-hand side of your screen.

After clicking the “join now” button you will automatically become a part of the Google Meet conference.

2. Join A Meeting With A Link Through The Google Meet Website

Another way through which individuals can join Google Meet using a link is through the Google Meet website. First, you must open the Google Meet website.

After opening the website, find the text box which says “Enter a code or link”, paste the link over there and click “Join”.

join in google meet  with link on website

Once that is done, the participant will be redirected to the main joining page of Google Meet from where they can continue to the session.

3. Join A Meeting With A Link Through Google Calendar

If the first two methods just aren’t working out for you, you can also join the session using the Google Calendar. Remember, to use this option, one must have a pre-scheduled meeting in place and they must be invited by the host. If that is the case then you are good to go!

Make your way over to the Google Calendar website and you will find all your events for a certain day displayed on your screen.

Click on the event which has been scheduled for the Google Meet session that you would like to join and a popup will appear on your screen like the one attached below.

On the popup you can see a button which says “Join with Google Meet” and just below that, you can find a link to the Meet session as well.

join in google meet  with link on calendar

Copy the link from there and paste it into the URL bar. Press enter and you will be redirected over to the main Google Meet joining page.

Click “Join” and voila! You will have entered the Google Meet conference that you were trying to join.

Part 5: How to Join Google Meet On Mobile App?

There are times when you just do not have your laptop on you, that’s when people prefer to use Google Meet on their mobile devices. In a scenario such as this, Google Meet join by phone is still possible through links and codes.

Open the Google Meet application on your mobile device, this is possible on Android as well as iOS. After opening the application, click the “Join with a code” button displayed on your screen.

join in google meet on mobile devices

After clicking this button, Google Meet will ask for the meeting code. Paste the code here and click “Join”.

join in google meet on mobile

Part 6: How to Join Google Meet Without A Google Account?

There is a common misconception amongst many Google Meet users that individuals without a Google Account cannot join a Google Meet conference. Well, not everybody has a Google Account, but they can still join a Google Meet conference! However, there are a few factors they must know off.

In order to join a Google Meet without a Google Account, the user must get a conference link or code from the host of the session. The users cannot create a meeting themselves. Additionally, individuals who are looking to join a Google Meet session without a Google Account should be aware that they can only use the desktop version to join a meeting, they cannot make use of the mobile application.

The steps which one must follow to Join Google Meet Without A Google Account are outlined below.

They must receive a joining code/ link from the meeting host. Once they have received the code, the individual should head over to the Google Meet website. After landing on the website, they should locate the “Enter a code or link” box located near the bottom of the screen.

Here they must paste the meeting link/ code and click “Join”.

join in google meet link on website

Once they do that, Google Meet will ask them for their name. After entering your name, click the “Ask to join” button.

set up google meet display name

Once you have done that, the host of the meeting will receive a notification that you are asking to join their session. If they admit your entry, you will enter the Google Meet conference.

set up google meet join permission

Are You Ready to Join Google Meet Through A Link or Code?

Google Meet has made it extremely simple for everyone to be a part of their video conferences. There are numerous options available to individuals to join Google Meet sessions.

They can join the meetings on their phone or laptop through the Google Meet website, application, Gmail, as well as their Google Calendar. All the options mentioned are extremely functional and simple to use. Just follow a few steps and you can quickly join a Google Meet with a press of a button. How great is that?!

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