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How To Change Font In Premiere Pro

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Aug 17, 22, updated Dec 05, 23

To know how to change font Premiere Pro, A video editing program called Adobe Premiere Pro enables you to change font Premiere Pro with high resolution and broadcast quality. Using this tool, you can simply add, modify, or import visuals and text for your films. Utilizing distinctive typefaces in your project gives the video a distinctive feel and helps you create a brand image. Regardless of the operating system you're using, Premiere Pro makes it simple to edit videos. On this program, free downloadable fonts may also be added or imported.

People that need to create and edit video often utilize Premiere Pro. Knowing how to change font in Premiere Pro is a mandatory skill set. Premiere Pro comes with all you need to create basic text. You may also need After Effects if you want to create something a bit nicer. You may edit elements like text, color, size, and certain animations with Premiere Pro. Text is always added throughout the video editing process, and if you're using Adobe Premiere Pro, this guide explains how to change font in Premiere Pro in detail.

In this article
  1. Part 1. Steps to Change Font on Premiere Pro
  2. Part 2. Premiere Pro Alternative to Change Font in Video
  3. Part 3. Related FAQs of Video Font Editing

Part 1. Steps to Change Font on Premiere Pro

Depending on the kind of projects you want to do in the future, learning how to edit text in Premiere Pro is a basic job and a critical talent to acquire. We'll teach you how to add and modify the pre-installed typefaces in Adobe Premiere Pro so you may utilize them in your movie clip. The tools and functions in Adobe Premiere Pro allow video editors to add, alter, or change the typeface used in their films.

Step1Add Text Template

At the top of your project, and above the preview window, the Graphics panel will appear. When you choose it, the Essentials Graphics panel will appear on the Premiere Pro software's right side. Select Browse. By dragging them into your sequence, you may utilize the graphic templates that are shown.

add text template premiere pro
Step2Change Your Text

You may make simple text modifications, such as changing the font's size, color, or style, by opening the Essential Graphics panel (Window > Essential Graphics).

effect controls premiere pro
Step3Change the Font

To open the title in the Monitor panel and choose the text, double-click the title under the Export view timeline. Change the font of your text by choosing a style from the Font Style option under the text tab of the Adjust panel.

change the font premiere pro
Step4Export the Content

Last but not least, choose File > Export > Media in Premiere Pro to export a video. On a PC or a Mac, you might alternatively hit the shortcut key CMD + M. Your window for export settings will open as a result. Prior to submitting the movie to Media Encoder for export, you may choose your preferred parameters (or presets) for it in this window.

export video from premiere pro

Part 2. Premiere Pro Alternative to Change Font in Video

That's simple to change typefaces in Adobe Premiere Pro, and it could be all you need to do to keep your audience interested in the footage. It may not be sufficient for your requirements in terms of video editing. Having a backup plan is always beneficial, regardless of the situation. In case anything goes wrong with your initial choice, you will have a backup alternative. You thus need an option like Filmora, which comes with a variety of typefaces pre-installed.

You can simply give your films an aesthetic with Filmora by adding text in a variety of fonts and colors. It's simple to navigate this program. The installation procedure is also fairly rapid, which is a bonus. Downloads for all of the visuals, audio, and fonts are offered. You don't have to download everything at once because of this. In conclusion, Filmora is a fantastic substitute to utilize if you are unable to use Adobe Premiere Pro. It contains a number of features that are quite helpful while editing videos. Videos with the highest quality and frame rates are supported.

Step1Install and Import Files

You'll get the following screen once you launch Filmora on your PC. the Editing Mode option. to open a file, choose it from the menu. Select the picture or video on which you want to add a text by choosing the Import to Add Files option.

install and import files
Step2Create a Text Layout

In the next step, refer to the Titles menu and from there, you can add a variety of layouts to add text into your video. For that, add the selected one inside the timeline and refer to the next step:

create a text layout
Step3Add and Change Text Font

On the timeline, drag the picture. Click the picture twice. Select all text by selecting it after selecting the text menu item. Choose text from the menu on the left after that, and then choose the font style you want to use for the picture. You may now alter the text's font. The text may also be changed, and you can add animation and other styles.

add and change text font
Step4Export or Share Content

In the final step, you can save the photo or video now. You may choose your preferred extension by selecting the export option and saving the movie there. You can also share your content by selecting YouTube or Vimeo or any social platform available to share your edited content on the go. hhghh

Part 3. Related FAQs of Video Font Editing

1. How to change font color in Premiere Pro?

To do so, double-click the title in the timeline of the Expert view to bring up the Monitor panel. Select the text in the Monitor panel, then choose from the options below: Select a font color from the Font menu and paste it into the Text tab of the Adjust panel. Alternately, you may change the font color by pressing Alt + H, typing Font Color and then selecting a color.

2. How to fix the font in Premiere Pro?

You may even classify your excess typefaces if you have too many of them. You'll be able to locate all of your typefaces in this method. You may use Adobe Premiere Pro's Align and Transform feature to align the text with the screen. The text's alignment, centering, nudge, and opacity are all editable. If you don't want to, you are under no need to arrange your typefaces. It is, nevertheless, quite practical.

3. How to you add font in Premiere Mac?

Fonts from other sources may be downloaded and used with ease in Adobe Premiere Pro Mac. You may download other fonts if you don't want to utilize Adobe Premiere Pro's built-in fonts. Downloading your favorite typefaces is the first step. You may obtain fonts from a variety of websites.

Free Download
Free Download
Liza Brown
Liza Brown Dec 05, 23
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