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General Information That You Need To Know about MKV Format

Do you want to learn about a container format? The article understudy will introduce the MKV file format in detail, along with how you can play it.

Max Wales
Max Wales
Originally published Feb 24, 22, updated Feb 29, 24

MKV file format is a popularly adopted format. The format is easily accessible digital, and self-documented. The only problem people face with different formats is their compatibility. If you are trying to play an MKV video but facing problems, read the article below.

We will discuss the MKV video format, how it works, the way to play it, and other things you need to know. Stay with us; we are about to begin.

Part 1: What is MKV format?

The MKV format, known as Matroska, was developed in 2002. This is an open standard video format. Different media files have different encoding, yet MKV stores various multimedia files as it is a container. Do you know what the format is widely used for? Well, the MKV file format is popularly used for online video streaming and also HD videos.

what is mkv format

Typically, the format is used to store video clips, movies, and also TV shows. Among the list of audio and video codecs that MKV support, a few are VobSub subtitles, .SRT, .SSA, and .USF. The MKV container file format is famous in the anime fansubbing world. Many users create subtitles with this as the MKV video format supports various audio and subtitle tracks in one same file.

Part 2. How Does A MKV Video Work?

What do you know about the working of the MKV file? If you don't have much knowledge, let's share everything you need to know. The MKV format supports 3D objects and also subtitles. The file format is capable of running on both Windows and Mac. Interestingly, the MKV format supports all video and audio coding formats.

Let us clarify something, MKV file format is not an audio-video compression codec; it is a container format used to store subtitles, audio, video in a single file. Surprisingly, the MKV video format is also great for storing complete movies or CDs.

Do you know one amazing thing about MKV? It's error-resilient; this means if your file is corrupted, it can recover the playback. The open-source format is great for describing technical information and commercial groups.

Part 3. How to Play MKV Video Files on VLC Media Player?

Different platforms support different formats like this MKV file format supported by Microsoft Movies & TV, VLC Media Player, and MPlayer. We will share how you can play MKV video files on VLC Media Player for the current article. If you don't know, VLC is a cross-platform media player that supports most of the file formats, streaming protocols, DVDs, VCDs, Audio CDs, etc.

Interestingly, the media players work on all platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, etc. Do you know that the media playing software is free? Well, it is. It has no spyware and no user tracking. If you are interested in learning about how to play MKV video format on VLC, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Start by installing VLC Media Player on your respective device. It is possible you might have already installed VLC; what to do now? If this is the case, then open VLC and head over to the 'Help' option. There select the ‘Check for Updates’ option to update your VLC to the latest version for better performance.

download vlc media player

Step 2: After you have either installed or updated VLC Media Player, launch it and move to the ‘Media’ option from the top bar. Next, select the ‘Open File’ option from the menu list and look for the MKV format video in your device to add to the media player. You can also add files to VLC by directly dragging them to the media player.

tap on open file option

Step 3: Have you successfully imported the MKV file? If yes, then your video will start playing, and you can enjoy watching your videos with VLC.

mkv file played

Part 4. How Can You Edit Video Files with Filmora Video Editor?

You must have heard about Wondershare Filmora, as a great video editor. The software is used everywhere, by professionals, beginners, everyone. Do you not know much about it? Let us tell you! Whenever you plan to edit your MKV video format files, make sure you try Filmora. The video editor comes with uncountable features and offers limitless editing capabilities.

Try It Free

For Win 7 or later (64-bit)

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For macOS 10.12 or later

While editing with Filmora, you never have to worry about video effects, transitions, titles, or anything. Do you know why? This is because Filmora provides every editing element. Let’s talk more about its features:

Audio Section

From the top menu bar on Filmora, you get an Audio section. This section can do wonders for your MVK format video. If you are looking for suitable audio to add to your video, try the audio collection from the audio section. You get sound effects of various types like Jazz, Rock, Happy, etc. You also get a wide variety of musical sounds, human sounds, etc.

add different audio effects

Audio Editing Capacity

We must have mentioned above that apart from video editing; you get options for Audio Editing. Do you know what you can do? Start by accessing the Audio Editor by double-clicking on the audio file now, and you can do whatever you like.

For instance, the software offers features like Detach Audio from video, Mute video. Or even the advanced features offer Silence Detection, which automatically detects silence and crops the part.

customize audio settings

Add Transitions and Titles

Like we said earlier, you don't have to worry about transitions and titles with Filmora; this is because an independent section has been given to both the categories that are loaded with wide crazy options. Like if you head to the Transitions tab, you will get options like Speed Blur, Basic, Ripple & Dissolve, and others.

use filmora transitions

Whereas, if you open the Titles section, you will get various templates. The software offers Lower Thirds, Subtitles, Openers, etc. With Filmora, you get Titles and Transitions according to recent events and occasions.

enhance video titles

Cool Elements

For video editing, effects and transitions are not everything. Although they play a vital role in setting and making a good video but do, you know what else matters? Let's guide you. To make creative and eye-catching content, you need to add elements.

insert attractive elements

With Filmora, you get tons of great elements that can sustain your viewer's interest. You can select between the various options like Subscribe Chanel, Share, Count Down, Metaverse, and much more than this. You can also get your hands-on Background Elements, Social Media Elements, etc.

Part 5. Which One Is Better? MKV or MOV?

MKV file format is not as commonly used as MOV because of its poor compatibility when it comes to mobile devices. If we talk about the file size, MKV tends to have a larger file size as compared to other used formats. MOV is a container file format that can store multiple media files of different tracks. Whereas MKV is an envelope format, even supporting to store complete movies with subtitles.

MKV format was developed by Matroska, whereas Apple developed the MOV file format. MKV format is good for storing HD videos, and MOV format is great for saving movies.

Last Words

MKV format is a container format that can store different files with different encodings. The article above has discussed the file format in detail. We talked about how you can use the format, play MKV video format, and also how to edit MKV videos. We will conclude the article by suggesting a great video editor, Wondershare Filmora.

Features like Keyframing, Motion Tracking are offered by the software. Along with this, some advanced-level features are also provided, like Advanced Color Tuning, Green Screen, Video Snapshot, and many others. So, for creating a nice video with great editing elements, Wondershare Filmora is a must.

Try It Free

For Win 7 or later (64-bit)

Try It Free

For macOS 10.12 or later

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