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Guaranteed 10 Storyboard Creators To Make Animation Easier For You

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Jun 20, 22, updated Dec 05, 23
Guaranteed 10 Storyboard Creators To Make Animation Easier For You

An easy yet powerful editor

Numerous effects to choose from

Detailed tutorials provided by the official channel

Part 1 5 Facts You Need to Know About Storyboard

By using a Storyboard you can represent your story visually. You can make commercials, animated movies etc. Here are some questions from which you will get to know everything you need to know:

01What is an Online Storyboard?

Online Storyboard allows you to create animation videos or films on a web based platform, which is credible in the sense that you do not need to be device specific to use the tool. A web based storyboard works in all your preferred devices and smart phones. The tool does not require a download or installation; however the tool requires a sign up for working on the platform.

02What are the components of a storyboard?

Every shot of the storyboard captures different components. Here are some main components:

Learning purpose

A detailed description of communication

Informatory Strategies to teach the learners

Format should be perfect according to the topic

Proper information of audio with file names

Feedback for the assessment

03Why do you need a Storyboard?

A Storyboard is a process of pre- production. It lets you know how your story is going to flow. You will get to know the mistakes in the early stages if you make a storyboard and this will help you to save your money and time. Here are some essentials because of which you need to have a storyboard.

Is this concept is going to work? - A storyboard lets you know whether the concept is going to work out or not. A storyboard helps the client to confirm whether the concept will work or not.

Arranging Shots - A Storyboard lets you to tell you story in a limited time frame in the best way. In commercials we don’t have much time. It is like you have 60 seconds, 30 seconds, or sometimes it is just 15 seconds. So, it is the best way to make every shot count.

Saving Money - Before making the final product, it is better to have an accepted storyboard from your client. In complex animations, it takes a lot of time and money so it is better to have an approved storyboard. This will let you know how the final product would look like. This will let the client know what is on your mind.

Recognizing the mistakes - On a storyboarding phase, you can recognize the mistakes related to the media, narration or any other details. This will save your energy, time and money and then you will be ready for the production phase.

Agreement with punch lines and dialogues - When you are creating a storyboard you can check whether the dialogues and punch lines work together as you have planned before. It is very important to check that the dialogues and punches are delivered in the exact way that you have imagined.

04How to Label Storyboards?

If you are using numerous storyboards for the same shot, keeping the shots labeled is important so that everything is arranged in an order and your team can stay focused and organized. If you will use any software it will name the panel numbers automatically. In case you are not using any software and your client wants to delete, add or move a panel then you can’t name that panel.

For example: Panel_7_New_New_New. It will be very difficult to figure out and also time consuming. The correct way to do is this: Project name_ Script#_Scene_Frame_01.JPG

05Do Storyboards have Dialogues?

Storyboards have dialogues and you can include dialogues which will flow underneath the panels for each and every scene. If you want, you can save it on your drawing. You can name the angles and just specify them "OTS 1" and "OTS 2" with the corresponding dialogues.

Part 2 Best 10 Storyboards Creators To Make Your Animation Stand Out


Price: Free for limited number of file uploads and paid version for $9.99 per month for unlimited file uploads.

Platform: Web, Android, iPhone and IPad.


If you want to create your storyboard from scratch, Milanote is the best choice. It will make it very easy to arrange your ideas and plans you have thought for your storyboard. It is exquisite software for collecting, organizing and generating ideas. Users can create private boards and share them with their team members to get the feedback and can ensure the service quality.

Key Features of Milanote:

Task management

Real time editing

File sharing

Project management

Status tracking


It allows you real time collaboration.

Helps you to organize your whiteboard workspace.

Users are allowed to place a variety of images and notes.


It does not have an offline mode

It creates problem in shaping and moving arrows.

Requires a seamless internet connection for smooth running.



Price: Storyboard That’s monthly business plan will cost you $14.99 per month.

Platform: Web based


StoryboardThat is a platform from which users can make a storyboard using their desired graphics from a huge collection of graphics. StoryboardThat has everything you need like character, background or any other graphic. If you are still learning how to create a storyboard then StoryboardThat is a great choice for you. StoryboardThat gives a platform to the writers and publishers so that they can create comics and graphic novels. It can also be used by the teachers to enhance the engagement and design classroom posters.

Key Features of StoryboardThat:

Custom templates

Screen capturing

Feedback management

Drag and Drop interface


It has drag and drop interface which makes it easy to use.

It is good for sharing ideas and thought.

It delivers exactly what it has promised.


The images are not incredible - looking.

It is desktop based.

Quite difficult to use.


Price: $20 per month.

Platform: Web Based allows you to bring your storyboard to life. It is an online video production platform. You don’t have to start it from the scratch because it comes with infinite number of templates. If you want to add text, music, or to trim video or want to edit the video’s audio then you can use

Key Features of

It has Audio tools

Text Overlay

It has a Media library.

Social Sharing; you can share it to anywhere.

You can merge the video.


Intuitive interface

It has a huge library

It is easy to use.


Quite slow while rendering project.

Text animation features are limited.

Price is bit high.

04Frame Forge

Price: $498.95 is for one time or $12.99 per month

Platform: Windows, Mac and Android.

Frame Forge is an award winning filmmaking creator that helps in visualizing the scenes via storyboards. It helps the users to import scripts and will build replicate sets. Frame Forge is not an online platform you have to download it. It is the most advanced software for storyboarding. It has a lot of impressive features. It is used even in large production houses like Netflix BBC etc. It is a good option if you want to create lengthy videos for entertainment purpose.

Key Features of Frame Forge:

It allows you to place cameras in a virtual set.

Easy to use

Drag and drop control

Scripts can be imported to the shots.


It is quite easy to use.

Text which is provided by the software is easy to use.

It is a good teaching tool.


Dissatisfied with customer service.

Data loss

Numerous crashes

Frame Forge


Price: $12 per month

Platform: Windows and Mac

MakeStoryboard has a simple user friendly interface by which you can quickly upload the camera shots. If you want to add any informational details you can add custom text fields. The pencils, marker and pen tools will respond to any drawing tablet. It offers the free subscription tier; if your team is working on a small budget then it is a great option. When you are done, then you can export it in a PDF. Stakeholders can directly review it through the private link which means there is no need to have an account.

Key Feature of MakeStoryboard:

Pre-built Templates

Animations and transitions

Drag and Drop

Content library


Easy to use and user friendly interface.

You can control who can edit or comment your storyboard.

You can work in real time collaboration.


Quite expensive for educational organizations.

Slow while downloading PDF.

Expensive and not fit for freelancers.



Price: Canva is free but has limited graphics and images and its single user plan is $12.99 per month.

Platform: Works on all major operating systems.

Creating a storyboard using Canva is very easy with the help of library of templates and one million stock of images to choose from. You can customize colors, select font size, and can also include headers and sub- headers. If you want a simple and easy tool for your projects, it is the best option. If you are working on a script or design with someone else you can allow access for collaboration, and when you are done with it you can share it with your team via email or in a PDF form.

Key Features of Canva:

It has a font library.

Drag and drop editor.

Photo’s effect to enhance the photo

Access to icons shapes.


You can customize the items according to you.

It is user friendly and easy to navigate.

It has a huge library.


It is not the best photo editor.

Its templates appear general.

You cannot create unique elements.


07Boords Storyboard Creator

Platform: Windows, Linux and Mac

Price: $12- $24 per month.

Boords is a user friendly web app which allows you to collaborate with your team. You can add images to every storyboard and can also create the notes for each step of your video. You can add sounds, action, camera details even if you don’t have much technical knowledge. You can simply access it and can start using it directly. It provides you an especial animatic tool and when you are ready to share you can share it online for the feedback. You can even share it with your clients to let them give their feedback within the platform.

Key Features of Boords Storyboard Creator:

Frame editor allows you to draw directly on frame.

You can use the overlay interface.

Animatic features will help you make animatic with single click.


Easy to use interface.

You can create an animatic storyboard with ease.

Share it easily.


Security and privacy risk

Migration Risk

The application cannot be integrated with other platform of same functionality.


08Storyboarder by Wonder Unit

Price: Free

Platform: Windows, Mac and Linux

If you are working with a small budget then Storyboarder is a great option and also it is an open source platform that is free of cost. It has a simple interface which makes it easy to work. You can write and place the dialogues, shot type and also enter timing information. If has simple and smooth drawing tools which makes it easy to draw shapes and characters in it. Even if you know how to draw; still using this will be a great choice as it is a time saver.

Storyboarder works in collaboration with Photoshop so that if you want to edit your storyboard you can edit and it will automatically be updated in Storyboarder. In this you can export your file in various formats like Animated GIF, PDF, Final Cut and Premiere etc.

Key Feature of Storyboarder:

It has simple interface.

Simple and smooth drawing.

Track changes.

Collaborate with Github.

Exports to various formats.


It has a sleek interface which makes it easy to use.

It auto saves you work which means no data loss.

It collaborates with the Photoshop so that you can make changes from outside and it will be updated in your board.


Shot description menu text is small.

Its color scheme is not good.

Its tools have not a good follow through which makes it difficult to draw specific shots.



Price: $10 per month

Platform: Windows, Linux and Mac

Plot Storyboard helps you to make your work quick and easy as possible. You can outline your videos in seconds. Just paste your script and break it into pieces so that there is no need to copy, paste and repeat and now you can focus on your story.

A font library and other flexible options will make your image creation easy. You can upload the pictures or you can copy them from your favorite websites. There is no need to draw. You can share your work with your clients within the software. It is an online program for which you need good internet connection.

Key Feature of Plot:

Powerful and easy to use interface.

Customizable Drawing tools.

You can export a PDF in one click.

Collaborate on your storyboard from anywhere.


User friendly interface.

PDF export format

Fast Operation.


No way to upload GIF.

You have to work online, offline mode is absent.

If you want to use you have to buy the paid version.


10Wondershare Filmora Video Editor

Price: $69.99 one time fees.

Platform: Windows and Mac

Filmora is an award winning video editor platform which will help you in creating professional videos for your brand or for your business. By using Filmora, you can create amazing storyboard as it is packed with amazing features like Keyframe animation, motion tracking, color matching and audio editing features. You can also add titles, transitions and split dual screen. You can also access to other feature like green screen.

Key Features of Filmora:

You can export your videos in multiple formats.

It has drag and drop functionality making it easy to import the videos.

It has key framing features as well.

It also has the feature of audio ducking and video transitions.


Simple user interface.

It has advanced audio editing capabilities

It has drag and drop effect.


Free versions contains watermark.

You have to download the software.

If you wanted to use all features you have to buy the paid version.

Try It Free

For Win 7 or later (64-bit)

Try It Free

For macOS 10.12 or later

Part 3 – Storyboard Maker Q&A

What things should be there in a storyboard?

Storyboards have many squares with illustrations which represent each shot of your video, notes stating what is happening in the scenes. It creates a visual outline for your film which means you should include only those moments which are important.

Why storyboard is used and who uses it?

Storyboard is used to work out the story ideas, plans in shot set-up and sequence flow. It is used by most of the Hollywood studios and also in production houses worldwide. It is used by the Writers, Directors, Independent Filmmakers and Producers to create visual outline for their Netflix series, Cable serialized dramas and feature films etc.

How can you store your own artwork?

You can save your artwork by dragging and dropping the artwork directly in the frame from the folders which are full with the artwork. Storyboard allows you to create your own library of the artwork which can be accessed and operated immediately.

What are the best storyboard creators?

There are lots of storyboard creators from which you can choose. Some of them are:


Frame Forge





What is the aim of creating a Storyboard?

A Storyboard is important to create before the final product because it will save your time, energy and money. It is used to illustrate a story and is created so that you can correct your mistakes if there is any available, before spending money on creating a final product.

Ending Thoughts

Storyboards are important as they let you know your mistakes in an early stage and also let you know how story going to flow.

Storyboard helps you to save your time, energy and also tells you how much each element will cost which prevents you from spending excess money.

There are a lot of storyboard creators but Filmora will be the best option to work with as it provides you a wide variety of features to make your storyboard amazing.

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