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What Anime Character Are You Look Like?

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Jun 20, 22, updated Dec 05, 23
What Anime Character Are You Look Like

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Part 1 Part1: What Anime Character Are You Look Like?

Anime characters are the newest trends of fascination in the realm of motion graphic design and imagery. While you are bound to get an engaging feel regardless of any anime character you pick, the expressive and stunning features and detailing of these graphic images often appear so relatable that you may think of bearing a close resemblance to some specific character.

This may sound fascinating as ever, but the concept has been explored with a digital vision. Graphic creators and design experts have come up with interesting ways and means to help you meet the anime character you resemble the closest to. The most prominent and exact examples of such techniques are anime quizzes. When moving ahead to recognize your look alike in the anime world, you can prefer taking up these quizzes and tests to lead your path in an interesting and amazing manner.

Talking of the functionality of these tests, the latter work on the principle of recognizing the pronounced aspects of your personality, like physical features and body language. Your dressing sense, hair styles and preferences on accessories are matched closely through a digital framework to the anime world creatures to fetch the most accurate results.

Part 2 Which Anime Character Do You Share a Personality With?

Anime characters not only work to bear a close connection with your physical appearances, they are well in concord with your inherent personality traits. However superficial it may seem, such characters are smart enough to mirror your exact personality types and characteristics. If you are interested to find about what anime character are you in more detail, there are respective quizzes and tests to help you out.

As of the credibility of these quizzes, you can be specific on a particular favorite character to look for your resemblance with the same. For example, you can take the ‘Red Flag Anime Character’ quiz to examine the similarity score of your personality with this class of anime characters. Such quizzes further let you know about a variety of additional aspects that connect you with the anime akin, like whether or not you possess the evil traits associated with your favorite anime character.

Knowing your anime personality can cater additional help in some respects. You can have a walk-through of interesting ways to find solutions and alternative reactions to tackle situations like your anime character attempts to address them. To guide you further in the line of understanding the connection of personalities between you and your favorite anime character, here’s a comparison of some specific personality traits with their anime counterparts in what follows next:

Specific Personality Traits: The Pragmatic Ones

The pragmatic personality trait belongs to those who prefer a logical approach over an emotional one while making important decisions. If you have a pragmatic nature, you might stick to the straightforward attitude of looking at things, ahead of inclining towards the empathetic side. Entering into the anime world, you may find a series of characters resembling this specific aspect of your personality. One such character example is Kiritsugu Emiya from the anime series called Fate/Zero.

Talking about the character in some detail, this character has a habit of sacrificing the smaller assets while hoping for bigger and greater opportunities. The habit eventually forces him to take certain painful and unwanted decisions. Mentioning a personal aspect, this one is a relatable character trait to my own personality. Considering the fact that I myself follow the line of logic to find out solutions to challenges and situations, I bear a complete resemblance with the character.

A downside of the pragmatic traits is their double faceted appearance to the viewers in case the latter fail to interpret the character in a correct form. It is a common assumption about these characters is that they wear a pretentious form to hide the actual aspects of personality from the onlookers.

Anime Characters Based on Zodiac Sign- Pragmatic Personality Trait

Part 3 What Anime Character Are You Based on Your Zodiac Sign?

Anime characters are known to have a significant potential to relate with peoples’ persona in real-time. Ahead of the physical features and personality, you can even use your zodiac sign to identify your anime mirror. Discussing along the line, let us talk about some of the zodiac deciding constellations and the anime characters that correspond to the same in what follows next:

01Taurus: Himsura Kenshin

Belonging to the Taurus constellation, you will have an inherent love for quietness and peace. Satisfying your love for nature, you would be more comfortable with enjoying the small pleasures of life. Talking of a relatable anime character, you bear a close resemblance with Kenshin, the main lead of the anime movie by the name Ruroni Kenshin. The latter went on to trade his murderous past to live a peaceful life in his present.

The major appeals of Kenshin’s character are a gentle and kind personality that caters to understand and care about everyone he comes across. Choosing to kill as the last option, he works to transform his sword into a no blood sucking object. Like most Taurus personalities, the only expectation Kenshin has is of leading a simple, happy and peaceful life around his loved ones.

Anime Characters Based on Zodiac Sign- Taurus: Himsura Kenshin

02Gemini: L Lawliet

Being a Gemini, you may well be the master of a conflicting personality, which is commonly victimized of being misinterpreted. Possessing the strongest of thinking abilities, you might be a smart and intelligent philosopher. People belonging to this zodiac sign, however have a quite hidden out perspective of looking at the world. Being a Gemini, you may prefer being a bit antisocial person, who has his own unconventional ways of taking the challenges of life.

In the anime world, the aforesaid zodiac sign traits have the closest connections with Detective L Lawliet from the movie Death Note. The latter possesses a gray shade character, who never reveals his real motives and true colors. He often works out cunning ways and means to get something that suits his needs and wants, in line with a problem he aims to solve.

Nonetheless, Lawliet always attempts to put the well-being of the society ahead of his personal interest in solving cases. While the character is both, complex and fascinating at the same time, a comparison with the latter is an indirect way of addressing yourself as an intelligent and a goal oriented personality. You should however, take care to stop losing your self-confidence amid the process of reaching at your desired goal.

Anime Characters Based on Zodiac Sign- Gemini: L Lawliet

03Cancer: Takeshi Natsume

Talking of the specific characteristics of possessing a Cancarian personality, you will have a sensitive naughtiness and high level of empathy as the common aspects of your behavior. While you may encounter great difficulties to adjust with the world around you, don’t be skeptical about being alone in the race. Natsume, the title character of the anime Natsume’s Book of Friends shares this personality with you.

The striking aspect of this anime character is that its kindness remains untouched by the hardships that life has daunted upon him. The latter additionally obliges with respect towards the kindness he is showered on by other people. The thoughtful aspect of his character is however something that often works against him. The latter becomes oblivious to everything else to care about others’ feelings, making his sensitivity a cursed blessing for himself.

Anime Characters Based on Zodiac Sign- Cancer: Takeshi Natsume

04Leo: Victor Nikiforov

Referred more fondly as the stylish icons among the zodiacs, Leos are the masters of a charismatic personality, who enjoy bring loved and focused on. Blessed with the power to excel on their own terms and conditions, they are habituated to tackle problems and challenges with utmost ease. Being the fiery zodiacs, the Leo personalities are best represented by Victor Nikiforov, the ice skating hero of Yuri on Ice anime.

About the specific personality traits of the character, Victor has ruled the skating world since the time when he was a mere 16 years old. The latter is amazingly talented, possesses a handsome and well groomed physique, along with a stunningly captivating personality. Ahead of all these aspects, what makes him shine so bright is his determination to achieve a place among the stars of his line and expertise.

Being a Leo, he possesses the classically romantic nature and feels not at all guilty in openly expressing his attraction towards Yuri, the female lead of the anime.

Anime Characters Based on Zodiac Sign- Leo: Victor Nikiforov

05Virgo: Yuugo Hachiken

Talking of the specific aspects of a Virgo personality, masters of this zodiac are diligent and hard workers, love to follow the methodical approach of handling things and solving problems and perform best when adhering to physically straining tasks, such as working in agriculture fields. Searching for an anime resemblance, Yuugo Hachiken from Silver Spoon is affordably the best match you can get.

Hachiken was fortunate enough to have an overly large set of materialistic achievements to his credit. The latter, however, exhausts everything to land in a traditional school, where he meets agriculture, the true love of his life. Though inexperienced in the field, he relies on the ethics and principles of his profession to counter the challenges of his new trade. He is additionally assisted by his imbibing love for nature, which is a Virgo trademark.

Anime Characters Based on Zodiac Sign- Virgo- Yuugo Hachiken

Part 4 Superb Sites to Create Free Anime Character Online

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For macOS 10.12 or later

By far, you have acquired enough knowledge and understanding of anime characters. While the information is enough to motivate you towards creating your own anime character, it becomes important to pick an affordable motion graphic design utility to begin with the process. Browsing through the IT market, you will land across a hoard of anime character generator software and application programs to choose from.

While the aforesaid alternatives have enough credibility with respect to anime character creation, the impact and performance of web based tools in addressing the concern is no less. Diverting the focus of our discussion along the same line, here’s a brief overview of some of the most popular and preferred online websites to create anime characters for free in what follows next:

01Face Your Manga

Starting the list with the best at the first, this online platform is possibly the best amine character generation tool available across the web. When attempting to create an anime avatar for yourself, landing on the site will entitle you to access the latter’s extensive library of creation features, which literally houses the whole kit and caboodle that you will ever need to craft the best anime personality.

Talking of the character centric features of the site, you are allowed to mask a real-time look on your avatar by adding birth marks, moles, blemishes, scars, third-eye and band-aids. You can additionally craft the eyebrows of your character to be in the perfect shape and setting in line with your specific preferences.

Best Sites to Create Free Anime Characters Online- Face Your Manga

02Potrait Illustration Maker

Moving ahead, there comes the Portrait Illustration Maker website, which is quite a reliable place for working with anime character creation. The site facilitates a quick character design and is best suited for the swift graphic creators, who don’t have a lot of time to spare on crafting an anime character.

If you are more fascinated towards generating a random anime avatar, the ‘Randomizer’ option is there to help you out. All you need to do is, navigate to the respective icon, followed by tapping on the same and that it! The site works to generate an instant anime avatar for you. As of the feature bank offered by the website, you may not have a heap of customization choices at your disposal.

The website however, has an editing facility allows you to manually customize the randomly generated anime character. Additional to creating such characters, the platform grants you the liberty to share your artwork across all popular social media handles and communities.

Best Sites to Create Free Anime Characters Online- Portrait Illustration

03Marvel Superhero Avatar

The aforesaid website is a welcome gift for those who have always had a soft corner for the Marvel caricature series. Boasting itself as one among the best anime creator platforms, the latter allows you to craft amazing anime avatars, particularly those from the Marvel Superhero legacy. Packed with almost every customization feature that you will ever need, the site presents you with an expanded canvas to explore your motion graphic design creativity.

The site further lets you cross the boundaries of your imagination, while experimenting with the same to generate an anime superhero of your own. The customization tool of the website further allows you to mix and match the outlooks of the different Marvel superheroes to create a new hybrid character.

As an instance, you can integrate the features of Captain Marvel and Spider-girl, the female Marvel superheroes, into a single character. As of the male counterparts, you can try hands at integrating Spider Man and Iron Man.

Best Sites to Create Free Anime Characters Online- Marvel Superhero Avatar

Part 5 Anime Drawing Q&A

What is the difficulty level of creating anime drawings?

However easy it may seem at the first look, crafting anime drawings is no easy thing. Before you proceed to carve out your anime art, you will essentially require a comprehensive knowledge of the various aspects of the character you choose to draw. This includes the character’s anatomy, value, perspective and features, and a series of other details.

What is the minimum time duration required to create an anime drawing?

Anime drawings are a work of concentration and may take several hours or days to come out with perfection depending upon the complexity level. In most cases, you may finish the drawing in 10-20 hours, with a working time of 1 hour. As you cross different levels of expertise, the aforesaid duration will start appearing too small.

Why is the accuracy factor so important in anime drawing?

Creating a detailed and accurate drawing helps to bring out the exact vision and perspective you are aiming at. This additionally proves beneficial in catering viable information about the cost constraints before you start with materializing things. This will eventually aid in keeping your construction requirements within the line of your budget, while allowing you to introduce necessary changes if need be.

What is the cumulative count of the different styles of anime drawings?

The world of anime drawing houses a total of 22 style variants, starting from cubism and technical art, to pop art and realistic creations. There is an additional set of sub-styles in anime drawing that originate from the aforesaid classifications. As of the specific number of sub-styles, these are numerous in count, owing to the fact that the drawing preferences of different artists show significant variations. The diversity in drawing tools further adds to the variations.

What is the significance of working with exact measurements in anime drawing?

The complete structuration of anime drawing is centered on taking accurate measurements. Being the most essential element of such drawings, a precise measurement can make your creation stand out, while a random one on the other hand, has the potential to put the same into rugs.

Ending Thoughts

Anime characters are found to bear a close connection with different aspects of your personality, such as physical features, inherent traits and zodiac signs.

There are a hoard of digital and online utilities, like quizzes and personality tests that can help you know about which anime character are you.

If you are interested in creating your own anime character for free, there is wide range of online tools and software at your disposal.

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