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How to Add Subtitles in Canva?

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Dec 19, 22, updated Mar 27, 24

Have you ever used Canva before? It is a famous online tool that is also available on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS platforms. It contains various basic editing features that you can use to crop, trim, resize, and rotate your video clips and images. Apart from these basic tools, you can also navigate to the built-in library of Canva to explore its vibrant templates.

As more than 100 million individuals use Canva every month, it’s a well-trusted tool. If you are a frequent user of Canva, this article can help you how to add subtitles in Canva. Keep reading this article to find out the quickest way to add subtitles to videos using Canva.

canva featured image
In this article
  1. What is Canva?
  2. How to Add Captions to Videos in Canva?
  3. Is There a Good Alternative to Add Subtitles to Videos?

Part 1: What is Canva?

To create and edit videos flawlessly, Canva offers great options. It contains pre-sized video formats for YouTube, Facebook, and other social media platforms. If you are a beginner and struggling with ideas, Canva offers various templates of different categories, such as fitness, education, fashion, and real estate. Apart from using the built-in media library, you have complete freedom to upload your media files to add further modifications.

canva editor interface

Furthermore, using Canva, you can also add exciting animations and transitions to your videos to generate a smooth look. You can also add multiple overlays to add more dimensions to your video clips. Also, you can use the Canvas captions feature to generate customized subtitles for your video files. To learn more about Canva, let’s shed light on its key features, advantages, and pricing plans:

Key Features of Canva

  • Multiple Export Options: Canva offers various export formats such as MP3, PNG, GIF, MP4, PPTX, etc. You can also check the video quality before exporting it to your device.
  • Add Audio Tracks: To make your videos more engaging, you can add audio tracks and sound effects using this professional tool.
  • Background Remover: To remove a dull background from your video without a green screen or professional software, you can use the background remover of Canva. Through this advanced feature, you can remove the background from your videos with a single click.
  • Magic Resize: It offers a Magic Resize option that enables you to resize videos in different formats for multiple platforms.
  • Brand Tools: Canva’s branding tools allow users to create and save branded templates, colors, and fonts. This makes it easy to maintain consistency across all design materials and ensures that all designs align with the brand’s visual identity.
  • Collaboration Features: Canva’s collaboration features make it easy for teams to work together on a design project. Users can share designs with team members and assign roles and permissions, allowing for seamless collaboration and feedback.

Advantages of Using Canva

  • If you want to share your videos on social media platforms instantly, Canva is the best option. Using this software, you can share your videos on Instagram or other social media platforms with a single tap.
  • Canva can also add voice-overs and narrations to your videos in high audio quality.
  • This tool provides various elements such as lines, shapes, stickers, and frames that you can add to your videos.

Pricing Plans

If you want to learn more about Canva's detailed plan, you can visit its official website.

Plan Name Price
Canva Pro $54.99/Year for 1 Person
Canva for Teams $84.90/Year for 5 Person

Part 2: How to Add Captions to Videos in Canva?

Do you want to know how to add subtitles in Canva? Adding subtitles in Canva is extremely simple and quick. In this section, we have jotted down accurate and simple instructions to add subtitles using the Canva tool:

Step1 Begin by visiting the video editor tool page of Canva through any web browser. After accessing the tool page, click on "Edit a Video." This will open a new window on your screen.

tap on edit a video

Step2 Now, hit the "Upload Files" button from the left panel and import the video file on this tool. Once done, navigate to the "Text" tab and tap "Add a little bit of body text." Now adjust the position of the text box according to your desire. You can write your Canva captions by choosing your preferred font, color, size, and style.

upload your video file

Step3 You can also add effects and animation to your added subtitles for more enhancements. Once done with customizations, click on the “Share” button. Here select MP4 as the video file format and save the video on your system.

hit the share button

Part 3: Is There a Good Alternative to Add Subtitles to Videos?

Canva provides a very basic user interface to create subtitles. If you want to enhance your added subtitles with more possibilities, Wondershare Filmora is the best alternative. You can add subtitles through this tool in multiple ways. You can either add subtitles manually or use its "Speech-to-Text" feature. Through this feature, you can transcribe your voice to generate subtitles automatically.

Free Download
Free Download

Filmora also offers great styles and font options to customize the subtitles. You can easily check the results from the preview window of this efficient video editor. Hence, Filmora acts as a complete and well-trusted platform to generate subtitles in different ways.

Instructions to Create Subtitles Using Filmora

Are you tired of writing subtitles manually in Canva? Read the precise instructions guided below to create the subtitles automatically in more than 16 languages:

Step1 Upload the Video File.

Download and launch Filmora on your desktop to initiate the process. On its main interface, tap "Create New Project," which will open a new window. Afterward, upload your desired video on the Project Media to proceed.

import your video file
Step2 Select Speech-to-Text Feature.

Once done with uploading the file, drag the video file to the timeline. Click on the “Speech-to-Text” icon displayed on the timeline and hit the “OK” button after selecting the required language and file. After some seconds, subtitles would be automatically added to the timeline.

customize speech to text options
Step3 Add Modifications to Subtitles.

On your timeline, double-click on the auto-generated subtitles to open the edit settings. By going to the Presets section, you can select the subtitle styles. To add more modifications, you can head to the Custom tab as displayed on your screen. From here, you can change the font, style, color, and size of the subtitles. To confirm the subtitles edits, press the “OK” button.

modify your added subtitles
Step4 Export the Video File.

Once you are done with all the subtitle edits, click on the “Export” button. Filmora provides you with various export resolution options and file formats that you can choose. Moreover, you can also share the video file to your desired social media platform, such as YouTube, Vimeo, or TikTok.

export or share the filmora video


Being a non-technical individual, adding subtitles may sound tricky. To provide you with complete assistance, this article has shed light on how to add subtitles in Canva. But, Canva has some limitations in generating subtitles. Hence, we recommend you try and explore Wondershare Filmora to craft subtitles. This tool comprises a Speech-to-Text feature through which you can produce subtitles automatically without hassle.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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