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10 Best PC and Online Cartoon Video Makers Easily [Easy to Use]

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May 21, 2024• Proven solutions

Animated videos offer solutions to some of the issues that are common during the video production process. You won’t have to scout for locations, rent the pricey equipment or go through a seemingly endless casting process.

On the other hand, there are certain limitations you’ll need to take into account before you decide to use online, Windows, Mac and PC-based cartoon video makers to promote the products or services your company offers.

Using animation templates can impact the structure of a video’s plot, and more complex templates may cost more.

Despite the restrictions, cartoon video makers still offer a sea of possibilities to their users. So in this article, we will share with you about the top 10 best cartoon video makers online and PC that you can use before diving into the magical world of animated video.

Part 1: Best Cartoon Video Makers Online

Using most of the online animation platforms featured in this article doesn’t require you to have a lot of previous experience, but the animation software products for Mac and PC computers can be overwhelming for young and inexperienced animators. Let’s check out the top ten cartoon video makers in 2020.

1. Animaker

Price: Free version available, subscription plans start at $12 per month billed annually.

Compatibility: Online-based platform

 Best Cartoon Video maker

The amount of options Animaker offers is staggering, as you can choose from hundreds of animated characters, backgrounds or maps. There are six video styles available such as Infographic, Typography or 2D that can be used for different types of projects. The Whiteboard feature lets you select the board style that best fits the cartoon you’re working on, while features such a Multimove, Curve or Enter/Exit Effects enable you to animate your videos at a professional level. More than fifty background music tracks, nearly two hundred sound effects, and Direct Voice Recording option make this cartoon video maker one of the best online animation apps.


  • Superb animation tools
  • A rich selection of templates
  • Excellent audio editing options


  • Creating an account is mandatory, even if you opt to use the free version of the platform
  • Pricy monthly fee
  • Animated videos created with the free version of the app contain a watermark.

2. Moovly

Price: Free 30-day trial, $24.92 per month billed annually.

Compatibility: Online-based platform

Before you can start working on your new cartoon, you must first log in to the Moovly platform. There’s no need to create a new account as you can use your Google or LinkedIn account to sign in quickly. Moovly lets you create your own content libraries or use Clip, Clean or Motion Graphics libraries in your projects. The properties of the ‘Stage’ or the work area can be controlled by adjusting the Size, Project Mode or Background-color options. All the visual objects you add to your project are going to be displayed the timeline and you can edit them from the Properties menu, located on the right side of the screen.

Moovly Cartoon Video maker online


  • Lets you import content from online sources like Shutterstock or Storyblock
  • Voiceovers or music of your own choosing can be easily added to animations
  • User-friendly interface


  • All videos created during the free trial are watermarked
  • Exporting videos in HD 1080p quality requires you to purchase one of the available plans

3. Powtoon

Price: Subscription plans start at $16 per month, billed annually

Compatibility: Online based-platform

Producing infographic, business or explainer videos with Powtoon is easy because you just have to select a template you like and customize it. Both visual and textual elements of templates can be adjusted in accordance with the demands of the project you’re currently working on. In addition, Powtoon’s users can freely select props, characters or music they add to their cartoons. However, changing a template’s duration isn’t an option, this online cartoon video maker offers. The rich selection of powerful animation tools makes Powtoon a great choice for businesses in need of a reliable way of producing captivating visual content.

 Powtoon online Cartoon maker


  • Fully customizable templates
  • Free image and music sources
  • Great file sharing capabilities


  • No voiceover recording feature
  • The maximum duration of a cartoon depends on the pricing plan
  • Storage space is limited to 100MB on the Free version of the platform

4. Renderforest

Price: Free version available. Subscription plans start at $16 per month, billed annually

Compatibility: Online based-platform

This popular online cartoon video maker can be used for a wide array of purposes. Logo animations, 3D explainer videos or professional presentations are among numerous options the Renderforest platform offers to its users. Each template you select is customizable, which enables you to control the process of creating a cartoon entirely. You can add text overlays, change the colors of the backgrounds or use some of the royalty free music provided by the platform. Renderforest lets you create fun, but professional cartoons and animations of all sorts and its beautifully designed interface doesn’t take too long to get used to.

 Renderforest cartoon maker


  • A large library of templates is available
  • The maximum duration of a video is 120 minutes
  • Offers up to 250GB of online storage space


  • Modest export options
  • A relatively limited amount of commercial music tracks

5. Biteable

Price: Free, $23 per month, billed annually.

Compatibility: Online-based platform

The seemingly endless list of template categories Biteable provides will cater for all your online media marketing needs. Besides offering entertaining cartoon templates, the platform also lets you create Facebook covers, motion graphics or content for your social media channels. The best part is that the Biteable is completely free, although the number of watermarked videos you can produce in a month is limited to just five. Opting for one of the available monthly subscription plans will remove the watermarks from your cartoons, enable you to upload your media files, and enjoy the unlimited storage space.


  • Create entertaining cartoons quickly
  • Easily customizable templates
  • A perfect option for social media managers


  • Registration is mandatory.
  • The Download option is disabled on the free version of the platform
  • No audio editing options
  • File sharing capabilities are limited to Facebook and YouTube

6. Explee

Price: Subscription plans start at $7 per month

Compatibility: Online-based platform

 Best Cartoon Video maker Explee

All of your ideas can be turned into professional-looking animations with the tools supplied by the Explee app. The platform utilizes the Bringlife technology to animate all images, which means that you can easily upload your pictures and bring them to life. There are over 6000 thousand images in the Explee’s image library that are organized by categories and keywords to simplify the search. All the sounds you use in your whiteboard animations can be edited in any way you want using the platform’s Softcut audio editor. Newcomers to the world of animation may need some time to learn how to use this powerful cartoon video maker, as some of its features are aimed at skilled animators.


  • High-end text to speech system
  • Excellent audio editing options
  • Lots of cloud storage space


  • Limited file sharing options
  • No Free subscription plan
  • Doesn’t offer a lot of animation effects

7. Vyond

Price: Subscription plans start from $39 per month, billed annually

Compatibility: Online-based platform

This is probably one of the oldest online cartoon video makers on the World Wide Web, as the platform was launched in 2007 under the name Go!Animate. A decade later it is still one of the most popular online destinations for anyone who wants to create an animated video quickly. The impressive list of assets is constantly being updated and new features are added frequently to improve the user experience. There are thousands of templates and animated assets available, while features like Shape Opacity Control enable you to be in charge of every step of the cartoon video production process.


  • Automatic character lip syncing
  • Fully customizable templates
  • High-end character and object animation features


  • The amount of available options depends on the subscription model
  • Expensive
  • Not the best option for inexperienced animators

Part 2: Best Cartoon Video Makers for PC

8. Animiz

Price: Free version available, subscription plans start from $29 per month

Compatibility: Windows XP/Vista/Win7/Win8/Win10

 Best Cartoon Video maker

Diversity is the word that best describes this platform, because its users can create cartoons in a wide range of styles, in only a couple of minutes. More than 300 scene templates, as well as assets such as shapes, roles, or audios, enable you to unleash your creativity and produce breathtaking animations.

This cartoon video maker is also equipped with animation effects that can ensure smooth transitions between scenes or make your animations even more compelling. The maximum number of scenes and cameras you can use in a video, as well as the size of the videos you export, depends on your current subscription plan.


  • An impressive library of templates and royalty-free vector images
  • Powerful Voiceover and Subtitling features
  • Zooming, Panning and Rotating Camera effects


  • Expensive
  • Videos can be exported in only six different file formats
  • The quality of cartoon videos depends on the subscription plan

9. Adobe Animate CC

Price: $26 per month if purchased as a single app or $66 per month if purchased as a part of All Apps subscription plan.

Compatibility: Windows, Mac

Adobe Animate has been one of the most powerful animation software products on the market for decades. You can use it to animate images you want to use for games, film or online and produce HTML 5, WebGL or Flash content. The Bone tool that makes the character movement fluid or Sound Synchronization feature that syncs the music with images are only a few among numerous options that enable Adobe Animate’s users to create perfect animated videos. If you are not familiar with this software, or animation learning how to create cartoons with it, will take a lot of dedication and effort.


  • Excellent choice for complex animations
  • Puppeting features
  • Freehand drawing capability


  • It takes years to master the software
  • You may require other Adobe’s software while working on a project
  • Ill-suited for non-professional users

10. Toonboom Harmony

Price: Subscription plans start at $19 per month, billed annually

Compatibility: Mac, Windows

This software lets you create 2D animations for video games, TV and Film in a wide range of styles. It also enables you to integrate other software in the production pipeline, so you can use PSD, PDF, bitmaps or audio files in all your projects. The Premium version of this cartoon video maker offers the option to animate 3D models that can be later integrated with 2D characters. Universal Studios, Ubisoft, Lucas Film or Fox are just a few entertainment industry giants that use this software to create movies, TV shows or video games.


  • Excellent choice for the creation of the Cut-Out or Paperless animations
  • A wide range of drawing tools
  • Extensive library of special effects


  • Not the quickest option to create a cartoon video
  • Inexperienced animators may have to overcome a steep learning curve

Part 3: FAQ about Best Cartoon Video Makers

1. What is the best animated video maker?

The best-animated video maker is the one that offers you all the features for creating the kind of videos you always wanted to make. Some animated video maker software are specially made for cartoon video maker.

Moovly, PowToon, and Animaker are a few of the popular animated cartoon video maker software. You can download them on your PC and start to design your world with fantastic tools and your designs.

Apart from that, a top animated video maker software will come with pre-made templates to help you in creating cartoons quickly. If the software will ask you to buy a license, then first check if the trial is available or not.

2. Where can I animate for free?

The online world is full of such platforms where you can animate anything without paying for it.

Blender is one such tool that allows you to do 3D designing. It comes with plenty of features and using them. You can animate whatever you want.

Opentoonz and K-3D are sufficiently compact tools for the animation artists and cartoon video maker.

Whatever you are imagining can be put into visual design and animation with these kinds of freeware.

If you still have doubts, then try one of them, and you will recognize which tool fits your need. Once you find out what tools you require, creating animated videos will become effortless.

3. How can I make my own cartoon video?

This is something we appreciate because many people enjoy watching cartoons only and never try to make one on their own.

Creating a cartoon is not everyone’s cup of tea. Many have failed in this journey, but with some patience and persistence, you can succeed in making a funny or emotional cartoon as well.

The most talented cartoon video maker has the idea of handy tools and tricks to design animations in a short period.

Please create your cartoon by installing cartoon maker software and share it with the world. Your effort will be valued.


Animated videos have become widely popular in the last couple of years and a growing number of companies use them for promotional purposes. The online cartoon video makers offer a quick and easy way to produce explainer, infographic or tutorial videos, that may help you lead a more successful online marketing strategy. If you want to make cartoon video easily, why don't try Filmora? It is a video editor that you will can make cartoon like a pro. Do you use cartoon video makers? Share your experiences with us in the comments.

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