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Camtasia vs. Final Cut Pro

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published May 25, 22, updated Dec 05, 23

With many available video editing solutions in the market today, it is a bit hard to choose the best video editing software for your unique needs. Remember, it’s all about investing money. In every purchase, you need to be sure about purchasing no matter the amount. In the case of video editing software, the concern is just significant as you should find software that perfectly suits your requirements. A video editing software may be having excellent features, but become complex when working with. On the other hand, the software may be quite user-friendly, but its range of tools is not as large.

Implementing tools such as Camtasia or Final Cut Pro requires a great deal of contemplating and comparison of crucial factors. You may be wondering, when you compare Camtasia vs Final cut pro, which is the best to use. To make a clear comparison between these two video editing programs, one has to judge all the crucial elements. Though the two programs share some degree of similarity, this article will help you understand if Final Cut Pro is better than Camtasia. We are going to compare Final Cut Pro X vs Techsmith Camtasia using their features, pros, and Cons, market prices, functionality, and customer support to help you fully understand them.   

Overall Comparison

This table will help you compare Camtasia vs Final cut pro.

674 reviews341 reviews$ 249.99 for a user license$139.99 upgrade$299.99 per licenseRelatively easy to use  A bit complicated for beginners</6h>
Final Cut Pro
Overall rating 674 reviews 341 reviews
Entry-level Price

$ 249.99 for a user license

$139.99 upgrade

$299.99 per license
Ease of use Relatively easy to use A bit complicated for beginners
Market share

Small-Business (50.5% of reviews)

Mid-Market       (26.0% of reviews)

Enterprise          (23.4% of reviews)

Small-Business (71.0% of reviews)

Mid-Market       (17.05 reviews)

Enterprise          (11.9% of reviews)

Value of money 2/10 – low cost 4/10 – average cost
Customer support

Provide Email

Languages supported; English, French, Germany, Japanese.


Languages supported; English  


Speed is a bit slow

Various exporting settings.

Enough editing capability.

Does not support live recording from a camera.

Speed is higher than its comparison

Exporting settings are limited

Not as efficient as its comparison

Has DV camera support

Support system Desktop, Cloud Desktop, Cloud, Mobile


As you can see in the table above there is no great deference seen when comparing Final cut pro X vs Techsmith Camtasia, but it can tell you if is Final cut pro better than Camtasia or reverse is the case.

Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro is the perfect macOS video editing software that can help you achieve a professional-looking video. This software is built with the latest and most powerful tools that make it an effortless tool for video editing.  It has impressive filters, graphics, and a range of other cool video editing features. Its coolest part is its ability to enable 360-degree video editing for VR and VR headset playback. This program uses multi-core multi-thread machines quickly to allow you to import the videos in different formats faster than others.  

final cut pro

Like any other software, Final Cut Pro possesses some pros and cons as listed below;


  • It is a stable program that can be very useful in small businesses.

  • It has a powerful architecture for your complex and heavy projects.

  • Its fast rendering speed can allow you to conduct Multicam editing.

  • It has classic GPU utilization and powerful media organization to allow you to organize assets such as audio and video carefully.

  • Its easy audio modification capabilities can allow you to create impeccable VR videos.

  • It has a customizable and streamlined share interface that makes high-quality file delivery easy and fast.

  • It can edit videos offline.

  • It is tailored with real-time graphics and cool effects like text and blurs that are easy to apply.  


  • It is complex and thus difficult for beginners.

  • It has limited export options.

  • It only works on Mac computers.

Editing video with Final Cut Pro is not a complicated process. Here are the steps to help a beginner get started.

Step1: Create a new project & import media

When you Launch the Final Cut Pro interface, Libraries and Events are automatically created. You only need to create a new project.

At the top menu bar, click File > New > Project to create a new project. Here you will have to type in a new name of the project and then select ‘Use Automatic Settings’.

At the top menu bar again, click File > Import > Media to enable the program to bring up the Media Import window where you can select the video and audio files you want to import into your new project.

After selecting all the media you want to include in your project press ‘Import Selected’ and then close the media window.  

Step 2: Add your trimmed clips to the timeline.

The thumbnails of all the media you have imported will be appearing in the browser. For you to create a new video you need to arrange and trim that media in the timeline.

In your browser, you can set the ‘In and Out’ points for each video clip by holding ‘Option’. To do this you will have to click the thumbnail and drag it. The yellow timeline that appears on the clip represents the range that will be added to your video timeline.

After arranging them in the order that you want them to play, trim your clips by moving the mouse cursor to the edge of its thumbnail. This is done by using the 'Trim tool’. Drag forward or backward to adjust the clip's endings.

If you are arranging the clips in your sequence, you need to drag and drop any of the clips from the timeline into a different position. Final Cut Pro has a tool known as Magnetic timeline that will automatically insert and arrange the clips for you. You just need to ensure that your clips do not overlap or lay on top of each other.

To preview your video in the viewer, press the space bar on your keyboard or the Play icon in your software interface.

Step 3: Add Title, Texts, Transitions, and Effects

Title and Texts: Final Cut Pro has many Titles located in the browser where you imported your media. You can add them by dragging them into your video's timeline. To access those titles you can press the 'Title and Generators’ icon in the sidebar to open it.

Transitions: When adding Transitions, there is nothing wrong with a “hard cut” between 2 clips. Use the transitions only where they make sense so as not to ruin your video. To add these transitions, you need to open the ‘Transition browser’ by clicking on its indicated icon.

The transition’s length can be adjusted by dragging inwards or outwards. To customize your transition you can open the inspector by pressing ‘Command + 4’ and make the adjustments.

Effects: With Final Cut Pro inbuilt Effects, you can add some more value to your video after you are done with basic arrangements in the timeline. To add the effects click on the ‘Effects browser’ icon to open it.

Next to the effects browser icon, choose your preferred effect and add it between any 2 clips. By doing this you will have added animation effect between them.     

Step 4: Add Audio, Music, and Color.

Audio & Music: At this point, you can import and add your music. Photos and Audio sidebar icon is located above the browser and you can click to open, and then select Sound Effects.

To see all the songs available in Final Cut Pro, you can type the word 'Jingle' and you can preview them by pressing the small play button.

Color correction: By highlighting all the video clips in your video timeline, you can see a yellow outline around them.

Then open the drop-down menu by clicking the ‘Enhancement’ icon situated below the Viewer.

To improve the color and contrast, select Balance Color or 'Option + Cmd + B’.

Now that you are done editing your video, you can save and share as you prefer.


Camtasia is a perfect all-in-one video editing and screen recording program. If you compare Camtasia vs Final cut pro, Camtasia is quite easy to use even for beginners. It can work in both Windows and macOS and provides the user with a demonstration and education video platform. It contains cool features to help you capture and edit your videos and audios appropriately.


Here are some pros and cons of Camtasia.


  • It is easy to learn.

  • It has a good capture feature.

  • Impressive cursor effects.

  • It has Interactivity features.

  • It has a good asset library

  • Availability of mobile version.

  • It offers great customer service.

  • Available at a low cost.


  • Constant crashes and bugs.

  • Limited customization

  • No key tracking.

Here are key steps to follow when editing a video with Camtasia.

Step 1: Break up steps of a process with lower thirds.

Break any long multi-step video to help lower the viewer’s cognitive load.  

Step 2: Reinforce texts with video.

Remove any mistakes and extra content such as unnecessary footage from the ends of your recording. If you trim too much drag the clip back to restore. This process is known as trimming.

You can zoom in on the most important section to focus your viewer's attention there.  

Step 3: Add narrative to video

Alternative Way to Edit Videos

Getting an appropriate video editing software is quite challenging as the makers of these software sometimes get confused about if the programs needed are for home videos or professional-quality work such as Hollywood movies. This is why you will find that some programs are complex to use while others lack essential features to make your work efficient.

Filmora video editor is one of the most efficient for video editing. This software is powerful and easy to use and it is built with many features to make your vision come true. It is fit for small scale, medium scale and large businesses.

Try It Free

For Win 7 or later (64-bit)

Try It Free

For macOS 10.12 or later

These steps will help you to know how to edit video with Filmora software;

Step 1: Start a new project.

filmora start new project

After making sure that you have Filmora video editor installed on your computer, start a new project. Open the app then choose a dropdown option from the Select Project Aspect Ratio.

Step 2: Import your media

filmora import media

The footage, photos, and audios you use in your video are the key basic aspects of your video. Organizing all the files you are going to use in a single file. You can do this by browsing the file menu. Click the 'File > Import Media Folder' menu in Filmora and select the folder that contains your video files.

After importing your video files the thumbnails for each file will appear in one half of the application. Double-click on the thumbnails for a preview.

These thumbnails prove that all your captured video clips are already in the application and ready to be edited. Click on the Filmora video editing guide to get to help you know what to do.

Step 3: Add clips to the timeline, trim, adjust appropriately and sequence them.

filmora split video

Now that you have reviewed your video library and seen that they are there, you need to add them to the video editing timeline at the bottom of your app. This is quite easy as you can view all your video clips and determine which is to be added first.  

Drag and drop each video or photo in the timeline to add it to your project.

After adding the clips, you can trim and adjust them appropriately. Click on the right or left edges of the clip you want to shorten in the timeline and drag it to shorten.

If you want to split a clip in the timeline, pick the scissors by clicking on the ‘Scissors’ icon.

When working on your video footage, click the spacebar of your computer keyboard to preview. By doing this, you will be able to see how your clips are joined together.

Trim appropriately and perfect the runtime of every single clip and re-order your clips where there is a need to do so. This can be done by clicking on the targeted clip and dragging it to where you want it to be.

Step 4: Add video Effects, Transmissions between the clips, and Text overlays

filmora add transitions

Click on the Effect icon at the top of the app and a deep visual library of effects will be visible. If you want to add a certain effect to your active clip, just double-click it.

Add transitions in your video timeline to cut the scene-to-scene. They are quite necessary as they help establish your audience’s attention.

The next thing after adding the transmissions will be adding the overlays and exporting your video by clicking on the 'Export' button.

Step 5: Export your finished video.

filmora export video

You can click the ‘Export’ button and switch to the platform you want your video to be exported.


Choosing an appropriate video editing tool is equally as important as the video itself. And with the availability of so many of these video editing tools, choosing among them is quite hard. You can easily get confused especially if you are a beginner in the video editing industry. To avoid the complications you need to know what editing software is the best for your project.

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