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Final Cut Pro for Windows: Choose the Right Final Cut Pro Alternative

When it comes to editing videos, there is a lot of misunderstanding of the terms involved, trimming, splitting, joining, merging cropping and cutting. Many of these things are confused with one another so let’s look at what each are.

  • Splitting files – this is chopping up a longer video into smaller clips that can all be played individually, often used for YouTube.
  • Trimming Files – This is slightly different, trimming a video means cutting unwanted pieces out, such as an advert
  • Joining and merging are the same thing, turning several video files into one longer one, this only works if the file formats such as
  • resolution and bitrate are the same, and is often used for output from a video camera, where you get multiple videos from one shoot
  • Cropping a process used to cut out or remove unwanted parts of the frame to leave behind just the part of the graphic required
  • Cutting – the same as splitting, although often videos are cut and one part is discarded, at the end or beginning of a shoot for instance

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So as we can see there are a few traps that people fall into with video editing, and the terminology is only the beginning, although we do hope that the brief outline of what is involved helps out there. In addition, it is worth noting that while there are a plethora of multifunction video editing packages out there, they can often suffer from a little bit of bloat, and whilst they can do the singular jobs, such as video joining as part of their repertoire for instance, will likely do it slower than a specific tool that just joins videos.

Quick View of the 10 Best Final Cut Pro for Windows

Supported OS Supported Format Video Effects Share to YouTube Easy to Use
Filmora Win/Mac MPEG-1/2,MPEG-4... Y Y Y
Avidemux Win/Mac/Linux/PC-BSD AVI,DVD,MP4,ASF... N N Y
VirtualDub Win MPEG-1,AVI... N N Y
Free Video Joiner Win AVI,WMV,MOV... N N N
Video Toolbox Win 3GP,AMV,ASF,AVI... N N Y
Format Factory Win wmv,asf... N N Y
Movica Win wmv,MPEG... N N Y
Weenysoft Video Joiner Win mpg,rmvb,vob,wmv... N N N
AoA Video Joiner Win WMV,FLV... N N Y
Free AVI MP4 WMV MPEG Video Joiner Win AVI,3GP,SWF... N N N

10 Best Final Cut Pro for Windows 7/8/10

1.Recommended: Wondershare Filmora

Although the above mentioned freeware can help you easily join videos in different formats, you may need a more professional video editor to fulfill some advanced video editing tasks. Here the Wondershare Filmora is highly recommended. The video you join together with this program will not lose any of the original file’s quality. Besides, you can also easily rotate, split, crop, add special effects such as picture-in-picture (PIP), mosaic blur, jump cut, ect with ease. Check how to join a video for windows and how to join a video for Mac step by step here. Now just download and try it out!

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

2. Avidemux

Avidemux is a free open-source and cross platform (Microsoft Windows, Linux and Mac OS X) video editor designed for quick video joining, trimming and filtering tasks. It supports different video formats such as MP44, MPG, AVI, OGM, MKV, FLV and more. Here is also a getting-started tutorial for Avidemux you can refer to.

free video joiner


Simple interface.


May have problems dealing with some types of formats.

3. VirtualDub

VirtualDub is a strong video editing tool with many useful features that can help you make different kinds of changes to the video but keeping the video’s quality same as before. It also has batch-processing capabilities for processing large numbers of files and can be extended with third-party video filters.

free video joiner


Has video capturing option;

can be extended with third-party video filters;

Has batch-processing capabilities for processing large numbers of files.


Poor interface.

4. Free Video Joiner

As its name suggested, Free Video Joiner is a free video joiner tool which works excellent. It supports videos in AVI, WMV, MPEG, MP4, MOV, DVD, VCD and more. When doing the video joining, it doesn’t affect the video quality but takes a litter more time.

free video joiner


Supports many video formats;

Easy to use interface.


It does not come with a media player.

5. Video Toolbox

Video Toolbox is a free online video editing tool which has a rich set of video functions. But like many online apps, it imposes a size restriction of 300MB for your video files. To use it, you have to register first and upload the target files either from the hard disk or online video sites. Then fish the merging task use the command from a dropdown.

free video joiner


Supports many video formats;

Different video editing options.


Has the size limitation of video (600 MB).

6. Format Factory

Format Factory is a full featured video and audio converter. It can convert video, audio, picture, and rip CDs, DVDs to other file formats, as well as create ISO image files. On top of that, it provides a subset of tools that handle file splitting and merging. You can also change the format and size of the output file.

free video joiner


Supports many video formats;

Basic video editing options.


Can't convert audio files.

7. Movica

This software is in essence a user interface for other open source tools that are somewhat user unfriendly, enabling an understandable user interface for the best free tools out there. As a software package though, there is nothing wrong with this approach, and the tools available for joining and merging are first rate, and the software works very fast, whilst offering a wide range of compatible video formats.

The interface is a little clunky, but it does the job and the software has additional tools for other editing work such as cutting and trimming as well, the added functionality in combination with a more basic interface can make some operations a touch confusing though.


Ultimately a little more complicated to use, but very good.

8. Weenysoft Video Joiner

This is another of the very simple program that just does the one thing, join video files. It does that one task very well though, it has a very nice interface, performs the task quickly and is very easy indeed to use, even for a beginner to video editing. Whilst the interface doesn’t carry the design flare of some here, it is simple and attractive and makes the workflow very easy to follow, and even includes a nicely featured video player too.

Weenysoft Video Joiner

Great little program that joins video files quickly and easily, not as many compatible file formats as some.

9. AoA Video Joiner

Video Joiner includes support for a wide range of video formats and has one of the more attractive user interfaces on this comparison, and joins files together very easily, if a little slowly. With the ability to join files of varying formats together and straightforward workflow it offers everything a new user may need, and whilst the speed is a little lacking, it makes up for it with its user friendly interface.

AoA Video Joiner

Very simple and attractive interface makes this one a joy to use.

10. Free AVI/MPEG/WMV/MP4/FLV Video Joiner

This video Joiner offers a similar workflow to the other basic packages here, create a list of videos in the right order, hit a button and they join together, different formats are all taken care of for you. This one does work comparatively quickly and can cope with large file sizes better than some here. It covers a wide range of video formats and has a very clean interface that anyone can understand with a quick look, making this a package that is ideal for first time video editors just looking to join some files together.

Although they all offer similar functionality, this one does seem a little better polished than others by comparison, especially in presentation.

Free AVI/MPEG/WMV/MP4/FLV Video Joiner

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

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thank you dear
Blender does 3d modeling and rendering, compositing AND video editing. And it's free, runs on Windows + MAC + Linux. You can even do camera tracking (insert 3D objects with or without animation into a video).
I've been using premiere elements for years . Why should I rent the pRO if I keep it for years....? It's absurd! Mind you, I want the PRO.... but I think it's ridiculous to lease!
Is there any free software for video editting??
You gotta split the audio and video, sister
So Amaze. Much Braggin'. In increasing order of greatness, Wondershare Cyberlink Powerdirector is as good as Sony Vegas Pro Final Cut Premiere Pro
uhm i want to do an over voice in my video but i cant mute the actual video so now there is two voices talking ?
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