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How to Calculate Pixel Calculator Ratio

Let's learn interestingly about the pixel calculator ratios and dive into their vast significance for UI/UX design!

How to Calculate Pixel Calculator Ratio

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Size, formats, and resolution… What are pixels exactly doing with it?


So let's review some basics on pixel calculator ratio to create an easy life, your workflow more productive, and your photos of the ideal size for the intended purpose.

Part 1 What is Pixel Aspect Ratio?

A digital image is not a single non-dividable thing. You’ll see that your photo is like a mosaic formed by small tiles if you zoom in far enough, which are known as pixels in photography.

The amount of these pixels and the way they are divided are the two elements that you’re required to take into account to know more about the resolution and pixel calculator ratio.

The Pixel Aspect Ratio is simply the latest way of defining the length of one side of a pixel in context to the length of the other.

Let's say the ratio is 1:1; each side of the pixel is the same length as the other, also known as a square in pixels. 

If the ratio is 2:1, it means that one side is twice the length of the other.

NOTE:  The 'Aspect Ratio' does not define the actual or exact length of the side of a pixel is, just its "relative" size of one side to the other.  The actual length will depend on how much you shrink or stretch a photo when recreating it.  But if the Pixel Calculator Ratio is 1:1, then the pixels will always be square irrespective of the size of that particular photo.

pixel aspect ratio

Part 2 How is Pixel Ratio Calculated?

You can use a pixel ratio calculator to calculate the pixels within a screen. So, we'd like to suggest a calculator by

Here, you can see tabs, namely the Common Ratios Ratio Width, Ratio Height, Pixels Width, and Pixels Height.

xwebtools pixel ratio calculator

How it works:

This pixel ratio calculator converts pixel dimensions to aspect ratios. It is an online free tool that assists you in calculating the aspect ratio value of an object or a photo.

The conversion can be carried in both ways, aspect ratio to pixels and pixels to aspect ratio. This screen resolution calculator offers a powerful and simple tool that can convert the ratio of images to pixels resolution and pixels to ratio dimensions.

You need to provide Pixels Width and Pixels Height to calculate the aspect ratio; the aspect ratio will be automatically calculated.

You need to provide Ratio Height and Ratio Width to calculate pixel resolutions. Both the Pixels Width and Height will get automatically calculated. 

Part 3 What is Par (pixel Aspect Ratio) in Adobe Premiere Pro/Filmora?

Pixel ratio: Adobe Premiere Pro

As we already discussed, an aspect ratio defines width to height. The still picture and video frames have a frame aspect ratio. The pixels that create the frame have a pixel aspect ratio (sometimes called PAR).

Different video recording standards have different aspect ratios. For instance, you record video for television in either a 16:9 or a 4:3 frame aspect ratio.

You set the frame and pixel aspect when you create a project in Adobe Premiere Pro. Once you set these ratios, you can't change them for that project. However, you can edit the aspect ratio of a sequence. You can also use assets made with different aspect ratios in the project.

Premiere Pro automatically compensates for the pixel aspect ratio of source files.

If an asset still feels distorted, you can manually mention its pixel aspect ratio. But that isn't very clear, especially for a beginner. This is why we recommend doing the following.

Pixel ratio: Wondershare Filmora

You need a converter or a video editor to change the aspect ratio permanently. Here we humbly recommend an excellent aspect ratio changer - Wondershare Filmora video editor, which helps you make 4:3, 9:16, 16:9, and 1:1 aspect ratio videos pretty quickly. 

Wondershare Filmora

Get started easily with Filmora's powerful performance, intuitive interface, and countless effects!


Furthermore, you can conveniently share these videos on YouTube, Apple TV, Vimeo, and mobile devices.

Transform aspect ratio at the beginning interface

Wondershare Filmora Video Editor helps you change the project aspect ratio right after launching the video editor program.

If you click the drop-down menu, you will see the usual 16:9, 1:1, 9:16, 4:3, and 21:9 aspect ratios.

change aspect ratio filmora

Unlike Adobe Premiere Pro, Wondershare Filmora offers you four more ways of setting aspect ratios efficiently.

Method 2: You can change the aspect ratio under Project Settings

project settings filmora

Method 3: Change the aspect ratio of video with Auto-Reframe

auto reframe filmora

Method 4: Change aspect ratio during Editing

editing filmora

Method 5: Change aspect ratio while Exporting

exporting filmora

Thus, using the Wondershare Filmora along with the pixel ratio calculator makes a difference!

Part 4 Difference among Pixel Aspect Ratio, Display Aspect Ratio, and Storage Aspect Ratio

Although the image aspect ratio comes from its width and height, it also contains multiple subsets that help to define image proportions properly. 

1 - Pixel aspect ratio

Pixel aspect ratio (PAR) is the proportion of the specific pixels within an image.  They are generally square within the pixel aspect ratio of 1:1.

But sometimes, specific images are optimized for certain types of displays. And, they have rectangular pixels with an aspect ratio of 4:3 or similar. 

2 - Display aspect ratio

The display aspect ratio (DAR) is the designers' most frequent aspect ratio and gets generally synced with the general term. 

As the name suggests, the display aspect ratio refers to the proportions of an image as it appears on different screens out there. 

Some devices, such as televisions and cameras, have a fixed DAR for images to display nicely on these devices.

They need optimization for their specific or respective aspect ratio. For instance, a typical display aspect ratio for the widescreen video on a television screen or monitor screen is 16:9.

They appear distorted when images with different aspect ratios are presented on these devices.  Digital SLR camera sensors also consist of a fixed display aspect ratio, which controls how pictures captured by the camera will be displayed and saved.    

3 - Storage aspect ratio

Storage aspect ratio, commonly known as (SAR) is an aspect ratio formula that concerns specifically to encoded digital video files. SAR refers to the height and the width relationship in video frame size, and it is required to be consistent among all individual frames. 

SAR x PAR = DAR for max widescreen videos in a usual used formula.

Part 1 Part 5: How Aspect Ratios Affect UI/UX Design?

Aspect ratios play a vital part in any project that consists of displaying and capturing photographs, videos, or other image-based files in an ideal manner. The camera's fixed aspect ratio can considerably impact, especially for photographers.

And for videographers or anyone working with slideshows, animations, and other motion projects, the aspect ratio is a prominent element for correct display on mobile devices and widescreen.

But even in the environment of responsive web design, problems can arise, such as when an image is not adjustable for display without compromising its quality or content.  

A small example is when you need a square image with a 1:1 aspect ratio to insert into a rectangular box on a web page. To accommodate varying image size requirements, proportions and size may need adjustment.

In an increasingly picture-driven digital world, videos and images that look even slightly out of the way add to a visitor's negative impression of a site. Besides those forced into the wrong configurations can even interfere with a site's usability.  

Poorly proportioned user guide or product images video that's too stretched to check clearly can affect both a visitor's want and their ability to use the site. Developers, designers, and anyone working with images will need to know how aspect ratios work and manipulate them for the best visual effect. 

Various pixel calculator ratios, both paid and free, have popped up on the web to streamline the process.

Key Takeaways from This Episode

An overview of pixels

Understanding the importance of pixel ratio calculators

Different pixel ratios and their impact on UI/UX design

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