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From shooting to editing: Create a Fire Effect

Full guide about how to shoot and edit a fire effect.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Sep 24, 21, updated Jun 12, 24

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Shooting a high-quality video using a premium camcorder is just the first step towards making an engaging video. That’s because there are many after-effects that can breathe some life into your dull video. One such effect is the fire effect. With a flame effect, you can create a realistic superhero video or a real-world magician. Also, the smoke effect can do the same trick! So, this straightforward tutorial will demonstrate how to create a flame hand effect for action videos. Let’s learn!

Part1. How to shoot and edit your own video with a fire hand effect?

Before you think about adding a fire hand effect to a video, it’s vital to learn how to generate the correct video. First, ensure that camera is of the required standard. By this, I mean it should take at least 720p videos for the best results. Remember, the higher, the better.

Then, set up your subject or the person you want to shoot at the end of a hallway or sidewalk. This can be inside the house walls or trees. Using this shooting technique gives the camera at least something to zoom past. Now walk away from the target subject until you’re a few meters away to start filming. Of course, use a tripod if possible to minimize camera shakes.

Now walk towards the subject at a slow, steady pace while keeping focus. Once you’re close enough, ask them to raise their hand to make a “STOP” sign. However, they should act like they are pushing the camera away. Now slowly and steadily walk backwards in sync with the push action.

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How to add a fire hand to the video on Wondershare Filmora:

Step1Add the recorded footage on Filmora.

Install and run Wondershare Filmora on your Mac or Windows PC and click the New Project tab. Then, drag and drop the recorded footage on the workspace before moving it to the timeline.

Step2Trim and stabilize the video.

Before adding the fire hand effect, you may want to stabilize the video if it appears a bit shaky. To do that, double-click the clip and then tap the Stabilization checkbox. After that, tap Ok to go back to the editing window, then find the video section where the subject stops the camera. Trim out that particular video section.

Step3Adjust the playback speed of the clip.

Now adjust the video speed of the trimmed video section. To do this, right-click the clip on the timeline, then select Speed and Duration. Drag the Speed slider rightwards to increase the video speed. Also, increase the playback speed of the part right before the subject raises their hand to stop the camera. Do the same after the action to ease in and out of the act.

Step4Add a flame effect to the raised hand.

This is where things get interesting. First, click the Elements tab to see a couple of objects to add to your video. In this case, search and add the Flaming Hand 1 effect when the camera is pushed away by the subject. Just drag the element and fit it above the clip with the raised hand. You can also crop its edges on the preview screen to match the actual hand size and positioning.

Pro tip: Can’t find the Flaming Hand 1 element on Filmora library? Simple, search and download the “Martial Arts Pack” effect on Filmstock before searching it on Filmora X library. Remember, it’s free to download.

Step5Customize the flaming hand effect.

Interestingly, you can set the hand element as right or left. To do that, click the Effect tab and then use the Flip effect to change the hand position. Also, use the Kung Fu Rush element on the area where the subject pushes the camera to add a force effect and spice up the action. And don’t forget to download a sound effect from Filmstock and add it to the push action. That’s it!


Part2. How to add a flame intro in your video?

Video intros are critical because they capture the viewer attention. As such, creating a captivating flame intro is a must. So, in this section, we’ll discuss how to make a killer flame intro using Filmora X. But before we begin, note that intros don’t have to be too long or too short. Usually, a 5 to 10-second video should be enough.

Step1Upload and trim the flame video.

Upload the flame video and drag it to the timeline right before the main clip. Then, trim the video by placing the playhead where you want to start cutting and press Split. Proceed to do the same on the part to stop splitting and then delete the unwanted sections.

Step2Customize the flame intro professionally.

Next, go ahead and customize the flame video with befitting background audio. Click Import Media to open local audio and then drag it to the second timeline below the flame intro video. Now trim the audio to fit the playback duration of the intro video. You can also customize flame intro with texts, animations, titles, color effects, fade effects, and so on.

Click here for more details about adding epic intro to you video.

Part3. Where to find fire effect resources? [green screen included]

Lastly, below are some five video-hosting websites to download royalty-free video effects, templates, and photos:

1. Filmstock

Filmstock is a free website where creators can download free videos, audio, images, and after-effects. The effects are available in multiple categories like Elements, Festival, Autumn, Fall, Titles, etc. Just choose a video effect and download it to access it on your Filmora X account.

2. Pixels

Pixels is one of the most popular photo and video hosting websites. On this website, you can discover and download royalty-free videos without paying a dime. Also, Pixels contains millions of free stock photos to use on your websites or social media handles. What’s more, you can upload local media content and share them with the Pixels community.

3. Pixabay

Pixabay is another photo-sharing website that also doubles up as an excellent video-hosting site. Here, you can search videos by multiple categories before downloading in 4K, UHD, or HD resolutions. And like Filmstock and Pixels, Pixabay users can download high-quality music and sound effects as well.

4. EnvatoElements

EnvatoElements is a free website that hosts more than 50 million photos and thousands of royalty-free videos. Just create an account and download stock videos, video templates, sound effects, presentation templates, fonts, and so on. There are also hundreds of courses and tutorials to help you create those incredible videos.

5. Videvo

Videvo offers free stock images and videos supplied by its generous community. Its vast library features a handful of 4K fire effect clips and thousands of HD videos. Interestingly, some videos are delivered in QuickTime MOV, whereas others come in MP4. And yes, you can upload and share videos.


Part4. Conclusion

Up to this point, creating a fire hand effect should be a breeze. Just shoot the perfect footage and use Filmora X to edit it accordingly with the steps above. Also, don’t forget to download an after effect for any project from these websites. Have fun!

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