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The 5 Top AI Web Design Tools to Create Stunning Websites

Arvin Alejandro
Arvin Alejandro Originally published Oct 23, 23, updated Jan 17, 24

AI web design tools can help developers and designers to automate tasks. With just a few simple clicks and moves of buttons, you can create visually appealing and user-friendly websites. The right AI website design tools will improve your content creation and optimize testing. AI for website design also helps streamline development and the overall deployment processes.

In this article, we have compiled a list of the top tools to help you with website design with AI projects. We will start by introducing the AI for web design concept and narrow down to the individual tools.  

In this article
    1. Part 1. AI Web Design: What It Is and How It Can Help Your Business
    2. Part 2. 5 AI Website Design Tools That Will Make Your Website Stand Out
    3. Part 3. Explore Wondershare Filmora's AI Features for Web Design
    4. Conclusion

Part 1. AI Web Design: What It Is and How It Can Help Your Business

AI web design is the use of artificial intelligence to automate and enhance the website design process. It allows you to design a good website in only a few minutes based on the advanced AI algorithm suggestions. You can also use an AI web scraper to gather data for building your website. Some of the web design tasks that you can automate with AI include:

      • Suggesting and autocompleting code for your website
      • Offer personalization, such as installing chatbots and analyzing end-user preferences to provide more tailored experiences
      • Detect and prevent bugs, loopholes, and errors to create a better user experience
      • Offer SEO-targeted content to improve website ranking
      • Conduct automated tests to stimulate user experiences

Webdesign AI is an emerging technology that allows you to create websites with less effort. The primary reason artificial intelligence website design has become popular is that it reduces manual labor while streamlining the site development process. For instance, in 2010, you would have to build a unique graphic manually from scratch, which takes a lot of time and effort. In 2024, however, yo no longer need to do all that. You only need to use AI to generate website design and do a bit of tweaking to bring the website to life.

Web design with AI also reduces some of the repetitive manual work that is needed to get your images up to par for the web. You only need website AI generated images so you can focus more on improving the performance of your new website. Even if you are struggling to get started or want some design inspiration, there are AI tools to fill that gap.

Part 2. 5 AI Website Design Tools That Will Make Your Website Stand Out

The choice of an AI website design tool will depend on your goals and the capability of that tool. You may want something to automate the whole process or an assistant you can use to simply the tasks. Here are the top tools to help you design website with AI.


UIzard allows you to generate website design with AI by converting UX/UI design sketches into functional CSS and HTML code. You get a robust platform for iterative UI design and rapid prototyping.

Key AI features

      • AI-powered sketch for converting HTML/CSS
      • Built for swift prototyping
      • Supports rapid design iteration

Pricing Model

      • Free: For students and hobbyists at US$0/mo./creator
      • Pro: For startups and growing businesses at US$12/mo./creator
      • Business: For large organizations at US$39/mo./creator
  • Great design features and easy-to-use platform
  • Automated design tools to easily create a website
  • Great user experience with quick results
  • A wide range of templates to choose from and set up your design
  • Advanced CSS features are not fully supported
  • Conversions require fine-tuning

2.Studio AI

Studio AI offers a freeform design editor powered by AI to help you design websites quickly. The simple-to-use platform comes with a variety of style and effect controls that appear only when you need to use them. No coding or rebuilding is needed, you just need a few clicks to achieve website AI design in minutes.

Key AI features

      • AI-powered design allows you to generate website designs based on your business goals
      • Customizable templates with different colors, fonts, themes, and images to create a unique look for the website.
      • Drag-and-drop editor that makes it easy to add and edit content on the website.
      • Responsive design that looks good on all devices
      • SEO optimization for higher website ranking on search engines

Pricing Model

      • Not yet provided – Early Access Available
  • Easy to use, even for users with no coding experience
  • Relatively affordable compared to other AI web designing tools
  • Generates a complete website design within minutes
  • Limited creativity in building a new site
  • Requires human input to achieve the desired web design results


Zyro is an AI-powered web designer that allows you to build websites in minutes. It offers flawless templates to choose from a range of editing tools to create a website with no coding required. Zyro also offers SEO tools to convert more website traffic into paying customers and rank higher on search engines.

Key AI features

      • A wide range of designer-made templates to start building your website with no coding skills needed
      • Full range of customization options, including colors and fonts
      • AI tools to create logos and other components
      • Instant connection to your domain

Pricing Model

      • Website: Starts from US$2.59/mo.
      • Business: Starts from US$3.59/mo.
  • Simple and easy-to-customize templates
  • Affordable prices
  • Good website performance
  • Helpful AI-powered tools
  • Does not offer a blog post-scheduling feature
  • Grid editor limits design customizability Pricing Model

4. GitHub

GitHub offers a special AI tool for website design. The GitHub Copilot is powered by OpenAI Codex and helps develop by suggesting lines and functions as they code. It's one of the best web design tools for learning new languages, fixing bugs, and accelerating the overall coding process.

Key AI features

      • AI-generated code suggestions
      • Assists in bug fixing
      • Supports a variety of programming languages

Pricing Model

      • Monthly Subscription: US$10/mo.
      • Yearly Subscription: US$100/yr.
  • Saves programmers time by automating the coding process
  • Automatically suggests code snippets and functions that fit the context of what you are working on
  • Provide a starting point to start working on your website
  • Requires some understanding of coding to use it effectively
  • Suggestions are sometimes not accurate or optimal

5.Wix ADI

The popular website builder, Wix offers its users Wix ADI to help in designing their websites. This is also a great choice for designing website AI tools with remarkable results. The AI web designer tool provides a streamlined and personalized experience to instantly create a fully functional site for your business without compromising style, quality, or originality.

Key AI features

      • Over 500 designer-made templates for different business types
      • Innovative drag and drop to design your website the way you want
      • Built-in SEO tools with customizable meta tags
      • Powerful web apps to grow your business

Pricing Model

      • Beginner: US$110/mo. for every 3 months
      • Pro: US$100/mo. for every 12 months
      • VIP: US$125/mo. for every month
  • Free or subscribing users have free access to Wix ADI for building websites
  • Offers a wide range of customizations, and the choice to switch to the traditional site editor
  • Several page templates to choose from for the homepage, about page, or even products
  • Slow loading times, especially when building a massive website on Wix
  • Limited app selection, which ranges from sign-up forms to online stores
  • Poor search optimization, especially when it comes to URLs

Part 3. Explore Wondershare Filmora's AI Features for Web Design

AI tools allow you to do quite a lot in web design. From design, and adding images, to even deployment. You can also harness the power of AI by using Wondershare Filmora in your web design projects. It will allow you to unlock new possibilities and achieve exceptional results on your websites. Filmora is primarily a video editing software, but it also offers a range of AI features that can help in web design. The best thing is that Filmora supports cross-platform editing, allowing you to carry your project whenever.

Filmora Cross-Platform Supports Editing Anywhere | Wondershare Filmora 12

AI Features
AI Features

Let's now have a look at some of the AI features on Filmora that you will find useful in designing your next website:

AI Copywriting

Create titles, scripts, and descriptions automatically with AI Copywriting. The feature will save you time and make sure you are generating relevant content.

AI Image

Automatically generate images from text using the AI image features. This feature allows you to prompt Filmora for images. Go to the AI image button, type out the description of the image that you want, and Filmora will generate it in seconds.

AI Smart Cut Out

The AI Smart Cut Out feature on Fimora allows you to automatically remove the background or unwanted objects from your images and videos. Identify the sections or objects you do not need, and let Filmora do all the work in removing them.


AI website design tools help streamline the web design process and create visually stunning websites. They help web designers and developers to achieve a seamless design process. However, if you are looking for a versatile software that will help in your web design process while allowing you to edit videos, we recommend using Wondershare Filmora. It gives a wide range of choices, allowing you to take full advantage of the AI tech.

Arvin Alejandro
Arvin Alejandro Jan 17, 24
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