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8 Best Tools to Make Animated Photo Easily

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Jan 14, 2022• Proven solutions

It’s no wonder that the newest technology that includes animated photos or says GIFs have taken the center stage.

These loops are hilarious sometimes and can be used to express what words can’t. What if you want to create some animated photos with free-to-use animated video software of your choice? Are you wondering the same?

Well! You can do this yourself now. With the help of this article, we will make you acquainted with some really useful animated photo makers that will give information on how to animate a picture. Let’s start grasping those tools and begin making our own GIFs.

Recommended animated tool: FilmoraPro

If you want to have more controls on animation photos, here we recommend using FilmoraPro.

You can use cartoon effects to make an animated photo with one click. You just need to import your photo to easily start making animation. Besides, color correction and an audio mixer will raise up your animated photo to a new level. Free download it to have a try!

Note: You can use FilmoraPro to make animated photos by adding keyframes if you want to have more controls.

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Part 1: Best Animated Photo Maker on Phone

First, we would like to introduce you to some apps that will help you do picture animation on your phone in this section.

1. Animate Me

The first animation image-maker is Animate me which is enjoyable by only iPhone users. In other words, this app can only be installed on an iOS device.

You can create funny videos, e-Cards, or animate any kind of picture. In the e-Cards, you can add any face to make it more appealing and entertaining. This app can be used to animate yourself, your pets, or anyone you wish.

It is an impressive app that is worth giving a try in order to make others laugh by creating amazing GIFs.

Features of Animate Me

  • The app offers more than 100 new e-Cards and adds new cards weekly.
  • You can add multiple sounds for each character and get them talking too.
  • In addition, there are ‘Hero masks’ available that you can use on your character face.


  • Sometimes, crash happens while you open it
  • Navigation is not clear between different tabs

Animate Me

2. Loopsie

Loopsie is yet another picture animation maker that is available for both Android and iPhone users. This is one of the best photo and video creation apps that can be used on a mobile phone.

Loopsie is free to use and is a mix of pictures and videos.

Features of Loopsie

  • Along with being extremely easy to use, it provides output resolutions that are completely socially ready.
  • One can do direct sharing on Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp.
  • There will be no need for a tripod while working with this app to make creative photos or videos.


  • The imported videos will rank randomly
  • Lacks enough guide on its website


3. Picstun

The next picture animation maker is Picstun that is for Android device users. This is a professional photo animator app giving awesome animated video effects that can be applied to a picture to animate it.

Download this app and give a creative look to your picture.

Features of Picstun

  • This app gives the option to crop or rotate your image as well as numerous animated video effects that can be added to an image and animate it.
  • You can preview your file once before saving it. Also, you can save it in your SD card easily.
  • It allows you to share your output file to various social platforms like Facebook, Gmail, YouTube, etc.


  • Sometimes, it will crash if you import too many photos
  • The animated effects are limited


Part 2: Best Animated Photo Maker to make GIF

This section will make you updated with the software or programs to know how to animate a picture on a computer. Here are those.

1. GIF Brewery

GIF Brewery is free software for Mac users that offers a very simple, easy, and intuitive user interface. Anyone can use it to make creative and amazing GIFs from videos since there is no video-making expertise needed for using it.

You can resize and crop your video and even set the preferred frame rate.

Features of GIF Brewery

  • With this picture animation maker, you can apply many captions or overlay pictures.
  • Easy saving options and the files can be easily shared with iMessage or mail.
  • There are amazing filters that can be applied to photos such as color correction.


  • You can not remove individual frames while making GIF
  • Bugs happen sometimes

GIF Brewery

2. is one tool that can help you do photo animation online. This online animated photo maker allows the users to create GIFs, slideshows, animated videos with music effortlessly. supports Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. You just need a web browser and need to upload your image.

Features of

  • This tool gives the options of reducing size, reversing or resizing a GIF, merge, or separate multiple GIFs.
  • There are options to set animation speed or canvas size.
  • There is no requirement of registering yourself to use this.


  • The interface is not easy to navigate
  • The maximum images you can upload is 300

3. GIF Toaster

Another GIF maker app is GIF Toaster that claims to be the best quality GIF maker app ever. You are just 4 steps away to create your creative GIF when you use this app. Just choose the photo you want to convert into GIF and then set encoding options. Start encoding and then just choose the ‘GIF’ tab to give your picture GIF effect.

Features of GIF Toaster

  • The app is able to change any kind of media format into GIF.
  • It creates the GIF without compromising in the quality.
  • It’s available in English, Korean, and Japanese languages.


  • Start and stop arrows are not easy to tap
  • Rarely, it can't access Camera Roll Album

GIF Toaster

4. Animated GIF Maker

This picture animation maker or GIF maker is also an online tool. This means you can execute the photo animation online by just moving to your web browser. You can upload images up to 6MB.

Features of Animated GIF Maker

  • This app allows you to upload multiple files at a time.
  • It has the capability to convert even different formats and sizes into GIF.
  • After making GIF, you are allowed to customize it by resizing or cropping.

Animated GIF Maker

5. 3Dthis

The last, but certainly not the least, picture animation maker on today’s list of best tools to make photo animation online is 3Dthis. With this online tool, you can easily create 3D models and morphing animations in a quite quick way.

Features of 3Dthis

  • With this web app you can create print-ready 3D designs.
  • It allows you to effectively morph your images for 3D modeling.


Final Verdict

We hope your question, “how to animate a picture” has got the answer now. Not one, we gave multiple solutions to this question. With these animated photo makers, you can easily get what you long for. We provided you some best GIF makers including FilmoraPro that can be used on different platforms. So enjoy doing animations and creating funny and useful GIFs. Thanks for reading this post.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

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