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10 Best Software to Detach Audio from Video in 2024

Do you want to detach audio from video? The article understudy will share 10 different softwares, best for this task.

Max Wales
Max Wales
Originally published Jan 13, 22, updated May 20, 24

Imagine you have a video that is very close to your heart, but there is one problem with it. You couldn't share the video with anyone because it has weird audio attached to it. What are you going to do if you face such scenarios? Are you going to throw away the video? If it is important to you, you will not discard it.

What else could be done? Do you want a good solution to this problem? We have something amazing for you. Various software are available in the market today that offer you this cool functionality. Allow us to introduce the 10 best software to you. You can easily detach audio from video and have it shared anywhere by using these.

Part 1. 10 Most Popular Software to Detach Audio from Video in 2024

Audio editing software holds the feature that can be used to detach audio from any of your videos. It is not necessary to use this type of software. You only need audio editing software if you plan to detach sound from video. Or else for some other easy work. In any case, the question is, what are the best audio editing tools to use? Let us share the 10 best software with you.

1. Wondershare Filmora

Filmora is a top-class video editor. The tool is very famous for the services and features it offers. You can fully edit a stunning video with Filmora. Do you know about its Audio Editor? Yes, along with video editing, Filmora also offers audio editing with numerous brilliant features.

You can completely transform audio after editing with this editor. Filmora allows you to ‘Split and Adjust’ your desired audio. Another cool thing that could be done with Filmora is ‘Speed and Pitch Adjustments.’ With Filmora audio editor, audio detach from the video is also possible. It has various other features, out of which the few of them are:

  • A remarkable feature about Filmora audio editor is that it can be used as an Audio-Mixer.

  • Sometimes the audio volume can be disturbing. You can use the 'Adjust Audio Volume' feature of Filmora to get things right.

  • You might want to replace the video's original audio with something else. Filmora lets you do this.

  • If in case the original audio is not satisfying you, it can be removed. Use Filmora and detachaudio from video.

  • With Filmora, users can use the fade in and fade out feature across their audio.

filmora audio detach feature

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2. Audacity 

The next audio-related platform is Audacity. If you want to extract and detach audio from video, then Audacity is an amazing software for this. The software can be used to create unexpected songs. With the File Glue function, you can mix various elements and create melodious songs.

It also has a huge collection of sound effects. There are many more features of this audio extractor. Let us shed light on a few.

  • The most significant feature of Audacity is that it can extract, mix and also copy music.

  • The software extends support to multiple formats like MP3, WAV, FLAC, AIFF, etc.

  • Audacity offers built-in effects for audio files.

audacity interface

3. Windows Movie Maker

Are you ready to talk about another software? Windows Movie Maker is yet another audio extractor known for its features and performance. Its amazing speed helps to detach sound from video quickly. The software was released by Microsoft.

The fact that it offers audio extraction for free is very crazy. Moreover, it’s a very easy process to do. Windows Movie Maker has a lot of other features that should be explored.

  • Audio editing like trim, split, adjusting music volume, etc., can be done with Windows Movie Maker.

  • The software allows you to add effects transitions and also extract audio from video.

  • Share your audio files to Facebook, YouTube, and other social media platforms from this editor.

windows movie maker

4. VLC Media Player

Have you ever heard about VLC before? You must have. This is very famous software. The media player offers a wide range of features. The software is compatible with all platforms, and you can play everything on it, which is why VLC is among the top-known software in the current market.

The software supports various video formats and expands its circle to a lot of other media files. Let us share its features so that you get to know more about VLC.

  • As mentioned earlier, it supports multimedia files like DVDs, Audio CDs, and VCDs.

  • The coolest thing with VLC is that you can adjust the audio codec and bit rate.

  • With VLC, you can perform audio detach from videos.

vlc media player

5. Apowersoft Video Converter 

The following software in the list to be discussed is Apowersoft Video Converter. The software is primarily a video converter, but it is also an Audio Extractor. The software has many distinct features because it holds a place in the market. Apowersoft can be used online as well as could be downloaded. The software is also known for its stunning Audio Editing tool. Let’s look at its other features.

  • The software supports numerous file formats, including WMA, FLAC, MP3, etc.

  • With Apowersoft Video Converter, you can detach audiofrom your video for free.

  • Convert the audio format from Apowersoft to device-compatible format.

apowersoft video converter

6. Wondershare UniConverter

Should we move to the next software? Well, it's UniConverter. The software is quite easy to use. You can detach audio from videos with this extractor software. It works on videos despite the video format and quality. The user can simply convert their video into an audio format while sustaining the quality. It works like an audio extractor that allows users to give a purposeful use case with it. Want to know more about Wondershare UniConverter? Let’s share its features.

  • Wondershare UniConverter promises to deliver final results with good quality.

  • It supports various formats like FLAC, MP3, OGG, and more.

  • It utilizes full GPU acceleration for high-speed conversion.

wondershare uniconverter

7. MiniTool MovieMaker

Who likes to see ads when they are working? Probably no one. MiniTool MovieMaker falls perfectly for this requirement. The movie maker tool is free to use. You don’t need any registration to use it. We all are worried about virus attacks on our computers, but MiniTool MovieMaker has no virus. The software has a very intuitive interface that makes it easy to use. Some more features of this software are:

  • The software has impressive audio editing tools which help in audio detach

  • Its format support expands over a wide range, including MOV, AVI, MP4, MPG, MKV, etc.

  • With MiniTool MovieMaker, split, trim, and even combine your audio clips.

minitool moviemaker

8. Ocenaudio

Another perfect software to detach audio from videos is Ocenaudio. The software offers full spectrogram settings. You can analyze your audio’s spectral content and edit audio tracks. Allow us to highlight some more Ocenaudio features.

  • The software has an extensive collection of sound effects.

  • Ocenaudio extracts audio from video files despite their length.

  • The software promises not to damage the video file during extraction.

ocenaudio interface

9. AOA Audio Extractor 

Moving on to the next software, AOA Audio Extractor is a proficient audio extractor software. Users can work with any audio format to detach sound from videos. The audio extracting software is quite powerful. It supports audio conversion. Let us add its features to impress you.

  • The software supports audio extraction from 5-minute videos.

  • While extracting audio with this software, you can adjust the bit rate, frequency, quality, etc.

  • In case you have saved the file in the wrong format, with AOA Audio Extractor, you can convert its format.

aoa audio extractor

10. Free Audio Editor 

Are you ready to discuss the last software? It is Free Audio Editor. Its name is self-explanatory. The software is for audio editing, and most importantly, it's free. The best part about this software is that you can download videos from YouTube and then detach audio from video. Some more of its interesting features are added below.

  • With this software, you can not only edit your audios but also record them.

  • Free Audio Editor supports more than 25 audio formats.

  • With its intuitive interface, you can easily cut, trim or copy.

free audio editor

Wrapping Up

Have you learned something from us? We indeed think you have. After reading the above article about 10 different software, all of you will easily detach audio from videos. The article has shared detailed information regarding different helping software for this task.

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Numerous effects to choose from.

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