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How to Record Voice on iPhone? Step by Step Guide

Max Wales
Max Wales
Originally published Nov 25, 21, updated May 20, 24

We use audio recording at all most every stage of life. Sometimes we are in class, and we record any lecture. Sometimes, something is explained in detail to you. Now are days, people share audio recordings even in an office and professional environment.

Things are always different for iPhone users. If you want to record audio on iPhone, then this article will discuss the built-in audio recorder as well as, 5 best audio recording apps for iPhone will also be shared with you.

Part 1. How to Record Voice on iPhone?

As mentioned earlier, things are a little different for iPhone users compared to Android phones. In the same way, the audio recording process is slightly different. iPhone has a built-in audio recorder, Voice Memo, that could be used to record sound on iPhone. Voice Memo is a great voice recorder. A few of its attractive features are.

  • You can choose between compressed and uncompressed on Voice Memo for audio formats.

  • With the search feature of this recorder, you can easily find your recordings.

  • You can mark your recordings with the same name so that they can be accessed easily.

You might have a question in your mind about how to make a voice recording on iPhone? The answer to this question is shared below.

Step 1: First of all, you should locate the 'Voice Memo' application on your iPhone.

open voice memo

Step 2: Now, you should launch the application. You will see a big 'Red' button at the bottom of the screen. Simply hit that button to start the recording.

initiate audio recording

Step 3: After you are satisfied with the recording, you have to tap again on the big 'Red' square button to stop the audio recording.

stop audio recording

Step 4: Now, beneath the recording, you will see a 'Delete' option and the other option on the left side is to 'Edit' the recording. You can set the playback speed, skip silence and also Enhance Recording option.

delete or edit your audio

Step 5: Lastly, by clicking on the 3 vertical dots, you can copy and share your recording. The dialog box also allows you to edit, duplicate, etc.

multiple options for your audio

Part 2. 5 Best Voice Recorder App for iPhone

Although iPhone has a built-in voice recorder, that has been discussed in the above section. We use different voice recording applications now and then. Here, a question arises: What could be the best audio recording app for iPhone? What could be done if you don'don'tt to use it?

There are alternative options for almost everything. In the same way, there are alternative applications that could be used to record sound on iPhone. The following section will shed light on the 5 best voice recorder iPhone applications.

1. Rev Voice Recorder & Memos 

The first application to record audio on iPhone is Rev Voice Recorder. The voice recorder is customer-oriented with a very easy-to-understand interface. Rev has a very strong customer service team that deals immediately with problems if any problem is reported. Rev Voice Recorder is a free voice recorder for iPhone.

rev voice recorder and memos

With Rev recorder, you don'don'te to struggle much as you can easily search for the recordings by name. It lets you view and then share your recordings. There are many more features of this voice recorder; let'let'sk about them.

  • The most amazing thing about the Rev Voice Recorder is that it spontaneously pauses the recording for any incoming call or any other interruption.

  • You can edit and trim the recording to remove any unwanted parts.

  • The recorder is synced with Dropbox to backup your recordings.

  • It offers high-quality voice recordings and playback.

2. Awesome Voice Recorder

The next recorder that comes in line that could be used as an alternative voice recorder iPhone is 'Awe'ome Voice Recorder.' Th's recorder is great as it offers various voice recording tools. The interface is simple and basic. With Awesome Voice Recorder, you can pause your recording and then start again from where you left.


Like this, AVR has many crazy features that attract its users and facilitate them brilliantly at the same time. Let us share some of its features with you.

  • The coolest thing about this recorder is that it stops in case there is any storage space problem or even a low battery.

  • Awesome Voice Recorder supports Bluetooth.

  • The fascinating factor of using AVR is its unlimited recording time.

  • The recordings of this tool are playable in various media.

3. HT Professional Recorder 

HT Professional Recorder is another awesome option to record audio on iPhone. The recorder is well known for its features and exceptional recording quality. HT Professional Recorder has this mind-blowing quality that it can record the audio even if the people talking are sitting several feet away from the iPhone.

ht professional recorder

Like this, HT Professional Recorder is full of surprises. The recorder has a lot to offer. Allow us to highlight its features.

  • An auto-record option automatically starts the recording as soon as the application is launched.

  • This reorder offers a unique feature that you can bookmark important moments.

  • The recorder spontaneously skips any silence between the recording.

  • You can also transfer files to other computers via a Wi-Fi connection.

4. AudioNote 2 – Voice Recorder

Another alternate option for the audio recording app iPhone is AudioNote 2. The application is unmatchable as it uses Amplified audio recording, where the tool will adapt according to the volume level as well as the size of the room.

audionote 2 voice recorder

With AudioNote 2, you can pause or restart the recording any time you want to. You will learn more about this recorder after going through its features.

  • The recorder lets you import any pre-recorded audio of yours, and then you can add notes to it.

  • AudioNote 2 has a brilliant feature of 'Noi'e Reduction Filter.' Wi'h this filter, you can eliminate any extra and unwanted sound from the background.

  • The recording application automatically syncs the devices with either Dropbox or iCloud.

  • With this recorder, you can adjust the playback speed with pitch correction when it comes to playback.

5. Voice Recorder – Audio Record

Lastly, another best audio recording app for iPhone is Voice Recorder. The recording tool does auto-upload within seconds. You can also share your recordings on the cloud or Dropbox. Voice Recorder Audio Record has various features, few of its features are.

voice recorder audio record

  • You can easily edit and amend your recordings. It lets you trim the final version of your recording to remove any unwanted sound.

  • The application is a quick audio player with multiple playback controls.

  • You can easily share your recording via Dropbox or iCloud.

  • The recording tool supports WAV, M4A, and CAF.

Ending Thoughts

The article is a detailed guide about the audio recording app iPhone. The audio recording for iPhone has been discussed from every possible aspect. The article also shared the steps to use the built-in voice recorder of the iPhone, and 5 amazing recording tools were also discussed.

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