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Audio Splitter: How to Split Audio Files Easily

Are you excited to learn about audio splitters? With this, you can quickly and easily split audio into small parts and use them.

You often come across audio files that we like and enjoy. An uncertain situation usually occurs when you love a small part of the audio, but the complete audio is not per your level. If you encounter any such situation, what will you do? Spend hours to find another audio? Or suffice with what you have got?

What if we give you a third option. How about splitting the audio into smaller parts? Well, this sounds a lot better than the other options. The only thing you need is a good Audio Splitter for doing this. You don't even have to worry about this because we are about to guide you on how to split audio files. We will share an MP3 splitter online and the steps for both Windows and Mac.

Part 1. How to Split Audio Files on Windows and Mac?

Whenever you think about audio editing, Wondershare Filmora is associated with that as the best software. The audio editor is perfect and compatible with both Windows and Mac. Wondershare Filmora never ceases to impress its users with its stunning features.

The audio editor Filmora offers a wide range of features. You can add your favorite background music to your videos and change your ordinary video. Moreover, features like trimming, cutting, adjusting audio are also available.

Wondershare Filmora also offers professional editing features such as its Audio Equalizer EQ, Audio Mixer, and also Audio Denoise feature. An exciting thing about Filmora audio editor is its Detach Audio feature. With this, you can Detach Audio from a video.

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Another handy feature that you get from Filmora is Audio Splitter. With this, users can split audio files and extract the part that they like while deleting the other part. If you want to learn about splitting audio files on Windows and Mac with Filmora, then follow the steps below.

Step 1: Creating Project

To split audio files, you firstly need to open Wondershare Filmora on your respective device. Then, you need to create a new project so that you can get started. The next step demands you to import the audio file to Filmora.

create a new filmora project

Step 2: Importing Audio File

This could be done by moving to the ‘File’ tab from the top panel. A menu will appear on the screen from which you should select 'Import Files.' Then a popup menu will show up, simply hit the ‘Import Media Files’ option.

tap on import media files

Step 3: Drag onto Timeline

You can locate the file from your respective device and import it to Filmora. Once the file has been imported successfully, you now have to drag and drop it onto the timeline to start splitting it.

add audio to timeline

Step 4: Split Audio

Now comes the fun part. Once the audio file is on the timeline, you will see a play head. You need to drag the play head to the point where you want to split the audio. You will see a scissor option after dragging the play head; hit that to split audio into two parts.

click on split icon

Step 5: Edit the Separated Audio

You can delete the audio that you don't want by selecting it and pressing the 'Delete' button on the keyboard. In comparison, you can edit the other part of the audio. For this, double click on the audio in the timeline to open Audio Editing Window.

edit the separated audio

Step 6: Exporting File

Once you have edited the file and are satisfied, it is ready to be exported. For this, hit the ‘Export’ button, select the output format and save it on your device.

export audio file

Split Audio after Detaching from Video

As we have mentioned, sometimes you like a sound, but it is part of a video. Do you know a way to get that audio from a video? Well, yes, with Filmora, you can get your favorite audio even from videos and then split it.

This could be done by using its ‘Detach Audio from Video’ feature. What this feature does is that it separates the audio from video and displays both the files separately on the timeline. You can delete the video file by selecting it and pressing 'Delete.' Whereas, by following the above-mentioned steps, you can then split the audio easily with the Filmora MP3 splitter.

detach audio from video

Part 2. How to Split Audio/MP3 File Online?

Are you ready to learn about MP3 splitter online? As we promised earlier, we will talk about an online audio splitter so let’s begin. When it comes to online tools that are reliable and trustworthy, nothing can beat the name Online UniConverter.

UniConverter has a lot of distinct and unique tools that are for different purposes. Its 'Online Audio Cutter' is used to split audio files. The tool is very efficient and easy. Importantly, it retains the original quality of the audio even after you split it. With the Online Audio Cutter, you can cut the audio files for free without spending a penny.

You get a wide range of file formats that UniConverter support when talking about its supporting formats. Some of the formats are MP4, MP3, M4A, AAC, MOV, and others. Moreover, for smooth transitions, you can add audio effects like fade-in and audio fade-out.

Can you make your favorite audio your ringtone? If you use the Online Audio Cutter of UniConverter, then this is possible. You can cut and split your favorite sound and make an MP3 ringtone. Along with that, if you like a sound from any video, you can also get that. With UniConverter, you can easily extract the audio from video and use it.

How important is safety for you? The most important concern of users for any online tool is safety. Luckily, UniConverter promises full safety and security. Any media file imported to UniConverter is deleted automatically after 24 hours from the servers. If you plan to split audio files online with UniConverter, then let’s share its step-by-step guideline for your help.

Step 1: Start by accessing the website of Online UniConverter. Then, you need to select their ‘Online Audio Cutter’ feature to split the audio file. Next, you need to upload the audio file. This could be done by selecting the file from your device. Or else, you can upload it from Dropbox, Drive, and YouTube.

import your audio file

Step 2: After uploading the file, it's time to split it. From the right panel, you can either select the option of 'Keep' or 'Remove.' In any case, the highlighted part of the audio between the sliders will be affected. If you select 'Keep,' the highlighted part will be saved. Whereas, for the 'Remove' option, the highlighted part will be deleted, and you can save the rest of the audio.

keep or remove audio part

Step 3: You can also Fade-in or Fade-out the audio. Once done with everything, you can hit the ‘Export’ button to get the final audio file.

 download the edited audio

Final Words

To learn about splitting audio, nothing is better than this article. We have discussed in detail about MP3 splitter online. Also, we talked about Wondershare Filmora audio splitter, the best option for all Windows and Mac users.

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