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Best Voice Over Generators in 2024

Richard Bennett
Richard Bennett
Originally published Feb 10, 22, updated Feb 29, 24

Accessibility is a significant issue in the era of rapidly growing technology. A text-to-speech software or a voice over generator is the need of the hour. You can also use these apps to listen to text that you don’t have time to read. But these applications are more necessary for people with visual and learning disabilities.

Let’s talk about the best voice over generator apps available in the market.

Voice Over Generator for Windows and Mac

1. Balabolka

Balabolka is a free voice-over generator that you can use specifically with Windows. It supports various file formats like DOC, EPUB, DOCX, PDF, PPT, and RTF. You can use this software to read your texts aloud by copying them onto the app or accessing the document directly from Balabolka.

With Balabolka, you can also customize the pitch and the speed of the voice-over. This software uses Microsoft Speech API. With SAPI 5, you get a wide variety of language preferences like English, Ukrainian, Russian, Georgian, Portuguese, and even some Indic languages like Hindi, Marathi, Punjabi, and Kannada.

Balabolka also allows you to save the documents it narrates as audio files for easy access later. If you have difficulties reading text off a screen, Balabolka is an excellent choice for a free voice over generator online.

2. NaturalReader Software

NaturalReader software is a voice over generator available for Windows and Mac. You can download this software and use it to read your text files, webpages, and even emails. Once you download and install NaturalReader on your desktop, you can read your ebooks or PDFs by uploading them to the app. And if you want it to read websites for you, you can use the floating toolbar option it provides. For people with visual disabilities, this is an excellent choice.

Voice Generator for Windows and Mac NaturalReader

You can download a free version from their website, but it only has limited features. With the various paid versions for Mac and Windows, you can get up to six natural voices in different languages like English, Swedish, Italian, German, and French. In this voice over the generator, you will also convert text narrations to audio files for future use, and upload scanned documents and images for text-to-speech conversion.

3. TTS Sketch Maker

TTS Sketch Maker is one of the best text-to-speech video maker software available in the market. It allows you to create Whiteboard videos and add voice overs that sound like real humans. You will find this software especially helpful if you are a teacher who needs to create explanation videos for kids or make training videos for your employees. This voice over generator is compatible with Windows and Mac.

TTS Sketch Maker supports MP4, MKV, AVI, and WMV video formats. When you purchase this software, you get access to 25 different human voices to help you in your voice over generating needs. You also access tutorial videos, beautiful fonts, and animated images. So, if you are thinking of creating Whiteboard videos for your online class or Zoom meetings with human voice-over, get hold of TTS Sketch Maker.

Free Online Voice Over Generators


Are you looking for a free voice over generator that is also easy to use? Then VoiceGenerator is the right choice. This app allows you to convert your text to audio in quick steps without logging in. You have to type or paste your text on the website, and VoiceGenerator will read it out for you. You can even choose from various voices and languages like English, French, Spanish, and Hindi. 

Voice Generator  Online

The best part about this free voice over generator is downloading the audio you get after conversion. You can change the pitch and speed of the voice you hear. However, the voice you hear will vary according to the browser you use because this voice over generator software uses the voices available in your browser. 

3. Voicebooking

With Voicebooking, you can easily convert your text files to audio files. You can change the speed and the pitch of your voice-over. Additionally, you will get the proper pauses and emphasis wherever you want in the sentences. You can register for free on the Voicebooking website to get a trial without any cost. You can paste your text for the free trial, and the voice over generator will do its work.

Online Voicebooking Voice Generator

To access more software features like the 300 voices in 60 different languages, you will have to purchase Voicebooking. There are three paid options you can choose - Budget, Professional, and Studio.


If you are a YouTube video creator, this app will come in handy. VoiceOverMaker gives you access to some excellent text-to-speech features. Along with changing the pitch and the speed of your voice over, you can also edit videos for which you want to generate voice-overs. You also get access to over 600 natural voices and 30 languages and accents. English, Arabic, Finnish, Catalan, Chinese, Hindi, and Greek are available languages.

Online  Voice Generator

You can also convert the text-to-speech audio into MP3, MP4, or WAV files and download them with this application. You can register for the free voice over generator version of VoiceOverMaker on their website. But this version will allow you to convert only 800 characters. If you want a voice over for more than that, you must purchase the software. There are three different paid versions - Standard, Medium, and Large - you can choose one that suits your needs.

5. Text2VoiceOver

Looking for a free voice over generator online that will help you add voice overs to your videos? Head on to Text2VoiceOver. This software provides you with automatic text-to-speech conversion. It will convert each piece of your text into separate MP3 files for you to use. Need to merge your voice over with your video seamlessly? You can use this app/. The best part about Text2VoiceOver is that you can decide when the text-to-speech conversion begins and when it ends. This software comes with 13 different languages in 15 voices.

Text2VoiceOver has a free and a paid version from which you can choose. The free version will help you create individual audio files for each piece of text you convert. But you need the paid version to create separate voice overs for each file, convert text-to-speech for 20-minute long videos and merge and edit the audio you generate.

6. NaturalReader Online

We have talked about the NaturalReader Software. Now, let’s tell you about NaturalReader Online. This application is slightly different from the software version. Unlike NaturalReader Software, you can use NaturalReader Online as a free voice over generator for your web pages by using it as a Chrome extension. With this app, you can also edit pronunciation and bookmark sections of your text to read later. You also get over 100 natural voices in 16 languages.

 NaturalReader Online Voice Generator

There is one free version of this free voice over generator online, but you can use it to read-only 20 minutes every day. The paid versions of NaturalReader Online are monthly subscription packs and allow you to access a complete range of features.


With VoiceoverMaker, you can convert your text and video files into audio in more than 100 voices and at least 33 languages. The available languages include English, Danish, Korean, Dutch, Icelandic, and Italian. You can also download all the voice-over audio you convert using this application. Another excellent feature of this software is adding pauses and whispers like a natural voice anywhere you want in the text.

This voice over generator allows you to take a free trial, but you will have to register and purchase the software for accessing all the features. They also have unique category-based voices like Animation & Gaming, Kids Stories, and Financial Services. You can go to their website and check them out for free.

8. TTSReader

TTSReader is a user-friendly voice over generator that allows you to listen to your documents free of cost. You do not even need to sign in or register to use this application. You can drop the files on the website or copy and paste them in the field and TTSReader will immediately convert them to audio. It allows you to choose between different natural sounding voices and genders and adjust the speed of the voice over. 

 TTSReader Online Voice Generator

This app is a free voice over a generator that you can also use as a Chrome extension to convert the text on websites to audio. It remembers where you stopped reading and automatically bookmarks it for you. This way, you can resume reading from where you paused when you come back.

TTSReader also has an app to download on your Android and iOS phones. However, if you want to download the audio you converted from your text files, you can only do that on Windows devices.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, you can choose from the many free voice over generators online. Most software applications have free and paid versions, from which you can choose according to your convenience. Whether you are a YouTube content creator needing an explanatory voice-over or a disabled person searching for a user-friendly text-to-speech convertor, these apps will quickly help you achieve your text to audio transformation goals.

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