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How to Add Text to Photos on Windows and Mac (2024)

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Jul 29, 22, updated Mar 27, 24

Hello guys, as we all know, taking photos and uploading them to social media platforms is the most popular trend nowadays. Also, many photo editors are developed nowadays for mobiles and PCs, with which you cannot only add text to photos but also add stickers, frames, and many other things to them.

But if you still have these questions in your mind that "How you can add text to Photos on PC?" What software you should use, and what steps you should follow. Then you are in the right place. We will answer these questions and guide you completely about it here.

In this article
  1. Add text using the photos program
    1. 1.1 Add writing to photos on Mac
    2. 1.2 Add writing to photos on Windows 10/11
  2. 5 Methods to add text on photos online
    1. Wondershare PixStudio
    2. Kapwing
    3. Befunky
    4. Pixlr
    5. Fotor
  3. Best 5 Programs for adding text on photos
    1. Photoshop
    2. PhotoDirector
    3. GIMP
    4. Inkscape
    5. Phoxo

Add text using the photos program

1.1 Add writing to photos on Mac

You guys can add text to your photos using Mac's default photo editor in the Apple Photos app. Following are the steps you should follow to do it:

Step1Open the Apple Photos app on your Mac and select the picture you want to edit in it.

Step2Click the edit button there at the top.

click edit button

Step3Now click the More icon, which is at the top right portion of it (it usually looks like an ellipsis), and then in the dropdown menu, click on the Markup option.

click more icon

Step4Now click on the text button at the top left corner of the screen to add a text box to the image.

click on the text button

Step5You can drag this text box and place it wherever you want it in your image. Also, to choose the font style, size, and color, you can click on the Text Style icon and save your changes.

place text box

1.2 Add writing to photos on Windows 10/11

Suppose you are a Windows 10 or 11 user, then you can add text to your photos using Microsoft Photos like Apple photos on Mac. We have described the steps of it in the following:

Step1Firstly, open the MS Photos app and choose the image you want to edit.

Step2Now click the Edit & Create button at the top right corner and click on the Edit with Paint 3D option.

click edit-create button

Step3Now click on the text button at the top.

click on text button

Step4To make the text box of your choice, you have to click and drag it.

click and drag text box

Step5Now you can write whatever you want to on your photo.

Step6You can change the font color, size, and style with the help of a panel at your right.


Step7To save your edited image, click on the Menu button at the top left corner of your screen.

save edited image

Step8Click any Save or Save as button to save the edited image.

click save button

5 Methods to add text on photos online

1. Wondershare PixStudio


Wondershare PixStudio is one of the best websites to edit your photos online for free. Here you can add text to your photos quickly and use other advanced editing features to enhance your photos professionally. Due to its user-friendly interface and regularly updated features, it has millions of users.

wondershare pixstudio

How to add text on photos with PixStudio?

Now we will discuss how we can add text to photos using PixStudio. So, you should follow the steps described below:

Step1First, you have to open the image on which you want to add text in Pix Studio by clicking on Create a new design (If you have already opened this picture before, you can also select it from existing designs).

create a new design

Step2Now click on the Text Button, which will appear on your sidebar at the left.

click on text button

Step3Now you must select your text style by clicking on heading, sub-heading, and body text, depending on which one you want. You can also choose your text style from the designs already available.

select text style

Step4To edit your text's color, size, style, alignment, bold or italic effects, etc., click on the Text Box.

click on the text box

Step5A menu will appear on your right side from which you can easily change or edit the above text features.

a menu

Step6Also, to change the text size inside the Text Box, drag its corners.

change the text size

Step7Moreover, if you want to change the size of the Text Box, drag its borders from both sides.

change the size of text box
Important Note: Remember that what changes you have done using the right sidebar menu will be applied to the whole text inside the selected text box.
  • Provide you with thousands of ready-to-use templates.
  • Have the updated and numerous filters for your photos
  • JPG and PNG are both formats supported.
  • It makes it easier for you to share your edited pictures on social media platforms.
  • It is one of the few online editing websites which are very fast.
  • Its user-friendly interface makes it easier to use even if you are a beginner.
  • You need to have a premium account to use the more advanced features.

2. Kapwing


Kapwing is another photo editing website where you can professionally edit your photos for free. You can also add text to images using it. It is easy to use also and has approximately 10 million users currently.

  • You can easily add text to photos and edit them even if you are a newbie because it is elementary to use.
  • Provides you with the support of multi-language
  • It enables you to use all the features of a photo editor online, so there is no need to install anything.
  • It supported the JPG, PNG, and GIF formats.
  • After seven days, it automatically deletes your projects (if you are using a free account).
  • You need to pay for the advanced features.
  • There are not many updated filters and effects in it currently.

3. Befunky


If you are still looking for other options to add text to your photos online, then Befunky is one of them. It is also an online website that lets you edit your images nicely. You can also add text to your photos using this. There are 25 million users who are using it now.

  • You can save the edited photos not only from your device but also from your Google Drive, Cloud, and Photos. Also, you can open the images you want to edit in it using these services.
  • It is easy to use for beginners.
  • You can save your projects in cloud storage services and access them easily on any device.
  • There are some bugs in it which cause errors sometimes.
  • You must purchase their premium plans to access more professional features.
  • There are some errors in previewing when you are using certain functions.

4. Pixlr


Pixlr is also an alternative to the above all. It is a cloud-based online photo editor which allows you to edit your photos skillfully. It has a very interactive and easy-to-understand interface. Pixlr is also an excellent choice to add text to your photos easily. It has more than 16 million users on the web.

  • Have a very interactive user interface that is easy to understand also.
  • It is one of the few high-speed photo editing websites.
  • Best for designing ads for Facebook and Instagram.
  • It does not have too many advanced features in the free version. You have to pay for them.
  • The result of the edited photo is not good enough as in Photoshop and other editors.
  • There are some bugs causing errors.

5. Fotor


Fotor is another online photo editing tool that you can use for this purpose. It has a friendly interface and excellent tools that help its users efficiently do basic photo editing. That's why it has a large number of users also.

  • Have a friendly interface which helps the newbies a lot.
  • Have excellent tools for basic photo editing.
  • It provides its users with thousands of ready-to-use and customizable templates.
  • Have Cloud Storage Facility.
  • There is not any update on its features till now.
  • You must subscribe to one of their premium plans to access more features.
  • Have some bugs that cause errors in it.

Best 5 Programs for adding text on photos

1. Photoshop


Adobe Photoshop, or simply Photoshop, is currently the most popular graphic editing software with millions of users. It has the most advanced and updated features than any other photo editor. You can very easily add text to photos using this software.

  • It has the most advanced and updated features for its users.
  • Provide excellent photo grading than any other photo editor.
  • It's the best not only for editing but also for manipulating photos.
  • Its Integrated Stock Library helps you to make your photo design more creative.
  • The interface is not very easy to understand for a beginner.
  • There is not any progress bar for some features in it.
  • To acquire more advanced features, you must purchase its premium version.
  • A few problems sometimes occur due to the bugs in its newly updated versions or beta versions if you are using them.

2. PhotoDirector


PhotoDirector is also photo editing software used to enhance the quality and creativity of the photos. It provides several great features with a simple organizing interface which is best for newbies. You can also add text to images using it. Since it was released, it has had a good number of users.

  • Have a unique and user-friendly interface
  • Provide advanced editing tools like body sharpers and other significant effects.
  • Have vast support of layers
  • Also capable of shooting via tethered.
  • You must buy its paid version to access the most advanced features.
  • Also, there are some of the menus in it which are slow
  • The lens profiles are not too enough, like in other photo editors.
  • Also, it is not too good in chromatic aberration and noise corrections.



If you still do not find any software to add text to your photos, you should also look at GIMP. It is also a good graphics editing program. Moreover, it is free and open source also. You can use it for both the editing and the manipulation of photos. Some people also still use WIMP for making their drawings, although it is not for such a purpose.

  • It has advanced editing tools and features to edit and manipulate images professionally.
  • You can also start making a design in it from scratch.
  • It provides the support of layers to the users with which they can get more control over their photos while editing them.
  • There are many advantages of it being an open source.
  • You can find some difficulty cropping photos in this software, which is a big drawback.
  • The interface of GIMP is not too user-friendly. As a beginner, you must use it for at least two to three weeks to understand its interface.
  • It does not support the Digital Negative Files (DNG) natively.

4. Inkscape


You can use Inkscape for this purpose as it is also fully open source and free software for graphics editing. It is used for editing and creating vector graphics, but you can still use it to add text to your photos. It also has a large number of users.

  • Have updated professional editing tools
  • As it is open-source software, it is the best for most free users.
  • If you are an ink scape user, there is also a fantastic online community from which you can quickly get help and answers to your questions.
  • It is not too good in exporting formats.
  • Its interface is simple but not too much friendly. Therefore, you have to read or watch some tutorials first regarding it to understand its interface completely.
  • The startup screen doesn't have any close, minimize or maximize buttons.

5. Phoxo


Phoxo is another alternative to all the above software. It is also photo editing software with powerful editing features. You can call it mini Photoshop also, but people primarily call it the advanced version of MS Paint. You can add text to your photos easily using it also.

  • Amicable interface for beginners.
  • It uses low system resources like RAM, CPU, etc.
  • It does not have significantly updated editing tools.
  • It is not compatible with any other operating system except Windows.


The last words for today's topic here is that there are numerous solutions available nowadays if you want to add text to your images. Every one of them has pros and drawbacks. The best option would be to select the one of these that best fits your needs, offers you advantages over its drawbacks, and is known in the industry as Wondershare PixStudio. It is the greatest option for adding text to your images simply. Finally, we hope that this post has been helpful to everyone and that you have all enjoyed reading it.

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Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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