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Best AI Photo Editor in 2024

To save the time and energy of people, many AI tools have been introduced, such as AI photo editors. To know more about them, read this article to enhance your pictures instantly.

Max Wales
Max Wales
Originally published Apr 12, 22, updated Feb 29, 24

With the constant technological advancements, the work done by human beings has been made easier and simpler through artificial intelligence. This technology is not only limited to scientific fields but has also been embedded with photo and video editing. Nowadays, professional photographers don’t waste their time manually editing the pictures; instead, they use AI photo editors, for greater efficiency and accuracy. Are you one of them?

Read this piece of writing to get aware of popular AI photo editors for mobile as well as desktop users. By using these advanced photo editors, you can save time and will also get perfect results. Let’s get started!

Part 1: Best Desktop AI Photo Editor in 2024 That You Can’t Miss

In this part, get ready to learn about the best desktop AI photo editors that can make your photos compelling and delightful without requiring additional effort. Are you ready?

1. Movavi Picverse (Windows / Mac)

This AI photo editor is known for instant image enhancements and high-quality output results. The most used key feature of this tool is "AI Auto Enhance," which can automatically control the saturation, contrast, brightness, and hue of your picture. This feature detects the flaws and shortcomings of the image with artificial intelligence and eradicates them with new adjustments. Isn’t it great?

Another exceptional AI feature of this photo editor is "AI Restoration of Old Photos," which works like magic in bringing the original quality of the photos. Just add your old photo and eradicate the noise, scratches, blemishes, and crease lines from the image instantly. Looks promising!

movavi picverse ai editor

2. Luminar AI (Windows / Mac)

Are you ready for another one? Luminar AI is another excellent AI platform for desktop users to beautify their images quickly and precisely. When you make edits to your face on other photo editors, they may leave an unnatural impression, but this tool works effortlessly due to its artificial intelligence. The AI face feature enables you to increase the brightness of your face, and you can also slim down your face in a selfie portrait.

Furthermore, you can enhance the texture of your skin through skin AI where you can instantly add a natural glow and shine to your face. Other amazing AI features are teeth whitening, lips redness, and saturation for generating precise results. Make sure to try it!

luminar ai interfacec

3. Leawo PhotoIns (Windows / Mac)

This amazing AI photo editor allows the users and community to remove unwanted objects from their pictures without making the extra effort. Through this tool, you can remove the unwanted and dull background from the pictures through AI technology and make them transparent. Moreover, it gives the option to either remove the backgrounds from the image individually or through batch processing. Thus, it works as a complete tool to save your time and energy while generating an exceptional output. This is truly great!

With its AI power and algorithm, you can also execute other editing retouches such as white balance, removing blemishes, and cropping images. Sounds perfect!

leawo photoins features

4. Gigapixel AI (Windows / Mac)

Do you want to increase the resolution of your pictures quickly? This AI photo editor is designed in a way to produce high-resolution images to make them alluring and professional. If you have captured an image in low quality and have a problem with the pixels, you can fix up missing pixels in a natural way through its AI image upscale. So, make your low-quality images look surreal with its AI-advanced technology. Do you get it?

You can also make natural enlargements to the images by paying attention to each detail. Hence, increase the resolution of your photos by enhancing their creative element and originality. It is undoubtedly good!

gigapixel ai photo editor

5. ImagenAI (Windows / Mac)

This tool is also a reliable option for desktop AI photo editors. The user interface of this platform is extremely simple and well-explained and contains separate categories for each genre of photography. Just by clicking on the genre of photography, it brings relative elements such as temperature, clarity, shadows, and highlights. Sounds promising!

After conducting AI-powered editing, you can save your distinct editing style within its interface so that you can apply it to other pictures quickly. Thus, it keeps your workflow fast, secure, and private with its artificial intelligence. Make sure you get a piece of it!

imagenai editor interface

Part 2: Best Mobile AI Photo Editor in 2024 That You Can’t Miss

If you are not a regular desktop user, read this part carefully to learn about the best AI photo editors designed for mobile phones. After installing any of the following photo editors, you can easily edit your images without wasting your time. Let’s proceed!

1. Logopit AI Photo Editor (Android)

This AI photo editor is carefully designed for smartphone users and comprises tons of cool and trending effects. The AI-powered photo enhancer automatically displays relevant suggestions and elements that you can apply and control according to your choice. Through the double exposure feature, you can create your own unique style with minimum effort and time. This makes it a perfect choice!

You can replace any tedious image with a vibrant one through a single tap with its smart algorithm. Also, you can replace the sky in your photos and add new ones through its given options. Isn’t it great?

logopit ai photo editor

2. Pixelup – AI Photo Enhancer (Android / iOS)

Pixelup has introduced itself as a powerful AI photo editor with peculiar features like replacing and adding colors to the old photos. If you have an old family photo that has been captured in a black and white perspective, you can easily add color to the picture with just a single tap. Moreover, through its AI tool, you can bring animation to your boring photographs and can make them lively within no time. It makes it a good choice!

Hence, this tool works amazingly in bringing old photos to life by adding colors, animation, and fixing the damaged lines and pixels. This is great!

pixelup ai photo enhancer

3. Remini – AI Photo Enhancer (Android / iOS)

Remini AI photo editor works proficiently by giving natural retouching to the faces in selfies, portraits, and group pictures. You can transform a non-professional picture into a fancy one by converting the image into HD quality. The enhancement in the quality of the image is supported by AI technology that makes natural replacements with a few swipes. This looks promising!

If the picture is blurry, scratched, or has a dim light, you can quickly fix it through this AI tool. Moreover, you can auto-fix an image that will automatically add suitable focus and light to your picture. This app is also available in multiple languages, which makes it worthwhile across the globe. Make sure to try it!

remini ai photo enhancer

4. Prisma Art Effect (Android / iOS)

This AI platform includes more than 500 aesthetic filters that are diverse and in high-quality to automatically enhance your image. This platform releases creative filters every day to constantly bring innovation and improvements to the users. After adding your favorite filter, you can fine-tune your face by managing the sharpness, exposure, and contrast to bring extraordinary results. Isn’t it good?

Also, you can turn a single photo into different types by adding exciting color schemes. The user-friendly experience is enhanced by AI technology that will allow the users to enjoy the editing process. A perfect choice, isn’t it?

pisma art effect app

5. PhotoAI (iOS)

PhotoAI also works greatly by providing desired results to the users in a shorter amount of time. You can resize and enlarge the amount without damaging the original quality of your picture and can add extra filters for captivating outputs. If you have anime pictures, you can convert them into 4K resolution and can use them on bigger platforms. This is great!

Moreover, its smart technology can instantly build dramatic HDR effects on the photos. This complete AI toolbox can also create cartoonish effects on your selfies. Are you excited to use it?

photoai ios photo editor


AI-powered tools have increasingly made human tasks comfortable and a lot easier. Manual photo editing not only takes time, but there is always room for improvement left with it. That's why AI photo editors are highly recommended to save time by auto-editing and enhancing. To know about such photo editors, read this article with full attention. You would surely benefit a lot!

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