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How to Edit Text in Image? [Photo Text Editor Online and App]

Are you looking forward to understanding the right method of adding text to photos? Get an understanding of the methods mentioned in this article that explain how to write text on photos quickly and perfectly.

Max Wales
Max Wales
Originally published Apr 06, 22, updated Jun 12, 24

Typography in images impacts the viewers by explaining details and information in a systematic manner. When people add text to their images, it immediately engages the audience through psychological connection. Professionals make sure to use appropriate fonts and colors while adding typography.

If you also want to add text to images, this article will mention two reliable photo text editors for both online and smartphone users. Also, we will provide the complete steps to use these editors quickly.

Part 1: How to Edit Text on Photo Online?

Do you want to add and edit text on picture online? Use Wondershare PixStudio as an incredible photo text editor app to conveniently add text to your images. Individuals can design their images, YouTube thumbnails, and graphics by adding stylish and vibrant text to them. The user interface of PixStudio photo text editor online is simple and quick to use, and non-professionals can begin anytime to design their images.

You can use their templates that are available for separate categories such as invitations, posters, and social media posts. Afterward, you can select the font, color, style, and size of the text through the options and can easily make your image captivating. The elements on their pre-established templates are extremely eye-catchy and can give your image an artistic look with no effort.

Once done with making all the alterations, you can download the customized text image within seconds. To add text to images through Wondershare PixStudio, the steps are:

Step 1: Select the Design

Navigate to the Wondershare PixStudio website and tap on “Start Design” after creating your account. From here, click on the “Create a Design” button to select a design template size such as a YouTube thumbnail, event poster, ticket, and Instagram post. To design an Instagram post, tap on its design template size.

select canvas size

Step 2: Explore the Templates

The pre-designed templates of the Instagram post will be displayed on your screen. There will be tons of options, so pick and choose your preferred style carefully by clicking on it. Click on the template and adjust and position the elements of the template manually.

 choose your insta template

Step 3: Upload your Image (Optional)

You can also upload the photo on which you want to add the text to design it. Access the “Upload” tab from the left sidebar and click on “Upload an image,” and then add the image to the canvas.

upload your own image

Step 4: Add or Adjust the Text

Now, open the “Text” tab and select the desired font style and size from it. You can change the size, opacity, color, position, and font of the added text. You can edit the pre-added text of the templates as well.

add and customize text

Step 5: Export the Edited Image

Once done with all the photo designing, click on "Download" and select the format to save the image on your device. The downloading process won't take much time

download the edited image

Part 2: How to Edit Text on Photo on iPhone and Android Phone?

Do you want to make quick edits through the photo text editor app on your mobile phone? People need photo text editors specially designed for their smartphones to create and design attractive posts instantly. In this part, we will recommend a game-changer text editor that you can easily install on your mobile devices and can execute designing without any professional assistance.

This photo text editor has more than 400 style fonts, and also you have options to install other fonts as well. You don't need to worry about ads and bugs as this app is constantly trying to improve itself. The important features of this tool include letter spacing, line spacing, text stroke color, and text background colors. Through their manual controls, you can precisely add text to their images with a few clicks.

Go and try Phonto text editor to design your images and posts on your phones easily. This editor app is highly compatible with iOS and Android users and has a quick responsive interface. To write text on photo through the Phonto editor, read the following instructions:

Step 1: Load the New Image

Begin with downloading the app on your phone and then tap on the "Camera" icon to upload the image from the phone or click a new picture. Select the image from the gallery, and it will be automatically uploaded to the tool.

tap on camera icon

Step 2: Click to Add Text

Click on anywhere on the photo to add the text to the photo. Type the text you want to enter on the pop-up menu and adjust it by selecting its position and font. Tap on "Done," and then from the given options, tilt and move the text box according to your preference.

 write your text for image

Step 3: Save the Text Image

After making all the changes, tap on the “Share” icon to save the image on your phone or share it on social media with your friends and family.

tap share icon

Part 3: Basic Tips to Edit Text on Photo with Ease

There are multiple tips that can be employed for a clear display of text across a photo. Being a photo text editor, you need to be careful about every element that is across the photo. Thus, to make your photos look perfect with the added text, you should be aware of the few tips that are featured below:

1. Understanding the Perspective

Adding text as a perspective is believed to be an inclusive way of providing viewers with the idea of the image and helping them understand it to the fullest. If you are looking forward to writing a text on photos,you can give your text a little angle and appearance according to the image shoot for a good illusion.

understand image perspective

2. Blending in with the Photo’s Properties

It is essential for you to figure out the right contrast of text that matches or immerses perfectly with the photo. This helps you ensure that the text of your photo stands out to the viewers with no affective disturbances. Not only will it look good, but it also won't tamper with the quality of the photo that it holds across.

 blend text with image properties

3. Look for Negative Space

When you consider adding text across a photo, it is highly advised that you should always go for an option that contains a general space for covering. Often referred to as negative space, utilizing that space for the text may be the perfect way that you can consider writing a text on photos. This puts no effect on the photo and helps the user display the whole idea with prominence.

add text in negative space

4. Framing the Text

If you go for prominence, you should always use elements that are meant for bringing prominence. Text that is to be highlighted with purity across a photo should be framed rather than any other tactful technique. This helps you create a clear focal point while sustaining the quality of the image. Following this, it also keeps a good view across the photo as a subjective associate picture.

frame the text

5. Control your Sizes and Styles

Make sure that you always select a font size or style that is relevant to the photo. The use of inappropriate sizes and styles in photos takes away the essence of the picture. A balance across these traits is essential for the user to bring. Capture the viewers' attention without compromising the quality of the photo itself.

select accurate font size and style

The Bottom Line

The best illustration of images is not possible without adding typography to them. People add text to the images to share social media posts or create poster events. Read this article to get a clear picture of how to write text on photos through powerful photo text editors.

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