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A Complete Overview of Polarr Photo Editor

Online photo editors are great to start your photo editing career. This article introduces you to Polarr Photo Editor, an excellent option for online editors.

Max Wales
Max Wales
Originally published Apr 12, 22, updated Jul 12, 24

Online photo editors are pretty convenient for users looking for simple tools to edit their images. There are many online photo editors available in the market; however, their use depends on the qualities and features offered to them. Polarr Photo Editor is a significant example of a good online photo editor known for providing unique features.

This article shall take up the discussion of Polarr and figure out what makes it unique. Read this article to know more about this online photo editor. Let’s get started.

Part 1: Key Features of Polarr Photo Editor

Talking online photos, editors provide beginners the perfect option of making a significant change in their careers and skills. Polarr provides essential features which help users take an ideal photo editing system for themselves. The following discusses some key features of this online tool.

1. Adjustments Within Photos

The control offered across Polarr in terms of the color and tone adjustments is commendable. Being referred to as Lightroom-style details and controls, this online editor makes a proficient entry across the existing market. It offers a white balance control, which does not come with an auto-slide control tool. However, managing the color and tone across Polarr is quite effective and unique.

Users can also mainly make proper tone adjustments with the help of shadows, highlights, white balancing, and black sliders. This helps users make prolific changes across their photos.

adjustment tab of polarr editor

2. Face Correction

Unlike other online photo editors, Polarr editor does not offer simple editing tools to its users. It is much more about advanced management of the features of the photo that is to be edited. Such is the case with face correction, which can be achieved with the help of the "Retouch" tool. The editing, however, is quite simple and effective to perform.

Although we might not refer to this tool to be equivalent to the existing desktop tools with similar features, Polarr indeed returns a good result after retouching the photo that contains faces. You won't be disappointed with it.

face correction feature

3. Effects and Overlays

A vital feature that is responsible for the success of any photo editor is the availability of good and effective overlays. Users who utilize Polarr online for this purpose shall be returned with proper overlays to work with. You can select any of the appropriate effects that you find necessary to make your photo perfect. It will help you make your image look essentially different from the rest.

If you are looking forward to making quick edits to your photo with effects, you can consider using Polarr for this purpose.

overlays of polarr editor

4. Sharpen Your Photos

This tool has not made a great stand among most online photo editors. Where many have failed to provide the market with the right set of tools for sharpening photos, Polarr online has excelled in this field. The clarity provided through the sliders is commendable and is appreciated by most users. The basic sharpening that can be practiced across the user's photo with no radius control provides the zest that is sought by most users.

Users who are bound to work with online photo editors can surely consider this platform for sharpening their photos.

 sharpen your image

Part 2: How to Use Polarr Photo Editor

As you are made aware of the necessary features that make Polarr editor the best option in the market, you need to proceed with the steps. Once you have understood how to work across the tool, you will be able to make proper use of it for editing photos. Let’s proceed to see the steps!

Step 1: Import The Photo

You need to open the official website of Polarr Photo Editor on your browser. From there, you need to select the option of "Open Photos" to import a photo from your computer. Make sure that you get the right photo added to the platform.

import your image file

Step 2: Perform Basic Touches

Once you have added the image, you will find different editing tools on the left-hand side of the interface. If you are looking to make changes across the image using filters, you will find the appropriate tool with a good amount of filters across it. Along with that, you can also add “Text & Shapes,” perform face correction with “Retouch,” crop the photo, or add effects with “Overlays.”

image filter applied

Step 3: Manage the Color and Tones

On the right-hand side of the interface, you will find the options of "Adjustments" and "Selective Adjustments" for changing the tone and color of the photo that is being edited. For better usability of the tool, you can also make appropriate use of the "Editing History" and "Undo" tools to make your work better.

adjust your image colors

Step 4: Set the Image Properties

As you have performed all necessary edits on your photo, you need to select the "Save Photo" button on the top-right corner of the screen. A new window opens up, which contains several options. Across the "Image" panel, you can select the right format, set the quality and name, and resize the picture according to your requirements.

customize image settings

Step 5: Add Watermark

The tool also allows you to set watermarks across the photo. In the "Watermark" panel, you will find the option "Use Watermark" and "Edit Watermark" for making necessary changes across the photo.

add your watermark

Step 6: Set Metadata and Save

In the "Metadata" column, you will find the option of adding metadata across your image. You can also set the toggles for preserving location data and Exif if required. Once done, click on "Save Copy" to execute the process.

add metadata and save image

Part 3: 3 Best Alternatives for Polarr Photo Editor

While you consider using Polarr for editing photos, you can also make use of different alternatives for editing photos across online platforms. This article has introduced you to three unique tools for this purpose. Let's continue!

1. Wondershare PixStudio

If you are looking to make a significant change in the design of your photo, you can indeed look forward to using PixStudio. This editing platform provides you with the best library of templates to make unique designs in no time. While saving the time of the user, it gives an option of customizing everything across an image which includes the text and different elements.

Along with that, you can also remove the background of your image and replace it with a better option. While combining vector graphics across online photo editing, it makes a good Polarr photo editor alternative in the market.

pixstudio photo editor

2. Canva

This online photo editing platform is recognized for its exclusivity in photo enhancement. As the user can utilize the variety of designs available across the platform, Canva provides a unique set of an interface to make perfect photo edits. Users can add different elements from the necessary sections and use all kinds of text designs and styles that are available across the tool.

The only drawback is the necessity of buying a package across Canva for specific designs, effects, elements, and templates. It still makes a good stand as a proper Polarr editor alternative.

 canva online photo editor

3. BeFunky

BeFunky is an all-in-one photo editor that is known for its variety of editing tools. It has made photo designing and editing easier for users throughout the world. Not only does it unlock creativity, but the tool also helps users make edits as simple as cropping, batch editing, and retouching.

Along with that, it allows users to add artsy filters across the photo. The variety of features across this photo editor makes it a good alternative to Polarr.

befunky image editor online

Closing Words

Polarr Photo Editor is a great option in online photo editing. The extensive set of features offered across the tool makes it quite suitable for beginners. Users who wish to start their journey in photo editing should make proper use of this tool. You can also find Polarr app download options across the platform for better usability. Make sure to download Polarr if you want better accessibility to the tool. Get started right away!

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