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How to Zoom in on Kinemaster

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Jul 28, 22, updated Mar 27, 24

You can get several tools and effects used while using the Kinemaster application. Additionally, it is exceptionally light for usage. You can get the Kinemaster application for free and use as features you want from Kinemaster. You can even enjoy the video effects. We discuss zooming in and out on video using a Kinemaster, and let's see the steps of doing that.

Part 1. How to zoom in on videos on Kinemaster

The built-in feature of Kinemaster enables users to zoom in and out of films and photos. The pen zoom tool, commonly known as a video expanding effect, can be used without downloading additional transitions. With the help of a video editor, ordinary footage can be elevated when used on a Chromebook, tablet, or phone.

As you know, Kinemaster is a robust video editor with many premium features, making it the top video editor for mobile devices. There isn't a zoom-in and zoom-out effect in Kinemaster, but there is an approach that we will learn in this article. Let’s see how to zoom in Video on Kinemaster:

Steps to put Kinemaster to use

  • Open Kinemaster, and then select the aspect ratio of editing.
  • Insert the image or video and then tap on the media icon.
  • Once you have entered the image or video, tap the pan icon and zoom in. When you tap on this option, you must choose the end and starting positions.
  • You can select the initial point and then set your final position.
  • You must use two fingers to adjust the position to enlarge the video or photo.
  • It would help if you remembered that you should not activate that equal sign. If you start it, zoom in/out will not work on your video.

That is how you can make a zoom effect on video by using Kinemaster. You can try it out on your own by clicking on the editing video you have above. Make sure you don't go wrong in the abovementioned steps and make your zoom-in or out victorious.

Part 2. Kinemasters Alternative to Zooming Videos

1. Quik

GoPro’s Quik is an excellent app for taking photos and editing videos. It offers a wealth of functionality comparable to those found in desktop video and photo editors, and it is moderately quick and slick-looking software. It works well whether you focus on photographs, videos, or both and gets along nicely with other apps. There are a tonne of features on the list. Let's start from the beginning: you can modify and save videos in 1080p and 720p, which is more than a review like this can cover.

To ensure that you would record every moment, you can cut out unnecessary recorded video segments. You can splice videos together if there is enough material for one fantastic video, and text overlays are another option. When adding text to a photo or video, you may choose from a vast selection of styles, including filters and fonts, to make it seem its best.

2. Vieka

Vieka app is a video make and video editor application. With its video editing featured, you can easily edit the movies/videos by using the videos or photos. Users can add their favorite transitions, music effects, filters, and text. You can even create awesome videos in no time. It will offer stylish templates, including filters with music beats, effects, and cool transitions. You can upload the photo, and it will edit and create videos.

This app will allow you to upload videos and photos and help create attractive videos using background music. Users can even convert their video and photo clips into blog videos with several transition effects. You can add the text to your video and express the feeling much better with Vieka. You can merge your videos with transition effects and create a photo slideshow with BGM effects. This app will even help you to zoom in and out on videos.

Part 3. Related FAQs

Where Is Pan And Zoom On Kinemaster?

Pan and zoom effect is the default effect on Kinemaster that gets automatically applied to every video and image, adding you to the Kinemaster’s editing timeline. You can find Pan and Zoom effects on the right side of the screen.

How Do You Pan And Zoom A Layer In Kinemaster?

Pan and zoom tool can be used only in the media of the primary timeline. You import the videos and images in Kinemaster by using the media option on top of the media wheel. To select the pan and zoom tool, tap on an image or video clip in the Primary timeline.

You can tap on the pan and zoom option in the panel on the right side. When activated, the pan and zoom tool will display a picture of the media on the right.

Now you can see how to zoom in/out videos on Kinemaster. You can practice it on your own to get a precise idea of how to zoom in and out. You can use Kinemaster for several video editing options and contact good video editors other than Kinemaster, such as Quik, and Vieka. These are the alternative options to use for video editing apart from Kinemaster.

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Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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