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Use Auto Reframe

We will show you how to use the Auto Reframe option in Filmora and manually adjust the video as you desire.

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Note: This video tutorial is compatible with Filmora V11, V12 and V13 versions.

Powered by AI technology, Auto Reframe automatically detects the focal point of your video and crops it, always keeping in frame. This way the main action or object of your video never goes out of sight.

You can opt to manually change the focal point of your video or choose an aspect ratio that fits your preference, depending on the social platform you wish to upload the video to.

Use Auto Reframe in Filmora

We will show you how to use the Auto Reframe option in Filmora and manually adjust the video as you desire.

1. Open Filmora and select Auto Reframe

There are 3 ways to open the Auto Reframe feature in Filmora. You can choose to access it any way you prefer.

1. Once you open Filmora, the main interface will show the Auto Reframe option on the right side. Click to directly open the reframing feature.

2. Import your media by clicking on File > Import MediaFiles and select the file. After your video is imported, right-click on it to select the Auto Reframe.

3. Another option is to click on Toolson the top menu bar and click on Auto Reframe.

auto reframe Open Auto Reframe
2.Open the Auto Reframe feature and adjust the Aspect Ratio and Motion Speed

Once you have selected the Auto Reframe option, a separate dialogue box will open. If you haven’t imported your media, click on Import Media and select a single video to import. You can change the imported video by clicking on Replace File at the top.

There are multiple aspect ratio templates available such as square (1:1), vertical (9:16), standard (4:3), widescreen (16:9), and cinema (21:9). Choose the aspect ratio depending on your preference and the platform you will upload the video to.

There are multiple options to adjust the speed of your video: keep it at Auto or make it Fast or Slow.

auto reframe Adjust Auto Reframe
3. Analyze and Auto Reframe the video

Once you adjust the settings, tap on the Analysis option. Filmora will take a few seconds to complete the analysis of your video.

Then the video will be instantly and automatically reframed to your specified aspect ratio and speed. You can change or try out different aspect ratios and speed options by clicking the Restart button.

4. Preview the reframed video and check

After adjusting the settings and reframing, you can view the preview of your final video. In case the video needs more work, you can also play and pause it at the point you want to adjust the frame and move the framing box to the position you desire. Do the same for the whole video just by dragging the frame window with your mouse. You can use tools such as UndoRedoNext Edit Point, and Previous Edit Point at the bottom menu.

5. Export the reframed video to MP4

Finally, when you are satisfied with the reframed video, you can click on the Export tab, name your file and select the destination folder. Currently, only MP4 files are supported.

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