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Now I've got my footage available, let's add it to the timeline. We can go back home. The lady is running, and let's assume we want to maybe track some text onto her. Maybe to identify her, her name, and so on. It is super easy. Let’s pause it and go back home again.


To use the motion tracking feature, all you need to do is click on this plus icon right here, or you can also use the controls or the button or the keys, ALT, and X. Once you do that, click on this. What this does is that it gives you a new box right inside here, and you can now see the “Motion Tracking” option here, and it’s under the AI tools and the video.


So what can we do? We're going to begin by defining our box or what we want the motion tracking to be applied to, and let's say this is what we want it to be. The lady who is running, we can actually make that particular selection. Once you do that, you'll need to click “Click to Start Motion Track.”


Once you do this, it will analyze the motion track, and you can see that it's following a lady running. Really really awesome. So we’ve already added our first option or the first step that we need to do. You’ll notice that now we have some new track settings here, and you can hide the box or show the box.


You can change the keyframes, and that is if you want, there was a mistake. You can move them around, and so on. Next up, we now have the option to link an element. You can click on this drop-down. Import from your computer, add a mosaic, whatever you want. But let’s do this.


Let’s click "OK," and then we go back and add some text. Let's say we want to maybe add her name, and the name follows along as she runs. So let’s say. We add some “Quick 3D Text”, and once we do that, double click on the text, and we can actually just call it, let’s call her “Pam," and then we can resize this.


Let’s resize it to something like that and then place it somewhere, right there on her head, and then we can adjust this to the end. Now, we already have that. What we need to do now is go back to the motion tracking again, and once we’re in the motion tracking option.


You can now click on “Link Element,” and you’ll see the “3D Default Text.” If you click on it, what happens is that the box disappears, and then when you look at your 3D text track. You'll see a new linking icon, this one right here. That means that we have linked the motion track to this particular text.


If we play this video now. Our text comes in, and then you can see that it is tracked to the lady that is now. What we'll notice is that the text is a little bit far. What we can do is we can actually bring it to the level where we want it to be.


We can actually go “Home” and “Play,” and then the text is going to be somewhere just right about where you want it to be. Super simple and super easy, and the text follows along as she runs. Simply put, that is how you can use motion tracking in Filmora 12. Super easy.

How to Use Motion Tracking in Filmora 12


What you need to prepare:

  • A computer (Windows or macOS)
  • Your video materials.
  • Filmora video editor
Step 1

Launch Filmora and Import Video

Download and install Wondershare Filmora 12 on your computer. After starting Filmora, you must import your video. You can do this by clicking the “Media” bar at the top-left side of your screen, after which you’ll press the “Import Media” button.

import the video file
Step 2

Click Motion Tracking

Since you want to utilize the motion tracking functionality for your video, you should click the “[+]” icon or use the shortcut key of “ALT+X” that indicates the motion tracking feature on the panel. You’ll see a box appearing on your video, which can be adjusted according to the required dimensions of the object in the video.

select the motion tracking feature
Step 3

Start Motion Tracking

As you’ve already opened the motion tracking bar, now you're required to press the "Click to Start Motion Track" button. You can also navigate to this option by selecting the “AI Tools” tab in the “Video” section. Hence, it begins the motion-tracking analysis of the video concerning the chosen box size.

start the motion tracking feature
Step 4

Use the Link Element Feature

Now you've to link elements to your video with the "Link Element" option. A drop-down menu will appear where you'll have to select "Add a mosaic" and choose your desired element. If you want to use your element, click "Import from computer."

choose the link element option
Step 5

Add the 3D Text

Moving text to the object in the video would look great in motion tracking. Therefore, you're required to click the "T" icon from where you'll press the "Quick 3D Text" option. Once this is done, double-click on the default text line on the project timeline. Subsequently, you can write any text you want and style and design it as required. Moreover, you can adjust the text on the provided motion tracking box in the video.

add the 3d text in video
Step 6

Adjust the Text Line in the Timeline

After you've added the text to your video, a text line is added to the project timeline. Now, you've to adjust the duration of the text line, similar to the duration of the video.

adjust the text time
Step 7

Disappear Box

Ensure that the box disappears and isn't visible in the final video. Visit the motion tracking feature again, access the "Link Element" drop-down menu, and select "3D Default Text." Conclusively, the box will be gone.

choose the 3d default text option
Step 8

Render Project Preview and Save Video

Your motion-tracking video has been created. You can watch it in a smooth playback by rendering the project preview. If the video is fine and according to your requirements, you can now download it to the desired location of your device. This can be done by pressing the "Export" button on your screen.

play the created video

Motion tracking is a very powerful and popular method of editing various videos, from personal to business purposes. However, not many people know its complete editing process and, thus, have to waste time and money looking for video editors. This tutorial defines the art of using Wondershare Filmora 12 for motion tracking in simple and easy steps.

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