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A Guide to Adding Audio in Wondershare Filmora

Do you want to know how to add captivating audio in simple videos? Nothing to be concerned about because this article will help you in this matter.
Caroline Laurent
Caroline Laurent Originally published Jul 13, 23, updated Mar 27, 24

Audios are the most important part of videos in today’s world. Even if your video quality is not cinematic, audio lets you engage multiple users, even on low-quality video. To ensure the maximum number of customers on your videos, you need to add optimized quality audio to them. And it’s okay if you don’t know how to add audio to videos because you are about to.

Wondershare Filmora will let you accomplish your task in a matter of seconds. Along with providing details on adding and adjusting audio, we will also introduce the premium quality features of Filmora to present it as a powerful tool. By the end of this discussion, you will get familiar with the procedure of how to adjust TikTok audio through this video editing tool.

In this article
  1. Part 1: Discussing The Audio Features of Wondershare Filmora in Detail
  2. Part 2: How to Add and Detach Audio in Wondershare Filmora?
  3. Part 3: How to Adjust the Parameters of Audios in Filmora?

Part 1: Discussing The Audio Features of Wondershare Filmora in Detail

The key features of Wondershare Filmora are itself a full fledge example of innovation and modernization. You can maximize the productivity of your videos by adding soothing and studio-quality audio. Not only does it serve as a good audio adjustor, but it also makes processing easier.

Filmora is not only used for adding audio to videos, but also for modifications of audio. The AI audio-related key features of Wondershare Filmora through which you can boost your audio quality and overall video quality are presented here:

1. Audio Ducking

Integrating two soundtracks into the videos means you have to dominate one of them. With the Audio Ducking feature of Filmora, you can lower the sound of one of the two tracks presented in the videos. This is very helpful when working on YouTube videos, podcasts, and Vlogs. This tool also automatically detects soundtracks, so you don’t have to face hassles.

2. Text-to-Speech (TTS)

In this busy world, everyone looks for reliable shortcuts and ways to accomplish their task in a limited time. Filmora offers you the ability to convert text files into realistic and outclass voiceovers. You can also write lengthy blogs, share them with the site and make voiceover videos with state of art accuracy

3. Silence Detection

Do you wish to detect the silent moments in the videos and remove them without impacting the video quality? No need to worry because the Silence Detection feature of Filmora will assist you with this problem. You can also customize the Volume Threshold, Minimum Duration, and Softening Butter. Moreover, you can remove the silenced parts with a few taps.

4. Audio Visualizer

The Audio Visualizer of Filmora can add new life to your lifeless videos and match them with your videos. In addition to this, it can also add dynamic effects to videos. Not only simple, but you also have the option to add podcasts and cinematic music videos. Filmora comprises more than 25 visualizer effects for the ease of the users.

5. Audio Synchronization

Matching audio with the length of the videos without any complication is like a dream to some users. However, it can be true if you are utilizing assistive tools such as Filmora. It supports the feature of Auto Sync, through which you can synchronize the audio with video irrespective of length and format. You can also select royalty-free music from Filmora, add it to the video and sync it automatically.

6. AI Audio Stretch

To fit the duration of your audio with audio, you can retime the audio in real-time with Filmora. This feature encompasses AI powers, so you don't have to adjust everything manually. There is no need to add fading effects or cut unnecessary parts. Along with this, you can also preview the music track to match it with the length of the videos.

7. AI Audio Denoise

Background noises in videos cause a distraction for the users and impact the engagement of users in a bad way. From removing electrical noises to the removal of pet noises, this tool can help you with everything. As it supports a wide array of audio file formats, you will not face restrictions in this part.

8. Speech-to-Text (STT)

Transcribing long videos without errors and mistakes is one of the specialties in Filmora. It also integrates several plug-ins through which you can optimize the speech-to-text in a limited time. One of the best things is it can also work on SRT files.

Part 2: How to Add and Detach Audio in Wondershare Filmora?

Integrating audio in the video somehow depends upon the user's preferences. Yet, a reliable video editor will let you add or detach the audio from videos without any issue. The best tool through which you can accomplish this task is Wondershare Filmora. You can also discover the procedure of addition and detaching videos in the below-given information:

How to Add Audio to Video with Wondershare Filmora?

As stated above, Filmora is an industry-standard tool that offers a straightforward procedure for modifying multimedia content. The procedure for adding audio in videos with Wondershare Filmora free audio editor is listed here:

Add Audio to Video
Add Audio to Video
Step 1Import Video and Select Audio

Initially, import the video in Filmora and drag it to "Timeline." Next, go to the "Audio" section and select the audio of your choice. You can also click the "Learn More" icon to get more information about the audio. You can also import the customized audio from your device.

select audio to add
Step 2Add Audio to Video

Following this, drag your selected audio in the video in "Timeline" and "Double Click" on the audio. Next, manage the "Volume," "Sound Balance," "Pitch," "Audio Ducking," and other parameters of audio from the right panel. After this, click the "Export" button, change settings, and again hit the "Export" button to save the video on the device.

Add Audio to Video

How to Detach Audio From Video with Wondershare Filmora

The procedure of audio detaching is also very smooth. Feel free to follow the steps instructed here to accomplish this task:

Detach Audio From Video
Detach Audio From Video
Step 1Drag Video to Timeline

To get started, launch Filmora and import the video by clicking on the "Click here to import media" button. To continue, drag the imported video to the "Timeline."

add video to timeline
Step 2Detach Audio from Video

Once done, right-click on the video in the timeline and locate the "Detach Audio" button. Following this, hit "Detach Audio" to separate the audio from the video and continue to save it on the device.

detach audio in filmora

Part 3: How to Adjust the Parameters of Audios in Filmora?

Every person wishes to customize the audio in the video so they can share their creativity with the world without any complications. To adjust the audio parameters, you need to use a reliable tool that offers versatile audio editing features.

Adjust Audio Now
Adjust Audio Now

Luckily, Wondershare Filmora can help you a lot in modifying and customizing the audio parameters. To change the audio parameters in this audio adjuster, follow the instructions listed here:

Step 1Access Filmora and Import Video

To change the audio parameters, access Wondershare Filmora on your device and click "New Project." Following this, hit the "Click here to import media" button to import a video and drag it to the "Timeline."

add video to timeline
Step 2 Change Audio Parameters in the Video

Once the video is in the timeline, double-click on the audio in the timeline. After this, the audio parameter window will be opened in the right section. From here, you can change "Sound Balance," "Fade In," and "Fade Out" in a customized way. Moreover, you can also toggle the “Auto-Normalization” option and optimize “Volume.”

change audio parameters
Step 3Saving the Adjusted Video to the Device

Saving the Adjusted Video to the Device

export final edited video


In a nutshell, this discussion has guided you about the addition and adjustment of Wondershare Filmora. With Filmora, you can optimize the quality of audio in videos in no time. Moreover, it also integrates several useful features such as Audio Ducking, AI Audio Denoise, Audio Visualizer, and more.

You can discover more information about its features from the above-given discussion. This article also discusses the steps to add and detach audio from video. In addition to this, you can also adjust multiple audio parameters with Filmora’s explicit toolkit.

Caroline Laurent
Caroline Laurent Mar 27, 24
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