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Using the Best Templates to Create Slow Motion Videos on CapCut

Caroline Laurent
Caroline Laurent Originally published Jan 08, 24, updated Apr 19, 24

Editing from scratch is a time-consuming process, especially when you're a beginner. Even skilled editors opt for different ways to maintain productivity. One of the means to save time is the use of templates for creating or editing videos. Slow-motion videos require the manipulation of speed or framerate to produce results. Slow-motion CapCut templates prove to be a valuable source.

In this article, readers will learn about slow-mo CapCut templates for crafting slow-motion videos. For those unfamiliar with CapCut, a brief overview of its functions will be provided. In addition, we'll introduce some remarkable slow-mo CapCut templates. Moreover, you can learn about an extraordinary alternative for fashioning amazing slow-motion videos.

In this article
  1. Part 1. CapCut Video Editor for Smartphone: Reading Out the Detailed Review
  2. Part 2. Some Top-Rated CapCut Templates to Try for Creating Perfect Slow-Motion Videos
  3. Part 3. How to Create Proper Slow-Motion Videos on CapCut Video Editor?
  4. Part 4. Smartphone Alternative: Creating Slow Motion Videos with Wondershare Filmora App
  5. Bonus Part. Make Your Video Editing Perfect with Wondershare Filmora
  6. Conclusion
Slow Motion Video Maker
Slow your video’s speed with better control of your keyframes to create unique cinematic effects!
Wondershare Filmora

Part 1. CapCut Video Editor for Smartphone: Reading Out the Detailed Review

CapCut is a content editing platform that acts as a smartphone application and computing software. The application serves in various video editing tasks while giving professional outcomes. Most of CapCut's features are free to use; however, there is an affordable subscription plan.

It has AI and manual functioning features to help you edit how you like. In its "Explore" section, you can find various effects, text styles, stickers, and audio tracks. Moreover, you can also introduce subtitles and captions with its "Caption" tool. Plus, it offers camera recording where you can adjust record time, effects, multi-clip options, and more. Here are some of CapCut’s limitless editing features:

capcut video editor dashboard
  • Templates: CapCut enables you to access its pre-built templates for distinct purposes. You can access it all from there, be it fast-motion, cinematic effect, or CapCut slow-mo template. Moreover, when you add the keyword for search, it can show you trending templates and hashtags.
  • Remove Background: If you couldn't decide on a good background while recording, CapCut has got you covered. This feature not only removes the background but also offers a setting for bringing precision. You can adjust the edge setting or intensity of these settings accordingly.
  • Smart User-Interface: This application has an intuitive, clean, and smart smartphone interface. The themes and the positioning of features are done minimally, where nothing looks stuffed. In addition, you can expand or collapse the display menu accordingly.
  • Image Enhancement: As discussed before, CapCut is a content editing app that offers image enhancements as well. The feature automatically compresses your content quality to 1080p. Moreover, you can resize the image post-enhancement and add an AI background to it.
  • Cloud Storage and Collaboration: You can edit without any prior account information in CapCut. However, signing up comes with various benefits, such as accessing pre-edited projects. In addition, you can connect with other editors on CapCut and take your editing up a notch.

Part 2. Some Top-Rated CapCut Templates to Try for Creating Perfect Slow-Motion Videos

With a wide range of features and effects, CapCut also has the power to turn videos into slow-mos. You can craft a slow-motion video via manual speed change or be smart with its templates. CapCut slow-motion templates are easily accessible in its Template section. While there are hundreds of slow-mo templates CapCut, take a look at these that we’ve compiled for you:

1. Slowmo

This template is reachable via the CapCut slow-mo edit template gallery and is open for access. The template possesses an aspect ratio of 9:16 and is a suitable fit for your Instagram reels and YouTube shorts. It only requires a video of 16 seconds to get started with this trending template. The template slows down your video at specific durations, giving it a majestic resonance.

slowmo capcut template

2. Slowmotion Smooth

With a catchy song and visually striking filter, this is perfect for aesthetic dress-up videos. This CapCut video slow motion template applies to a single clip of 14 seconds duration. With its 9:16 aspect ratio, it is well-fitted for a majority of social platforms. The template has over 316.3K uses, and you can replace its background song using CapCut.

slowmotion smooth capcut template

3. Trend Slowmo

Use this trending slow-motion song CapCut template with over 1.1 million uses to make viral slo-mos. It doesn't offer a basic Slomo effect but has a trendy background song. In addition, the template is a collaboration between slow motion and blur effect. Users only require a video to employ this effect, offering a 9:16 aspect ratio.

trend slowmo capcut template

4. Slowmo Aesthetic

Make your modeling and dress-up video look aesthetic with this slow-mo CapCut template. It is a beautiful blend of slow-motion effects on specific scenes with an aesthetic filter. The video will start with a black-and-white look with a smooth transition toward colors and slo-mo. With its 9:16 aspect ratio and 6-second duration, it is perfect for showcasing dresses and fashion.

slowmo aesthetic capcut template

5. Healing Slowmo

Craft aesthetic travel videos and capture landscapes using this CapCut slow-mo template. It appears as a combination of slow motion and blur effect at multiple periods. You only require a portrait clip to use this template in an efficient way. You can fashion captivating Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest reels with its 9:16 ratio.

healing slowmo capcut template

Part 3. How to Create Proper Slow-Motion Videos on CapCut Video Editor?

CapCut slow-mo edit not only slows down video but also helps in post-editing. The user interface is self-explanatory, and you can find the features with ease. However, this section will provide you with a detailed guide on using the template CapCut slow-mo. Here is a step-by-step guide to creating a slo-mo in CapCut via its templates collection:

Step 1. After downloading CapCut on your smartphone, launch it to access its main menu. From there, navigate towards the downward bar and click the “Templates” option.

look for templates in capcut

Step 2. In the templates collection, go to the search bar and type slow motion. Multiple options will appear on the screen in the Trending section. From there, select a template to employ it. Once you have selected the template, observe if it is right for your video. Afterward, click the “Use template” button to start editing with it.

select and add a template

Step 3. Once you have selected a video, click the “Preview” button. Notice that you can only select the number of videos the template offers.

preview media for editing

Step 4. Afterward, click on the “Text” option and add text if you want. After all the editing is done, click on the “Export” button to download the video.

add text and export final video

Part 4. Smartphone Alternative: Creating Slow Motion Videos with Wondershare Filmora App

Wondershare Filmora is a versatile platform for creating or editing slow motions with smartphone services. You can access the application from the Play Store or App Store and start editing instantly. The Filmora app displays a clearly laid out interface with easy access to features. Here, you can use advanced and basic speed editing to create a slow motion:

filmora app for smartphones

Method 1. Using the Normal Speed Option

The normal method in this CapCut slow-mo edit alternative uses playback speed. It involves a simple slider positioning and some enhancement options. Here is how to create a slow motion in the Filmora app using the standard approach:

Step 1. After downloading the Filmora application, navigate towards the top tools. From there, select the “Speed” option and choose a clip for import.

open app and access speed section

Step 2. Select the “Normal” section and drag the playback towards the left. This will slow down the video, and you can set the speed up to 0.2x for slo-mo. After speed settings, click the “ü” icon, and if you want, do other settings.

select normal speed adjustment

Step 3. Once you are done with post-slow motion settings, click the “Export” button.

export final video filmora

Method 2. Using the Speed Curve Option

This method involves slightly advanced speed settings for slow-motion creation. This method features many templates alternative to CapCut slow-mo templates. Further, you can use the custom setting template to edit as per your taste. Here is how to create a slow motion using Filmora’s speed curve:

Step 1. Repeat the same process of importing the video and go to the “Curve” section. Select a pre-designed speed template if it fits your video. If not, go for the “Customize” template, and a panel will display.

access curve speed section

Step 2. In this panel, adjust the slider position in the downward direction. This will slow down your video at specific durations. You can also enable the “+ Add beat” option for audio adjustments.

adjust speed ramp graph

Step 3. Click the “ü” icon a couple of times in the respective panels to finalize settings. Afterward, export the video by opting for the "Export" button.

export final ramped video

Bonus Part. Make Your Video Editing Perfect with Wondershare Filmora

For beginners, smartphone editing might be satisfactory. However, for a skilled professional with a passion for editing, it's not enough. For more precise editing and smooth slow motions, we recommend a desktop solution. This CapCut slow-motion edit alternative is Wondershare Filmora’s computing software.

It is an adaptable editing software offering basic as well as advanced video editing features. The features rest on its intuitive interface and are reachable to all. It has a resource library that is filled with transition templates, effects, presets, and more. It has both visual and audio editing options along with AI abilities for production purposes. All in all, the software is an amazing pick for those who prefer high-quality results.

Free Download
Free Download

AI-Backed Professional Video Editing Features of Filmora

If you are looking to create high-grade slow motions using speed templates, Filmora is for you. There are multiple settings to enhance visuals, audio tracks, and texts. You can do amazing color corrections or add mesmerizing effects to videos. Here are some of its video editing features to consider during editing:

1. AI Copilot Editing

For instance, you are using Filmora for slow motion and don't know where to start. Employ its copilot assistant and ask it about slo-mo creation. It will direct you towards the speed options with insights on editing. Moreover, the copilot provides one-click access buttons for you to access the feature.

2. AI Text-to-Video

If you are a big fan of AI applications, then Filmora is the right stop for you. Its text-to-video AI allows you to generate videos via prompts or scripts. The function automatically adds graphics and AI voice to videos.

3. Remove Background

The video background remover of Filmora uses high-end AI technology to do the work. It analyzes and cuts out the background with accuracy while providing replacements. You employ three background options: solid color, gradients, and graphics. Users can also add a custom image or video in the timeline to use a background.

4. Instant Mode

If you are not familiar with video and need to start editing videos, this feature is for you. It is an automated video editor for you that uses AI algorithms to edit videos. It color-corrects or enhances any flaws and adds templates and beats to the video. Moreover, it has 115+ multi-contextual templates for diverse video editing.


Slow-motion CapCut templates serve as a powerful resource for creating slo-mos. The con is that with automated templates, there is no room for customizations. However, Wondershare Filmora is a powerful software application with no such limit. It offers visual, audio, and more custom options after some creation. Hence, if you are looking for an editor to broaden your editing game, use Filmora.

Caroline Laurent
Caroline Laurent Apr 19, 24
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