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Resources for green screen footage and green screen backgrounds

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Jun 11, 2024• Proven solutions

We’ve previously talked about how to make and use a green screen. In fact, a video project of green screen consists of two important elements: the green screen footage (the foreground) and the green screen backgrounds.

If you have no idea how a green screen works, check out a short video tutorial below to get an instant overview:

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Green screen backgrounds are essentially the replacement of real backgrounds of a video or a picture. It is the basis of the effects one sees in all movies and also the weather forecast seen in daily news. However many people remain completely unaware of this technology and how it has transformed electronic media and taken it to the next level. A single colored background can be replaced with any other video clip, graphics or even a still image. It is easy to manipulate any background with this technology. The process of isolating one single color in an electronic image and then replacing it with a value transparent is called keying that enable another image to show through the affected areas. This article will help you acquire many green screen footage and green screen backgrounds by providing a list of online resources that you can access.

When using a green screen, there are two major options available during the editing stage, either to replace it with a green screen footage or green screen background. Both of these can be found online and several websites have been listed below. But you can also apply some specially designed video effects to your video when using Filmora. Beside the built-in video effects, there are some more specialized video effects such as block buster, beauty, fashion and education available in Filmora Effects Store.

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Learn more effects at Filmora Effects Store

Part 1: Resources for green screen footage

You can find green screen footage on the following websites:

1Shuttershock Video

This website offers a great variety of footage across three different resolutions; 4K, HD and SD. However, the content needs to be paid for and requires a (editorial or non-editorial) license. A drop down bar on the left side of the page contains twenty different categories to choose from and thousands of videos in each category. These categories include art, animals, holidays, science and food among others.

2Green Screen Films

This website also contains a large archive of footage, however it is not as extensive as Shuttershock and the categories are also limited. Prices start at $19 and can go up to $129 for High Definition Broadcasts. An interesting thing to note about this website is that it offers a fee tutorial on how to use the footage and can also create custom footage on order and tailor it to the requirements of the client.

3Footage Island

This is a Youtube based option that allows people to download and use footage for their projects. Download is obviously free making this an idea option for people who are just venturing into the image manipulation field.

To download green screen still images which can be used for presentations or still photography a good website is Green Screen Animals where a large variety of still images that involve animals are available. The images are categorized based on the animals like bears, monkeys, lions etc.

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Part 2: Resources for green screen backgrounds

Several sites allow the download of green screen backgrounds which can also be used in for a green screen image or footage. A good one to explore is Video Blocks.

There are over ten thousand royalty free motion backgrounds available for download on this website. With three main categories of types of downloads available: Footage, Backgrounds and After Effects, there are also further sub categories in each with classify the content based on its subject.

A number of filters are available on this website which can help narrow down and specify search for the convenience of the user. The layout is user friendly and easy to use. This website does require a paid membership but offers great deals on yearlong memberships and perks are available to members.

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Part 3: Video editing software to replace green screen backgrounds and footage

Then these videos and images can be imported to a video editor or enhancer like Adobe Premiere, but a better option is Wondershare Filmora video editor. The easy-to-use home video editing software enables you easily apply green screen effect, which does not require practice and professional skills like other software. Using the green screen effect in Filmora can easily import a separate and unique background for any video with a stagnant green background and enhance it to give extra visual effects to make it more attractive. Let's check how to edit video in Filmora right now.

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