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How to Reverse Videos on Android?

If you enjoy videography, the thought of reversing video or watching video backward would have captivated you. The majority of the sequences in Tenet, a film about time inversion, are regulated by this principle.

However, numerous advanced techniques may have been utilized to generate the film's visual effects. You'll need an outstanding editing program to reverse video Android if you want to generate such stunning reverse videos on your Android phone. In this article, you will find some excellent tools with their stepwise guides to reverse the video. Let's get started!

Part 1: Play Video in Reverse with Wondershare FilmoraGo on Android

FilmoraGo is a simple mobile video editing app for reversing video. The program includes excellent editing features, filters, and plugins for increasing video quality. The UI is pretty slick, making it simple for novices to use without any difficulty. At the same time, it may satisfy the majority of your video editing requirements. It has a plethora of professional editing tools and a variety of video effects to improve video quality.

To play a reverse video with Wondershare FilmoraGo on Android, follow these steps:

Step 1: Download and install FilmoraGo from Google Play:, and then launch it on your phone.

Step 2: Tap a + icon to make a reverse video. Now, a popup will appear. Click on Allow to allow FilmoraGo to access the media files on your phone.

allow filmorago to access media files android

Step 3: Navigate the video you want to reverse and import it into FilmoraGo by tapping it, and then tap Next to continue.

select videos filmorago android

Step 4: Tap the video in the timeline, and then swipe right. You will see the Reverse option next to Fade. Tap the Reverse menu to playback the video from end to begin, and FilmoraGo will start the reversing automatically.

reverse video filmorago android

Step 5: After it's done, export the video by clicking the Export button. Once the export is done, click on the Play option to play the video.

Though this video tutorial is for iOS users to make reverse videos with FilmoraGo, but the steps are the similar to Android.

Part 2: How to Reverse videos on Android with Kinemaster?

This is a sophisticated Android reverse video software intended for experts but is simple to use for everyone. The tool has incredible video editing features that allow precise and accurate video editing.

KineMaster includes a variety of effects, overlays, and transitions for improving video quality. It offers the ability to change the video speed without affecting the audio pitch. It enables Chroma key compositing, allowing for complete green screen capability.

To play a reverse video with KineMaster on Android, follow these steps:

Step 1: Download and install KineMaster and then launch it on your Android phone.

Step 2: Click on Video and select size, then import the video you wish to reverse.

Step 3: Now click on the video, a menu will appear. Select Reverse from it to reverse the video.

Step 4: After the video is reversed, click on the Share option and Save to export the video.

kinemaster reverse video android

Watch the video tutorial below to find out more details about reversing video with KineMaster in a creative way.

Want to use KineMaster on Mac? Click to find out how to download KineMaster on Mac.

Part 3: How to Reverse Videos on Android with Capcut?

So, if you wish to utilize this medium and enjoy creating movies to communicate with your audience, great video editing software will be your finest buddy. In that sense, we're referring to CapCut, an app created by the same people who created TikTok. Many people like it because of its simple interface, availability, and ease of use.

CapCut includes an extensive library of royalty-free effects and music that may significantly improve the quality of your videos. The tracks are of good quality, and they may be readily included by inserting an audio file and adjusting its position to fit the video.

To play a reverse video with CapCut on Android, follow these steps:

Step 1: Download and install CapCut on your Android phone, and then launch it to create a New Project.

Step 2: Navigate the video you wish to reverse and add it by clicking Add.

Step 3: Tap the video from the timeline and click on Reverse to reverse the video.

reverse video capcut option

Step 4: This will take a few moments. After the video is completely reversed, click on Save to export the reversed video.

Watch the video tutorial below to find out more information about reversing video on Capcut.

Part 4: How to Reverse video with VN on Android?

VN Video Editor, also known as VN Video Editor Maker VlogNow, is a multimedia tool for editing video material on your Android smartphone or tablet. The version is free for use, with no watermarks or other restrictions, and is said to be highly effective in a variety of editing tasks for several of today's streaming video demands.

The editing functions themselves are essential enough but not very sturdy. The transitioning is also nicer than what you'll get on many free applications, but certainly a step less than you'll get on more significant NLE sites. VN Video Editor is best suited for editing footage shot straight from your phone (but not in-app). The textual and subtitle options are ideal for creating material for TikTok or YouTube.

To play a reverse video with VN Video Editor on Android, follow these steps:

Step 1: Download and install VN and launch it on your Android phone.

Step 2: Click on the + icon from the bottom and tap New Project.

Step 3: Navigate the video you wish to reverse and select it by tapping it and upload it by pressing the blue -> button in the right corner.

Step 4: Now slide towards the right and click on Reverse from the bottom menu.

reverse video vn video editor android

Step 5: After the reverse procedure is complete, click Export to save the reversed video.

Part 5: How to reverse a video on Android with PowerDirector Video Editor App

PowerDirector is intelligent reverse video software that also has a slew of other valuable functions. This reverse video app enables reverse playback as well as customizable speed. Its features are also available for free exploration and use.

Aside from the video editing capabilities, there are several excellent features that you may add to your video. You may use the Efectum app just to invert your video, but if you want to perform more editing, such as adding numerous clips, music in the background, script, and special effects, we suggest the PowerDirector software.

To play a reverse video with PowerDirector Video Editor on Android, follow these steps:

Step 1: Launch the PowerDirector Video Editor app on your phone after downloading and installing it.

Step 2: Create a new project by clicking on New Project and upload the video you wish to reverse,

Step 3: Now, click on the video from the timeline, and then press the Pencil option from the popup.

reverse video powerdirector android app

Step 4: Click on the Reverse option to reverse the video. The reversing procedure will take some moments.

Step 5: After the reversing is complete, the video will automatically be saved in your gallery.

Note: You can keep on editing the video even after reversing it.


Playing a video backward can make even the most boring events comedic. Even though these video reverse applications are unique in their use of the reverse feature, FilmoraGo remains the finest intuitive software to reverse video Android.

You may also experiment with FilmoraGo's sophisticated tools such as filters, effects, animation stickers, and much more. These sophisticated capabilities will undoubtedly give your film a stunning effect and set it apart from the crowd.

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