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Full Guide: The LinkedIn Video Specifications 2024

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May 21, 2024• Proven solutions

It has been nearly two years since LinkedIn, a social network professionals use to connect with each other, added the native video option. In such a short period of time, video content has taken over the platform, as a growing number of LinkedIn’s users share videos on their profiles. All signs indicate that the popularity of video content on all social networks, LinkedIn included, is going to continue to rise in the next couple of years, because the tools for recording and editing videos are going to become even more accessible than they already are. That’s why in this article we are going to take you through the video specs for LinkedIn native videos, LinkedIn video ads and we are going to share a few tips that are going to help you create captivating videos in 2024.

LinkedIn Video Specs for 2024

LinkedIn is primarily a social network for professionals and for that reason the messages and digital content shared on the platform are perceived as more trustworthy than those shared on Facebook or Twitter. It is easy to see why LinkedIn native videos or video ads can help online marketers and video content producers attract the right audience for the services or products they’re offering. So, here’s the list of specifications your videos will have to meet before you can upload them to LinkedIn.

The Linkedin Shared Native Video Specifications

All videos that are uploaded directly to LinkedIn are considered native videos and this feature is available on both web-based and mobile versions of the LinkedIn app. If you decide to upload videos to LinkedIn from your iPhone or Android device you will need to keep the app open while a video is being uploaded.  LinkedIn native videos can be as large as 5GB or as small as 75MB and their duration can’t be longer than ten minutes or shorter than 3 seconds. The platform offers support for a wide range of video file formats, including some of the most frequently used video file formats such as MP4, AVI or QuickTime.

The process of uploading a LinkedIn native video is fairly simple as you just have to go the Home page and click on the Video icon that is located next to the Start a post option. Afterward, you should select the video, wait for the upload to be completed and then post it to your profile. The aspect ratio of LinkedIn native videos can either be 1:2.4 or 2.4:1 and their resolution can vary from 256X144 pixels to 4096X2304 pixels. The frame rate of the videos you upload to LinkedIn using this option can have between 10 and 60 frames per second while their bit rates can range from 192kps to 30MBps.

The LinkedIn Video Ads Specifications

Unlike native videos, the video ads on LinkedIn can have a duration between three seconds and thirty minutes, but the most effective ads on this platform rarely exceed the fifteen-second mark. All LinkedIn Video Ads must be saved in the MP4 file format and their size can’t be smaller than 75MB or larger than 200MB. Moreover, the maximum resolution of the video files you publish as ads on LinkedIn is 1080p, while the minimum size of a video ad on LinkedIn is 360p.

The square-shaped video ads that have a 1:1 aspect ratio can range in size from 600X600 pixels up to 1080x1080 pixels, and at the moment the platform doesn’t offer the option to sponsor vertically oriented videos. Moreover, the video ads on LinkedIn can’t have more than 30fps regardless of their size or their aspect ratio. It is also worth noting that LinkedIn video ad platform only supports audio files saved in MPEG4 formats. LinkedIn doesn’t allow its users to upload more than 25 videos through the Campaign Manager within the first 24 hours after they’ve launched a new campaign.

Tips for Making Videos for the LinkedIn Platform

Raising brand awareness or boosting the conversion rates are the most common goals for creating videos specifically for the LinkedIn platform. However, you should consider the fact that some of the LinkedIn users are going to watch your videos without sound, which is the reason why you should add the hardcoded subtitles to each video you upload to this platform. In addition, using the visual storytelling techniques can help you captivate the audience’s attention in the first couple of seconds of the video. Limiting the duration of your video ads to 30 seconds is going to make them more effective as all data indicates that ads that last more than one minute attract fewer views.  


There are so many different ways businesses, as well as professionals from all walks of life can use videos to boost their revenue streams or tell visual stories they strongly believe in. LinkedIn native video and video ads are perfect tools for social media managers, video content producers and everyone else who wants to use videos for promotional or educational purposes. Do you use LinkedIn native videos or LinkedIn video ads often? Leave a comment below and share your experiences with us.


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