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Easy-to-Use Tools to Upscale Video Online [2024]

Do you wish to know about video upscaling and how it elevates a video? To learn about the top video upscaling tools, go through this guide.
Andrew Murray
Andrew Murray Originally published Jun 05, 24, updated Jul 18, 24

Those days are gone when you had to settle for low-quality phone videos. In modern times, you can add touch-ups to your video and make it reach your desired resolution using video upscalers online. You can elevate video quality by sharpening the blurred objects in your video through upscaling. In this article, you will learn about the top video upscaling tools online that will aid you in making quality videos.

In this article
  1. Part 1. Why Do We Need To Upscale Videos?
  2. Part 2. Working out the Right Tools To Upscale Video Online
  3. Bonus Recommendation. Wondershare Filmora: A Convenient Video Enhancing Solution

Part 1. Why Do We Need To Upscale Videos?

You should consider upscaling videos online to make a good impression of your video and convey your message better. There could be several reasons why people feel the need to upscale their videos, and some of those reasons are stated below:

1. Video Preservation: We all have old-quality videos that deteriorate with time. Video upscaling allows you to preserve your old, low-quality videos so that you can watch them for a lifetime.

2. Publishing On Video-Sharing Platforms: People who watch YouTube and other video-sharing platforms always prefer watching high-resolution videos. If your video does not meet modern standards, the chances of it being seen are pretty slim.

3. Maintain Quality When Enlarging: Enlarging objects in a video can worsen the quality of your video. For times when you need to zoom in or enlarge an object, you can then utilize the upscale videos online options to maintain the quality.

4. Add Creativity: Video upscaling can open the doors of creative ideas for you. Some editing tools only support high-resolution videos, so upscaling a video might help you. High resolution enhances the creative editing in a video, resulting in a better visual.

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Part 2. Working out the Right Tools To Upscale Video Online

1. TensorPix

This unique tool transforms your low-quality SD videos into HD and even 4K. Using TensorPix, deinterlace pixelated objects and enhance the quality of your slo-mo videos. This tool will give you hassle-free video upscaling, which will fix the colors in your video and make it look natural.

tensorpix online video upscaler

Why Should You Use TensorPix?

  • Shaky videos can be stabilized by upscaling them through TensorPix.
  • Avoid pixelation of videos by smoothing out the video to 60 FPS or more.
  • By sharpening the objects in a video, this tool preserves the details of the video for in-depth viewing.

Pricing Plans

Plan Pricing
Standard $12/month
Premium $27/month
Elite $66/month

2. AI Video Enhancer AI video upscaler online has an extensive range of features that upgrade video quality. You can upload different low-quality clips and get a high-quality merged video in return. With progressive auto color correction, you can get the actual colors of your video using AI. Along with that, the dedicated noise reduction option helps users get the actual visual experience of the video without any distortion.

media io ai video enhancer upscaler

Why Should You Use AI Video Enhancer?

  • Out of all online video upscalers, this platform provides a one-click result.
  • Accepts videos in MP4, AVI, and MOV file formats.
  • It covers different canvas settings to manage upscaling according to user requirements.

Pricing Plans

Plan Pricing
Subscription $9.90/monthly
Pay as you go $19.90

3. CapCut

Smooth out your videos' rough, pixelated details and elevate your video quality without any losses. CapCut, with its user-friendly interface, brings you its progressive AI tools that will enhance and upscale your videos in simple steps. This free online video upscaler increases video resolution by critically reviewing every frame of the video.

capcut online video upscaler

Why Should You Use CapCut?

  • The online platform provides the ability to upscale videos up to 4K resolution.
  • Perform further editing to your video by enhancing it with different effects, transitions, and filters.
  • The overall upscaling process is simple and effective in execution.

Pricing Plans: Pricing Plans

4. Cutout.Pro

Cutout.Pro upgrades your video quality with its user-friendly interface and easy navigation. This video upscaler online removes unwanted noise from the video and achieves sharpness in results. Slow-motion videos have bad-quality motions that can be corrected with this tool’s slow-motion setting.

cutout pro online video upscaler

Why Should You Use Cutout.Pro?

  • You can upscale videos with quality as low as 240p.
  • It covers videos for upscaling up to 2GB and allows MP4, WebM, MOV, and GIF formats.
  • This tool will stabilize your jittery video and make it shareable directly on social media platforms.

Pricing Plans

Plan Pricing
Subscription Plan $0.099/credit (For 100 Credits)
Pay As You Go $0.390/credit (For 100 Credits)

5. HitPaw AI Video Upscaler

Unleash your inner creativity by using HitPaw AI Video Upscaler for improving the diminishing quality of your videos. This is an advanced AI video upscaler online that offers a diversity of AI models to utilize according to the nature of video. Its coherent ability to upscale videos can be easily downloaded in various formats, which is not common in many video upscalers.

hitpaw ai video upscaler tool

Why Should I Use HitPaw AI Video Upscaler?

  • The platform helps improve significant videos of a high-quality promotional nature with a focus on the brand image.
  • You can also custom-set your video upscaling resolution across the online platform.
  • It provides a multi-model processing system that allows users to select two models during upscaling videos.

Pricing Plans

Plan Pricing
1 Week $1.28/Day
1 Month $0.80/Day
1 Year $0.47/Day

6. Vmake

Vmake automatically applies enhancement features by adjusting brightness, contrast, sharpness, and saturation. Within 3 simple and effective steps, you can get a vibrant result for your video. This tool also gives you the freedom to choose your desired video format. Along with being a video upscaler, you can also utilize this service for various other video and image enhancement purposes.

vmake online video upscaler

Why Should I Use Vmake AI?

  • You can remove video backgrounds with accuracy with Vmake.
  • It instantly eliminates watermarks from videos and enhances the video quality.
  • It supports all popular video downloading formats, including MP4, MOV, M4V, and 3GP.

Pricing Plans

Plan Pricing
Pro $0.17/credit (For 100 Credits)
Flexible $0.60/credit (For 5 Credits)

7. Vidio

Focusing on the details and clarity of your video, this video upscaler online transforms low-quality videos into high-definition masterpieces. Vidio is powered by state-of-the-art algorithms that provide the quality which is hard to find. Apart from upscaling, you can also mask your videos using this tool.

vidio online video upscaler

Why Should You Use Vidio?

  • With Vidio, you can conveniently remove background and foreground from your videos.
  • This tool allows you to adjust the video's brightness according to your likeness.
  • You can blur unwanted faces and objects from your videos.

Pricing Plans

Plan Pricing
Premium $25.90 (80 Credits)
Pro $15.90
Business $42.90

Bonus Recommendation. Wondershare Filmora: A Convenient Video Enhancing Solution

Video upscaling has proved to be a game-changer in the world of video editing. Upscaling helps users move from preserving old footage to making their mark as filmmakers. With such an evolution in video editing, an excellent enhancing tool is also necessary. Wondershare Filmora is a life-changing video enhancer among all AI video upscalers online that helps propagate video quality further.

Upscale Video Now
Upscale Video Now

The difference between a popular and an amateur video is video editing. After upscaling a video, try using the Wondershare Filmora video enhancer for further upgrades to complement your work. This tool will make your video fun, artistic, and popular with its masking option. Some other features that will enhance your video quality are given below:

1. AI Copilot Editing

Gone are the days when it took you hours to edit your videos. Wondershare Filmora provides you with its AI Copilot Editing feature that upgrades your video quality according to your prompt. You just need to enter your requirements, and Filmora will intelligently help you access it. By providing error messages, this feature avoids conflicting parameters and provides insights on the editing.

ai copilot editing filmora

2. AI Frame Interpolation

With AI Frame Interpolation, you can increase the frames per second rate of your video, resulting in a higher quality. This feature upscales the resolution of your video with its user-friendly interface. What makes Wondershare Filmora stand out from the other AI video upscalers online is its support for the most popular video formats.

ai frame interpolation filmora

3. AI Smart Cutout

Not everyone has the time and money to use a green screen, so Wondershare Filmora has brought you an AI Smart Cutout feature. Using this feature, you can effectively isolate objects from your video. To help you see the image clearly, Filmora provides you with 4 ways to view the cutout object: Background Overlay, Background Grid, Background Black, and Alpha Channel.

ai smart cutout filmora

4. AI Smart Masking

With a single brush stroke, you can isolate key objects or eliminate unwanted objects. This unique feature allows you to remove objects from a video and place them in other locations. It results in a quality upgrade and is a source of amusement for your viewers. Furthermore, it automatically recognizes objects within the videos and generates automated masks for enhanced effects.

ai smart masking filmora


This article is a detailed guide on online video upscaling and the top AI video upscalers online. You learned the features of these upscalers along with their pricing plans. Among all of these tools, Wondershare Filmora is the best option. The reason for its supremacy lies in its user-friendly interface and advanced features that are hard to find elsewhere.

Andrew Murray
Andrew Murray Jul 18, 24
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