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Useful Guide to Speed Up/Down Videos in Camtasia

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Feb 28, 22, updated Feb 29, 24

Videos play a vital role in the digital space and the visibility of any business promotions happens using insightful videos. These media files take a better position in entertaining viewers from all age groups. The advent of YouTube and other social media platforms emphasizes the importance of videos in the online portfolio. Do you want to speed up a part of your captured video? Use Camtasia video to speed up a strategy to perform the desired edits in your content. You can carry out a wide range of video edits on the recorded content using Camtasia studio. In this article, you will learn valuable facts about Camtasia and its best alternative tool to create meaningful videos for your needs.


What is Camtasia?

The Camtasia studio is a sophisticated video editor tool and it assists in performing unique edits on the content. This app hails from TechSmith and the latest version hit the digital market recently in 2020. The Camtasia 2020 is upgraded with new templates collections to quicken your editing tasks precisely. You can also find awesome packages of libraries, color themes, styles, and layouts for optimal personalization of the content of the video. It has a Magnetic track to remove the gaps between the clippings. There are options in Camtasia to work on the video flow flawlessly. The price of this tool ranges from $268.92 to $299.99 based on the versions and users count. Use the Camtasia video speed up feature to trigger fast-moving of the captured content for a specific part in the video clippings.


Camtasia supports both the Windows and Mac space and you can use this program even for screen recording functionality. This video editor studio allows you to add texts, sounds and record voice to customize the content. Drag and drop the desired built-in elements on the timeline to implement the respective effects on the imported media file. You can also export the edited content effortlessly to any storage space in no time.

How to speed up/down videos in Camtasia

In this section, you will learn how to speed up and slow down the videos using the Camtasia platform. Here, you can use the Camtasia video to speed up a strategy to perform the desired edits on the uploaded content.

The stepwise procedure to perform Camtasia Video Speed up activity on the imported video file was as follows.

Step 1: Go to the official website of Camtasia and download the correct version of the tool according to your system OS.

Step 2: Import the desired video file into the working space and drag it to the timeline to make further edits. Now, tap the Visual effects option in the left panel of the screen and choose Clip Speed from the right side of the window. Then, drag it to the timeline nearby the added video track.


Step 3: Next, adjust the clip speed according to your needs.


Step 4: Finally, play the video and view the speed up content on the preview screen. You can export the file to any storage location after completing all your video edits using this tool.


You can follow up on the above instructions to edit the video content using Camtasia. It is a perfect program to make the best out of your content. If you are still looking for other editing options for your captured content, scroll down to get insights on reliable video editor the Filmora.

Alternative for changing speed for videos

Here comes a fabulous video editor tool that helps you to make changes to your content beyond boundaries. It helps you to unleash your innovations and enhance your creative skills for better outcomes. The Filmora video editor is the perfect program that makes your video content interactive and attractive. It is a simple user interface and you do not require any special skills to work on it. Few clicks are sufficient to insert advanced effects on your video content. This app offers you admirable templates, filters, special effects, and transitions to enhance the overall appearance of the content. You can adjust the color themes, resolution and sizes based on your needs.

The Key Features of Filmora Video Editor program.

  • Import and export the media files easily without any compatibility issues.

  • Speed up and slow down the video content as per your needs with simple clicks.

  • Use the Preview screen to view the edited video file before exporting them to the desired storage space.

  • Motion tracking and Key Framing are the advanced edits you can try on your videos if required.

  • Enable the Chroma Key and Green Screen to work on the video backgrounds to obtain desired changes to the content.

There are many functionalities in-built in this tool and you can discover them by downloading them on your PC. Make some edits to your video using this app and explore the hidden features in this package.

The stepwise instructions to change the speed of the video content using the Filmora Video Editor application.

Step 1: Install the program

Visit the Filmora Video Editor webpage and download the respective version of this app according to your computer’s OS. Then, install the program and launch it. Now add the media file into the working space by tapping the Import Media File option.


Step 2: Adjust the speed

Drag and drop the video into the timeline to make further edits. You must right click on the video file and select the Speed and Duration option from the pop-up screen. In the Custom, Speed window adjusts the slider nearby the Speed attribute to make changes to the video speed. Choose the desired value and save the changes by tapping the Ok button.


You can play the video on the preview screen to witness the speed play of the content. Use the Filmora application to perform further edits on the content. It is an amazing tool and you can edit your content limitlessly without any issues. The Filmora video editor is a reliable program and you can edit any number of videos despite its file size efficiently.


Wondershare Filmora

Get started easily with Filmora's powerful performance, intuitive interface, and countless effects!


Thus, this article has taught you about the Camtasia video speed up technique using the Camtasia Studio application. Alternatively, you have discovered another sophisticated app that meets all your video editor needs without any compromises. Use the Filmora app and feel the changes you have made on your captured content to improve its interactive parameter. Stay connected with this article and find out the optimal ways to edit the video content for better results. Personalize the videos within a fraction of a second using the Filmora video editor. The video editing program gives a new look and performance to your recordings. Connect for more insights on the best techniques to edit videos using the Filmora program.

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