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How To Change Text In Premiere Pro

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Aug 17, 22, updated Nov 27, 23

One of the most fundamental and significant tasks in the editing process is knowing how to change text in Premiere Pro. Any skill level may easily do this with the help of Premiere. Your workflow will be streamlined and accelerated by using a template to apply change text Premiere Pro, and it could even inspire you to use your imagination to create some effects of your own! Follow this guide for the details on how to change text in Adobe Premiere.

By using customization and animated motion, Premiere also does a wonderful job of enabling an editor to create dynamic text. The keyboard shortcut is the quickest method to create a text file as well as change text in Premiere Pro. Given that each approach has a unique set of applications, it is crucial to be familiar with them all. Learn step-by-step how to change text in Adobe Premiere in this tutorial.

In this article
  1. Part 1. Types of Text to Add in PR
  2. Part 2. How to Change Text on Video with PR
  3. Part 3. Alternative way to edit text in video

Part 1. Types of Text to Add in PR

You may not be aware of all the many characteristics that a text file might have. The font's style, size, and color are only the tip of the iceberg.

FX Reflection: Reflection FX settings for Premiere Pro give your text or logo a reflecting appearance. 5 different preset types that you may mix and match to obtain different reflections. Reflection FX is a great pack for making text that blends into an environment or has a 3D appearance. It allows you to give your text several sorts of reflected texture effects.

Digital Blocks Text: Digital Blocks Text Animator is a bundle of chic text animation presets is called Text Animator. This one-of-a-kind, geometric preset collection may be used for a wide range of effects, including glitching, lower thirds, dramatic titles, animations, and more. Use this tool to make cinematic, corporate, wedding, or glitch titles, animation typography, lower thirds, or movie titles.

Colored Glitch: Any technology-related movies often use colored glitch effects. This animation glitch preset collection is made up of geometric shapes and vivid colors. It's really easy to use and produces dramatic, complicated effects. These effects may be easily produced in Premiere Pro with a little color tweak.

Impulse Text: It is really easy to do; all that is needed to create the desired appearance is to vary the size of the layers. This dynamic text transitions set is bold and styled for designers with a lot of guts. Impress viewers by having your titles exit the screen as quickly as dramatically as they came in.

3D Text: This 3D Text Animation set is perfect if you need some text that will stand out in a presentation or video. It doesn't have a lot of crazy effects or color changes, but it makes your text move in 3D space and is guaranteed to catch your audience's eye.

Wiggle Animation of Text: For vloggers looking for that hand-drawn impression while preserving a little bit of subtlety, Wiggle text is a good option. It's a customizable wiggle text effect package with various presets and a beginner-friendly video guide.

Part 2. How to Change Text on Video with PR

The new technique of text creation is more user-friendly and has greater integration than previously. The older methods had their advantages, but the modern methods undoubtedly take things to the next level. The older methods handled text like it was independent, discrete video clips that could be put into your source monitor and then chopped into the timeline. Overall, this method of adding text to your movie is fast, easy, but rather restricted; for many videos, this may be sufficient.

Step1Adding Text

Press the CTRL+T on Windows or if you're on MacBook, then press CMD+T keyboard shortcut with your sequence chosen. Both on the sequence and in the Program window, a new text file will show up.

text panel premiere
Step2Choosing the Type Tool

Drag a text box onto your movie using the Type Tool, then start typing. You may need to go to Windows > Tools and click and hold Type Tool if it isn't already visible. Use the Type Tool by clicking on its icon in the Tool panel or by using the T key on your keyboard. A new text file should then emerge on the sequence and Program window once you click anywhere within the Program window.

text tool in premiere pro
Step3Edit Your Text

You may make simple text modifications, such as changing the font's size, color, or style, by opening the Essential Graphics panel (Window > Essential Graphics). The right side of the screen will display the Essential Graphics panel. Select Text when you click the New Layer button as shown below. The sequence and program window should display a text file.

essential graphics text editing
Step4Make your text animated

Use the Effect Controls panel, where you can add motion, to add some simple movement to your text. Keyframes may be used to make rolling credits or to give a title a rotating effect.

animate text premiere pro

Part 3. Alternative way to edit text in video

A text effect may significantly increase the production value of any project, whether you are editing YouTube videos, a science fiction movie, or a commercial. You'll be able to get inventive with frame duplication and quality tweaking to produce a variety of effects if you understand how to make a glitch effect from start. For this reason, we advise using Wondershare Filmora as a quick fix before using text effects in your projects.

If you don't consider yourself an expert in motion graphics, have you ever had a wonderful idea for an animated title, wacky typography, or other entertaining text effects? Fortunately, applying text effects in Filmora is quite easy. Additionally, having a backup plan in mind enhances your effectiveness during a negotiation. Filmora is brimming with highlights, astounding motions, and titles to spice up your finished film and give it a polished look. Let's look at using Filmora to alter text in your video.

Step1Open the Filmora Editor

You must first launch the software application in order to go further without difficulty. To do so, choose the Video Editor button in the startup window. The following editor panel will then appear:

open the filmora editor
Step2Adding text to the timeline

Filmora quickly imports your files and then groups everything under the Import area. The imported files are easily visible, and you can start working with the text animation by adding the necessary ones to the timeline below from that area. Just drag the files to the timeline as seen below. Additionally, a variety of options are shown; you must choose the one where you want your text to appear.

adding text to the timeline
Step3Animate the Text

Animate By assisting you with font, style, color, alignment, and everything else, Filmora helps you make your text animation using the controller window as shown below. The Advanced option, located in the editor tab, allows you to give your text motion.

animate the text
Step4Export the File

You can also use the software's Preview window to check the animation you've chosen and then add it to the timeline with a few easy drag-and-drop operations. You may now save the instructive video for sharing on social media after completing its creation and editing. You have the option of saving the file as an MP4, WMV, AVI, MOV, or even in GIF file.


Text and titles may be used to easily build simple animations in Premiere. In summary, learning how to change text on premiere pro is addressed in detail. The majority of the change text in Premiere Pro presets will be compatible to you now. Though there are loads of complications with different versions of PR, Filmora, on the other hand, gives you the option to add some excellent text effects to your films in a simplified manner. Refer to this toolkit as PR alternative to change text in Premiere Pro files effectively.

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Liza Brown
Liza Brown Nov 27, 23
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