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How to Edit Text in Premiere Pro

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Aug 11, 22, updated Dec 05, 23

Premier Pro is a popular video editing software developed by Adobe Inc. It is one of the best creative platforms if you want to build editing skills. Whether you're editing a video for social media or a big box office film, Premiere Pro can help you create your story with the tools available there. Import and edit clip, apply effects, and export to any destination. It has everything that you need to make anything you want to. When it comes to its features, there are so many features of using Premiere Pro; one of them is text editing. But how to edit text in premiere pro?

Well, text effects can make your project look more professional and attractive. It includes various activities such as creating a title graphic, adding animation to the text, changing fonts, colors, text, and many more. Before getting into the editing work, you should be familiar with Adobe Premiere Pro software, so it will be really helpful for you to get the most out of it. So, the first and foremost task is the installation of the Adobe Premier Pro app and then learning some basic skills in that.

There are several techniques on how to edit text on premiere pro. But here we will focus on two main approaches.

In this article
  1. Edit Text in Premiere Using the Type Tool
  2. Use Text Templates in Premiere Pro
  3. Alternative Way to Edit Text in Videos

Part 1. Edit Text in Premiere Using the Type Tool

Firstly, go to the Adobe Premier Pro software in your window or mac. From there, choose the Type Tool option and drag the box to your video to write some text. In some cases, we may need to go to the window followed by Tools and click and hold the Type Tool. Now, coming to edit your text, you need to access Essential Graphics Workspace.

essential graphics workspace pr

The further steps on how to edit text premiere pro using Type Tool are noted below:

  • Go to the Window
  • Click on the Workspaces
  • Choose Graphics from the menu. Now, you will be able to see the Essential Graphic Panel.
  • Then, go to the Edit option and select Text from the dropdown options available there.
select text option premiere
  • After finishing all these steps, you now have a text layer overlaid on top of your video. From here, you can precisely personalize your text layer. You can edit the text, change the color, and so on in the new window.
change text color premiere
  • Text can be bolded, italicized, or underlined here. Text can also be aligned to the left, right, or center of the text frame and the entire window.
  • If you want to create a Title Graphic, Go to the Essential Graphic Workspace. First open the Window, followed by Workspaces, followed by Graphics from the main menu. Now, if you wish to add animation to your text, you can use the Effect controls Panel where you can apply motion to the texts.

So, following all these steps on how to edit text in adobe premiere with this tool, we can work in less time and create professional videos.

Part 2. Use Text Templates in Premiere Pro

While learning video editing in Premiere Pro, you will choose a suitable template, right? So, to make your title look more professional, you need to replace the text variant and adjust the color. In the Adobe Premiere pro, you can choose your preferred template as dozens of templates are available there. You can find the one and opt for which you want to select by simply dragging it to the timeline. Here's a complete process on how to edit text in adobe premiere pro using text templates:

  • Open the Adobe Premier pro and select browse on the right-hand "Essential panel". Then activate it. It will help you with the quick export of your templates that are in the library.
essential panel premiere pro
  • Now, opt for “edit tab” from where you can opt for the text alignment and addition of the transparency. Further, you may manually tilt or rotate text here.
  • Then, you have to choose the font and its size. If you have to opt for resizing a video, do so by the selection of the required font. You can then go for the adjustment of the size of the text that’s there on the “Edit tab”. The icons will be disabled in the case if there is no support for bold and/or italic options. Furthermore, if you wish to underline any object, you can easily add it to a font.
  • At this point, opt for the addition of color/effects to the text. You will see options like fill and stroke. (An outline around the shape of a text), shadow, and many more.
fill and stroke premiere
  • Select the reqd. color to the text. Then opt for the addition of a stroke and then opt to shadow the same. Just in the case of a window having multiple text frames, opt for double-clicking on it so you can change the same as per the chosen tools.

Part 3. Alternative Way to Edit Text in Videos

Like Premiere Pro, there is another best video editing app called "Filmora". If you are a beginner then also you will be able to learn editing skills and show your creativity. You don’t need to be a professional or an experienced editor to run the software. You can easily create high-quality and impressive videos using Filmora. The major reason why beginners should go for this video editor is that it requires only a few simple steps to create a video with a lot of features available. That’s why it is the best alternative for Premiere Pro users.

Free Download
Free Download
use filmora to edit text

Here we have listed below some features so that you will have no reason to get Filmora.

  • It is free to download for windows and mac.
  • You can edit and personalize your videos with less time and effort with lots of visual effects and transitions.
  • You can easily capture your screen recording.
  • There are over 800+ effects available and it supports 80+ video formats.

Now you will definitely think of getting Filmora and expanding your creativity to a greater level for sure.

How to edit text in videos in Filmora?

  • Before starting a new project, you have to first do the installation of Filmora.
  • After this, select a new project. Then allow your media files and start the editing procedure.
  • While editing, drag and drop video, audio, photos, and titles into the timeline and create your video. Do trim/crop/cut/rotate/split if necessary.
  • Now, go through your entire video and do the final changes.
  • Then, export your video and post it on your social media platform to show your creativity.

The Bottom Line

There are millions of platforms available to enhance your innovative ideas. Find the suitable one for you that will consume your time with a great learning outcome. If you prefer Adobe Premiere pro, then be familiar with this software. Because there are certain options available like Layers, Responsive Design, Master styles, Text, Align and Transform, and Appearance in the Essential graphic panel.

Learn the functions of all the various buttons shown there. So, these minute things will help you a lot to make a perfect video. If you are a beginner and confused about where to start, you can go for a free premier pro basic course that provides a set of 7 lessons so that you don’t have to put a lot of effort and time.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Dec 05, 23
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