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Tactics To Make Keynote Slideshow

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published May 24, 22, updated Feb 29, 24
Tactics to Make Keynote Slideshow

An easy yet powerful editor

Numerous effects to choose from

Detailed tutorials provided by the official channel

Designing custom slideshows in keynote slideshow is an absolute fun to do activity for infotainment and information sharing needs

Part 1 What is Keynote Slideshow and Why is It Popular?

Keynote is slideshow presentation software developed by Apple. You can make a slideshow presentation using keynote. Using keynote is easier to work with and can give you a quality presentation. It is packed with intuitive design tools that aid in making an interactive and engaging presentation. Its readymade templates are amazing and you can focus on the content rather than focusing on the design of the templates.

Keynote is popular because of the following features:

Its design is simple so it is easy to make presentations.

It has easy to use tools and amazing quality transitions.

It has impressive charts, columns, bars, pies etc.

It is built in your Mac devices. You can use it on your Mac, iPhone, iPad or even for your PC if you have an iCloud account.

Voice over support for reading notes.


Most of us are not design professionals, so you can use keynote’s predefined themes. These inbuilt templates have enchanting font style and object placement with professional designs to create an efficacious presentation.

Apple introduced three new templates – Exhibition, Drafting and Modern Type which are Bold, Colorful and sketch- like. Black, White, Gradient and Classic are popular theme. When creating a presentation instead of selecting the default theme, scroll to the themes options and you can choose the desired theme.

02Media Browser

Apples iWork apps like Pages, Numbers and Keynote it supports for adding customizable art elements, also it has the ability to browse, select and import the images which are present in the user’s photos app.

Clicking on the menu bar media option will open the Media Browser. Users can access specific folders using the media browser. Selecting the appropriate folder from collections and by double clicking on the image, you can insert that image in your presentation.

03Split View

Apple has introduced the split view with EI Capitan. Spilt view provides the ability to use applications side by side while each app will remain in full-screen. It helps you to do multitasking and to do cross-referencing data between the Keynotes, Pages and Numbers.

For example – You wish to open Pages and Keynote simultaneously within Split View mode; you can start it by opening the Pages and then opening the Keynote presentation. Click and hold keynote’s green full screen icon and after holding the green screen the left half of the Mac will turn blue and then release the icon. The application will enter on full-screen, covering the remaining half screen. Repeat the steps for Pages also and you will end up with both the applications open side by side.

Part 2 How To Use Keynote Slides

Apple’s keynote is a great option for Mac users to make beautiful slides for their presentations. Making a presentation focuses on idea or information you want to deliver to your audience. Designing a keynote slide includes, keynote slides sizes and dimensions which are very important.

Here are some important things to consider to make the best use of keynote slides.

01Keynote Slide Size Matters

Before designing your slides think about the screen size you’ll be presenting your presentation. Every screen has an aspect ratio. The aim is to create a keynote presentation that matches the aspect ratio of the screen on which you are going to present.

Screens on which your presentation will appear are:

iPad and tablets

Conference room projectors


Widescreen, large format display

Setting the size of the keynote slide will ensure that your slides will match to the screen on which you are going to present. Keynote slides can be changed in different ways which includes changing the designs, dimensions and ruler options etc.

02Change Keynote Layout Dimensions and Size

Start off in keynote by clicking on the document option given at the top right corner. A new panel will open and all the changes will be done in that panel.When you will click on the document panel, there will be two tabs on the panels, make sure you are working on the labeled document panel.

Adjust the slide size

On the slide size at the down side, you can set the size of the slide. By default you have two options 4:3 and 16:9 slide sizes. When you will create a new document, its size will be 4:3 by default, so before making a keynote slide make sure you check the size.

Formatting 16:9 slide to 4:3 format

Keep in mind that the content should be on the keynote slides. When you turn your widescreen content into a square shaped layout, to make it look fit in the square shaped layout you have to rearrange the content on slide.

03Changing the Keynote Design Options

You can make changes to the keynote themes that you are using with ease. Keynote theme can change or can enhance the look of your presentation. Even if you have started working on your presentation, you can still change the theme in just few clicks.

On the document panel, click on change theme button you will see different theme styles pop up on your screen.

Changing The Design

Choose another theme for your presentation from this windows and click on choose button to re-theme your presentation. When you will choose your desired theme, all your content will be adapted to the newly selected theme.

04Entitle Rulers

Rulers are the important as they help in aligning element in your slide. A ruler ensures you that you are making each slide corresponding to the screen dimensions. Rulers can help you attain pixel – perfect design.

You can enable rulers by clicking on view > show rulers. At the top and the sides of the keynote documents, you will see the pixel measurements. These rulers will help you in aligning everything perfectly on your slide.

Enabling rulers

How To Loop A Slideshow In Keynote?

This is an easy to continue the slideshow when it ends. Presentation options in keynote o iPhone or iPad.

Step 1: select your presentation and open it in keynote. Get into the settings option by clicking on the three dots present at the top.

Step 2: select the settings option and then click on presentation type.

Step 3: Now allow the toggles for loop slideshow or restart slideshow if idle.

Step 4: Now tap ondone.

Loop the slideshow

Part 3 Hot FAQ’S About Keynote Slideshow

What are the requisites of a good Keynote presentation?
The most essential element within a Keynote presentation is the latter’s unity of purpose. The slideshow content should be presented before the audience in a captivating manner, while taking care to maintain a logical sync between the different presentation elements. The slideshow should clearly depict its creation objective without the slightest ambiguity.

01What is the maximum number of slides that a Keynote presentation can hold?

In the light of the fact that the Keynote slideshow creator program works to split the slideshow information into a series of folders and files for a convenient and need specific access, you can deck up a Keynote presentation with 200 slides in one go without any hustle.

02What is the affordable size of Keynote presentation slide?

The ideal layout of a Keynote presentation fits in 3 typical slide sizes. You can work with the 16:19, 16:10 and 4:3 aspect ratios. When choosing a particular size constraint for your presentation slides, do keep in mind the aspect ratio of the display screen on which the slideshow has to be presented.

03What is the ideal screen resolution of a Keynote slideshow?

Keynote presentations work most effectively within the Full HD, 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution. Whether you choose to download the presentation images or use the locally saved ones, take care of them being in the correct screen dimensions to ensure a clear and sharpened display irrespective of the screen type.

04Is it possible to work with PowerPoint presentations in Keynote?

You can easily import your PowerPoint presentations in the Keynote application. All you need to do is, launch Keynote on your Mac compatible device, head to and tap the ‘Import an Existing File’ option and select the PowerPoint presentation you wish to work with in Keynote.

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Ending Thoughts

Keynote slideshows are a sophisticated means to work with content delivery through a variety of media elements.

Working with Keynote, you can add the most desired professional spunk to your slideshow presentations to make them stand out of the crowd.

When looking for the most feasible slideshow creator alternatives to Keynote, picking the Wondershare Filmora software can be an intelligent choice.

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