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Something That You Should Know about MP4 Video Format

Do you know something about videos and file formats? If not, then let’s share some information with you regarding MP4 video formats. Let’s get started!

Max Wales
Max Wales
Originally published Feb 21, 22, updated Feb 29, 24

You all must have taken pictures and made videos at various occasions of life, and it might be someone's wedding, birthday, or any other party. The images and videos are saved in different file formats, and sometimes sharing file across different platforms get difficult because of this.

What if you want to edit your MP4 video but don't know much about the MP4 file format? The following article will help you learn more about it. From the introduction to the technical descriptions, all are discussed in detail below.

Part 1. What Is MP4 Video Format?

MP4 file format is mostly used for video files. The original data is not in MP4 format. The format can also contain audio, video, subtitles, or image data in different streams. All the streams can be decoded by different decoders.

what is mp4 format

MP4 video format is developed by the Moving Picture Expert Group (MPEG). MP4 file format is compatible with a wide range of software and devices. It has relatively high post-compressed video quality thus takes less space than other formats.

Part 2. Why MP4 Video Format Is the Most Popular Video File?

You all must have heard about various file formats, but can you name the most popular format? Well, it's MP4 format. Now that you know about the MP4 format, let's tell you why it's famous among other formats:

· Compatibility

Do you know something about MP4 compatibility? The file format is extremely compatible with online and also mobile internet browsers. Moreover, you can also find its compatibility with various social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

· Codecs

The MP4 containers can use codecs like MPEG-4, , . MP4 file format is also suitable for images and audio files.

· Size

Do you know another reason why the MP4 video format is famous? It's because of the size. MP4 format delivers high-quality video but in a relatively smaller size.

Part 3. Best MP4 Video Editor- Filmora Video Editor

When we talk about MP4 video format editing, Wondershare Filmora Video Editor is the best choice you could ever have. The video editor is easy and straightforward for beginners, and you don't need any technical expertise to use the Filmora video editor. Moreover, the interface is very clean and intuitive. The software offers a precision cutter.

Filmora editor interface

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Do you know any video editor that supports 4k? Filmora does support 4K video resolution and also high definition image quality. Additionally, Filmora has a media library; you can get cool and stunning editing elements, titles, effects, transitions, and a lot more things. Wondershare Filmora offers a wide range of features; let's discuss a few:

Green Screen Effect

Distractions in videos are very annoying, but with Filmora, you can get rid of this. The Green Screen Effect offered by Filmora helps in removing all the distractions from your video like any unwanted person, irritating light, or whatever.

Motion Tracking

It's tough to find good software that offers features like motion tracking. Luckily, you have Wondershare Filmora to use the feature. Motion Tracking is among the most anticipated and prominent features of the video editor, which help you track movements in the video.

Split Screen

Are you creating a tutorial? Do try the Split Screen feature of Filmora for creating tutorials, commentary, or even interviews. This classical feature is fantastic and makes your video unique. You can switch between 4 to 6 screen panels.

Transitions and Effects

Video Editing is incomplete without effects and transitions. If you are using Filmora Video Editor, you will get a lot of brilliant transitions and effects to add to your video and make it shine. You also get a variety of title and text templates.

Part 4. How to Edit MP4 Video Files?

If you are worried about editing your videos in MP4 file format, let’s share something that will help you. Read the following section of this article to learn more about some tips regarding MP4 editing.

1. Cut the Video

If your video has any rough or extra content, remove it. You can easily cut your MP4 video and remove unwanted parts. Filmora Video Editor offers a ‘Cut’ feature that could be used for this purpose.

cut feature

2. Join MP4 Videos

Do you know what else you can do? With Filmora, you can join and combine several MP4 videos with great ease. The software lets you create cool joined videos that look like an entire movie. The feature lets you add your desired videos.

join two videos

3. Edit Audio of MP4 Video

Can you edit audio from Filmora Video Editor? Surprisingly, yes, you can also edit the audio of your MP4 video from this editor. The software lets you adjust the different features of the audio like its Pitch, Speed, Volume, etc.

edit audio in filmora

4. Add Effects, Titles, and Transitions

You can also add stunning effects to your MP4 video while editing it. Moreover, explore Filmora and find the perfect title for your video. Apart from this, you also get tons of cool transitions that you can add for smooth transitioning effects.

add effects titles or transitions

Part 5. MOV VS. MP4: What's the Difference?

There are multiple types of documents that you can have your material saved into. Among them exists MOV and MP4. Do you know the difference between these two? Allow us to help you out by sharing the qualities of MOV and MP4.

 mp4 vs mov


Let us tell you about MP4 first. MP4 is a multimedia storage format mainly used to store videos. It is widely used and can be used is multiple devices. MP4 is the wrapper around the video, not the video itself. If we talk technically, MP4 contains the compressed video data and necessary data files that are required to play the video. MP4 is more compressed than other files types, thus taking less space.


MOV is a file-saving format that Apple owns. It would not be wrong to say that MOV works best in iOS and macOS devices. MOV files can be converted into MP4 and vices versa if needed. MOV has the best video quality and sound under the same compression level. MOV files are also decoded by MPEG-4 codec, the same as MP4.

Final Words

After reading and learning from the above article, we hope that you have increased your knowledge about the MP4 video format. The article shared various things about MP4, like the factors for its popularity, editing MP4 video, etc. We also introduced a great video editor to edit your MP4 file format videos.

Wondershare Filmora is the best editor for videos when you want to create unique and stunning content. The editor offers a whole new editing world with limitless features. Do you know any good software for Color Match? Its Filmora! The easy-to-use, multi-track, drag, and drop video editor will change your editing game.

If you want to stun your viewers with your videos, then try Wondershare Filmora. You can add brilliant transitions, effects, titles to your video. Apart from this, you also get features like cut, crop, trim, join, split, and many more.

Wondershare Filmora

Get started easily with Filmora's powerful performance, intuitive interface, and countless effects!


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