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How to Make a Slow-Motion Video on Kapwing

Change Video Speed Easily

Wondershare Filmora is one of the most popular video editing software among YouTubers, you can use it to speed up and slow down videos with Speed Ramping or Uniform Speed tools.

Kapwing is a web-based video editor that enables you to perform post-production actions on the clips that you upload. In addition, the web app has a timeline at the bottom of the interface that uses the layer-oriented approach to give you an industry-standard ambiance while editing.

With Kapwing, you can even create basic to advanced clips by starting a new project from the scratch. Some of the tasks that Kapwing can do quite efficiently include:

  • Adding text and titles to the videos
  • Reversing the playback
  • Inserting royalty-free video clips and images from its built-in media library
  • Recording computer screen
  • Recording webcam footage
  • Adding audio, etc.

With that said, here you will learn how to slow down the playback speed of a video with Kapwing to give the clip a cinematic effect.

Part 1: How to Make a Slow Motion Video on Kapwing? [Step by Step]

Note: Before proceeding further, it is imperative to understand that Kapwing adds a watermark to the videos while exporting as long as you are not signed in. This limitation can be removed by signing in using your Google or Facebook ID, or with a different email address provided by some other service provider.

To make a slow-motion video with Kapwing, you must follow the step-by-step instructions that are given below:

Step 1: Sign In and Upload the Source Video to Kapwing

Launch your favorite browser (Google Chrome is used here), go to, and click Sign In from the top-right corner of the web page. Next, use your preferred platform, i.e., Google or Facebook, or use a different email address to sign in. On the next page, click Create New Project.

When the main interface opens up, click Click to upload from the right section, and select and upload the source video that you want to slow down. Alternatively, you can either paste the URL of a published video in the available field, or upload one from your Google Drive or Google Photos storage by clicking their corresponding icons below the Click to upload button.

uploaded watermarked tiktok video kapwing

Step 2: Slow Down the Playback Speed

Ensure that the uploaded video is successfully added to the Timeline at the bottom, click to select the clip if not already selected, confirm that the EDIT tab is selected from the top of the right pane, and use the and + buttons under the SPEED section to decrease and increase the playback speed of the footage respectively.

To make a slow motion with Kapwing, you can click the icon and choose 0.25X, 0.5X and 0.75X slower based on your need. You can see the changes in the timeline when you apply the speed presets.

Note: You can slow down or increase the speed to as low as 0.25x or as high as 4x respectively.

add slow motion effect kapwing online

Step 3: Add Additional Decorations (Optional)

Use the tools available in the toolbox on the left to add other elements like text, stock video clips, images, audio, etc. to make the footage look more professional and appealing.

Step 4: Export and Download the Video

Once everything is done, click the Play button above the Timeline to preview the clip, and once found acceptable, click Export Video from the top-right area to export the footage.

On the next page, click Download from the right to download the slow-motion video to your local hard drive. Alternatively, you can also click the down icon that is present next to the Export Video button, and choose your preferred format from the menu to export the video.

download or share looping video interface kapwing

Note: Kapwing makes the produced videos available for public viewing while using a free account. This privacy vulnerability can be removed by subscribing to a paid plan offered by the web tool. And for free account, your video is limited to 250MB uploading, and 30 minutes long exporting.

There are some other options to slow videos online for free, check our picks of best free online slow motion video editors.

Part 2: FAQs About Kapwing Online Video Editor

1. Is Kapwing really free?

Yes, it is free, and there will be no watermark on videos under 5 minutes. However, upon exporting, the videos remain available for the public which could be a breach of privacy for some users. This limitation can be removed by subscribing to the web tool’s paid membership. You can choose either a $192 per year or $24 per month plan for the subscription.

2. What is the limitation of using the Kapwing free plan?

When you use Kapwing with the free plan:

  • All the videos that you produce remain available for the public viewing;
  • The video files that you upload cannot exceed 250MB in size;
  • Export 3 hours of video per month, and each video is limited to 30 minutes long;
  • The resolution of the videos is restricted to 720p only, etc.

3. How slow can I make it with Kapwing?

You can slow down the playback speed to 0.25x with Kapwing. When increasing the speed, it can go up to 4x.


Kapwing is an efficient online video editor. The best part is, the tool doesn’t add a watermark to the videos even if you are using its free plan. However, certain restrictions like file size limit, resolution threshold, etc. are imposed on you if you are a non-paid user. To get rid of all such barriers, you must subscribe to a monthly or annual plan that is $24 or $192 respectively.

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