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How to Transfer Telegram Stickers to WhatsApp Effortlessly

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

Whatsapp and telegram both serve the same purpose as social media tools to all users. Both of these applications have been part of our day-to-day lives and all those who use WhatsApp and telegram as a messaging tool are known with the sticker feature. So as WhatsApp has recently added the feature of stickers but we don’t find many varieties in that while telegram offers some of the best and appealing sticker ranges.

So this article is talking about ways to transfer telegram stickers to WhatsApp and if you are wondering how to convert telegram stickers to WhatsApp stay tuned with the article.

Part 1: What are the Best Stickers on Telegram?

Here following is the list of best telegram stickers you could ever try and make your conversation look much cooler.

1. Corona emoji

telegram sticker corona emoji

The year 2020 was the unexpected one for all of us because of the disease corona because we have spent so much time wearing masks all the time and it was a completely new normal for us to accept. So to accept this new normal routine into our lives this emoji came into the picture and it looks very attractive.

2. Dancing coffin

telegram sticker dancing coffin

If you use social media often then this emoji is among those which got huge popularity and got famous too. This emoji is showing the dance of pallbearers from Ghana taking in stride and got fame overnight.

3. Baby Yoda

telegram sticker body yoga

If you watch Star Wars, you would be much more familiar with this cute emoji baby Yoda. This character got famous in 2020 and there are some of the best memes created on this.

4. SG sticker plan

telegram sticker plan

These stickers are talking about the election program which happened despite the pandemic. In 2020 it was done and it turned out to be one of the memorable ones and also there are many good moments as well as memes that were born.


telegram sticker want2die

If you come across this telegram sticker, trust me you are going to make use of the most of the time because it looks so appealing and cool to make any conversation look better. There is a little kitten and along with it, various mood types are being showcased.

Thus, these are some of the best telegram stickers for WhatsApp you could ever plan to make use of. We all agree that using any kind of element such as stickers would always take the ongoing conversation to the next fun level for sure.

Part 2: How to Transfer Stickers from Telegram to WhatsApp on iPhone?

Users who use an application like WhatsApp and telegram frequently are familiar with the stickers. We often feel like that while using stickers on WhatsApp we don’t get many good options and wish to have any way to transfer amazing stickers of telegram.

So to solve this need here below is a step-by-step guide showing how to transfer stickers from telegram to WhatsApp.

Step 1: So at first you need to download the “Sticker maker “application via searching on the app store to install it on your iPhone.

transfer telegram sticker whatsapp

Step 2: Then you need to open the telegram application and you would find a search bar tap on that and search for “tgtowa” and you would find few options where select the first one.

transfer telegram sticker whatsapp tgtowa

Step 3: Select on “Get started”

Step 4: Once you tap on that it would ask you to share the desired sticker you want to get on WhatsApp. So after sharing the sticker telegram would share a full package of that sticker download that and open it via sticker maker.

share telegram sticker

Step 5: Now after opening in sticker maker tap on “Add to Library” and then after “Add to WhatsApp” one by one.

add telegram sticker whatsapp

Step 6: Then open Whatsapp on your iPhone and go to the sticker icon where you would find all those stickers transferred.

So you are ready! You have easily understood a way to transfer telegram stickers to WhatsApp in a very quick manner. So we could surely say that transfecting telegram stickers on WhatsApp are not a big task at all.

Part 3: 3 Best Sticker Makers for Telegram and WhatsApp

If you are wanting to get unofficial telegram stickers for WhatsApp then we have already discussed the best possible way to convert telegram stickers to WhatsApp. Now it is time to talk about the best sticker makers for WhatsApp and telegram through which you can get telegram stickers for WhatsApp easily.

Here is the list of sticker makers for telegram and WhatsApp:

1. Stickery

Stickery is the most ideal choice for you. It is used to make stickers for telegram and WhatsApp and you can share with your friends too. Here you can also put your photo and create a sticker of yours and download it to make use of that too.

2. Graphic Design- Sticker Maker & Logo Design

It is yet another useful app for making logo designs and creating stickers. Being a graphic designer you would find this tool very helpful as it has a lot of variety of stickers and logo design options available for you to try. Even if you have no idea about designing this app is very easy to understand for sure to showcase your creativity. This tool is a one-stop destination for logo makers. Sticker maker, icon maker, emoji makers, and so many other uses.

3. StickersApp

This app creates very cool and creative stickers from any images given by you in very little time. All the editing features are very much detailed in nature so you can move, resize and rotate any part of the stickers very smoothly. Changing the colors, texts, and zooming with two fingers features are also part of this. Thus there is no doubt in selecting StickersApp for creating the funny and appealing stickers on your own as well as you can export them to your device without any hassles too.


Telegram is the most popular messaging application not only offers the best features in terms of speed and security but undoubtedly it wins among other tools in serving the best range of various stickers to the users too. We all feel that the other messaging tool WhatsApp though being such popular does not have any good telegram stickers at all. So this article has talked about the best ways to convert telegram stickers to WhatsApp and WhatsApp stickers to telegram.

Hope the ways mentioned to create fun telegram stickers for WhatsApp usage would be helpful enough for you.

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Shanoon Cox is a writer and a lover of all things video.
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