Filmora Scrn
  1. New express export of recording file for use in Filmora and other apps. No rendering required.
  2. New recording quality options for smaller file sizes
  3. New blend mode and opacity settings for compositing layers
  4. New blur and mosaic annotations to hide private information on screen
  5. New image border for PIPs and split screens
  6. Now supports recording voiceover within the editor
  7. New keyboard and mouse shortcuts to quickly navigate timeline and adjust layer positioning
  8. HEVC/H.265 encoder option for export (dependent on user's OS and hardware)
  9. Fixed snapshot to save full resolution image
  10. Improved handling of PNG and GIF transparency
Filmora Scrn
  1. New window record option
  2. Supports fade-in and fade-out of timeline clips
  3. Supports upload media to social websites
  4. New hover preview of media library thumbnails
  5. New magnifier for precise adjustment of record area
  6. Supports drag-and-drop for importing clips into the editor
  7. Improved game performance during recording
  8. New FastJPG record encoding option for better game performance
  9. Improved editing performance with GPU acceleration
  10. New MP3 audio export option
Filmora Scrn
  1. Supports recording from primary or secondary display
  2. Keystrokes are now recorded and can be displayed onscreen
  3. New noise reduction option suppresses unwanted sounds in the recorded audio
  4. New floating mini recorder widget provides controls while recording
  5. Supports adding markers in the timeline and individual clips
  6. New speed controls for creating slow-mo, fast-mo, or freeze-frame effects
  7. Supports editing multiple timeline clips at once
  8. More annotation art to choose from (Win version only)
  9. Supports project preview at lower resolutions for better playback performance
  10. New project autosave recovers your work in case of a crash
Filmora Scrn
  1. Supports screen recording at up to 120 fps (Up to 60 fps for Mac)
  2. Supports simultaneous recording of screen and webcam
  3. Quick and easy timeline editing
  4. Annotations and cursor effects