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How to Buy 1 Million YouTube Views Safely from Trusted Providers

Oct 26, 2023• Proven solutions

Can you buy 1 million YouTube views? Won't YouTube ban your account?

Disclaimer: We in no way endorse the practice of buying views. It could be dangerous for your channel and will damage your credibility with your real viewers if they find out.

Buying views isn’t necessarily against YouTube’s rules (it is against the spirit of the rules and can still get you in trouble), depending on how you do it (in general: buying real-people views is technically not against the rules and buying bot views is definitely against them). There are many companies that claim to sell high-quality views that can actually get you in trouble.

So, who can you trust?

How to Buy 1 Million YouTube Views

Where to Buy 1 Million YouTube Views



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How to Buy 1 Million YouTube Views

Something to watch out for is if a service says you will reach 1 million views almost overnight. These sites either cannot really deliver on the time frame they promise or are not providing ‘real’ views. They may be using bots that generate a large number of fake views quickly, which can be dangerous for your channel.

What you want are high retention views from real humans. Quality services, like the ones listed below, will have real people watch your videos (or at least play them all the way through while they do other things). A good turnaround period for 1 million YouTube views is between 6 and 8 months.  A waiting period of a few months is necessary if you want viewer retention.

Viewer retention means someone is actually watching your video, not just clicking on it and clicking away (which is bad for your search engine ranking). Beware that almost all view buying sites will claim to sell high retention views regardless of if they do or not. 

Trustworthy services often have other services available, such as Social Promotion on other social media platforms or YouTube likes and comments. These will help to encourage more organic views, likes, and comments. Also, if your views go up but you have no likes or comments then that might tip people off that you’ve bought views and while it is not against the rules there is certainly a stigma attached. 

It is worth mentioning that while buying human views is not technically against YouTube's rules and can be done safely, buying subscribers is more dangerous.

For even more information on buying views, click here.


Where To Buy 1 Million YouTube Views

BuyViewsReview is a site dedicated to helping you avoid scams that can hurt your channel. They test companies that sell views to make sure they can deliver on their promises safely. It really pays off to spend some time there and learn about the view selling industry before you jump in and start spending money.

Here are BuyViewsReveiew’s top 3 trusted providers from whom you can buy 1 million YouTube views safely:


#1: Devumi:

Devumi offers a 100% money-back guarantee, which should be a given for these kinds of services.  They have a reasonable completion time of an average of 3 to 4 months for most orders, and you can stake advantage of the video SEO service for free. According to BuyViewsReview’s test, their customer service is excellent.

You can buy 1 million YouTube views for $3,497 on Devumi.


#2: BuyViews:

BuyViews is another option when you're trying to reach 1 million views on YouTube. Offering a 100% money-back guarantee just like Devumi, BuyViews’ average time of completion is slightly lower. With this service, you can also buy likes and comments or take advantage of their social promotion options.

You can buy 1 million views for $4,000 on BuyViews, which is slightly more than Devumi’s price.


#3: FastFollowerz:

FastFollowersz also offers a 100% money-back guarantee. They are able to deliver on their promises, but they are in the number 3 slot because they are not totally safe – 2/5 videos in BuyViewsReviews’ test of this service were taken down by YouTube. It also seems like the views they offer are low retention, which can hurt your channel even if your videos don’t get removed.

You can buy 1 million YouTube views for $2,800 on FastFollowerz, which is significantly less than the two higher-ranked options.


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