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The Dangers of Buying Fake YouTube Subscribers

Oct 26, 2023• Proven solutions

Being successful on YouTube is far from easy (although there are free and simple ways to get started). Looking at channels that have millions of subscribers or videos that have God knows how many daily views may prompt you to start thinking about buying subscribers for your YouTube channel.

There is an ongoing debate as to whether or not this is a legitimate method of promoting the organic growth of your channel. A lot of people think buying subscribers and viewers is more damaging than it is helpful for YouTubers who opt to go down that road.

Before buying subscribers or views you first must make sure that the provider you’re considering doing business with is trustworthy. It may turn out that the service you purchased subscribers from is a scam designed to take your money. Besides being scammed, there are several other major concerns that make buying subscribers for your YouTube channel a questionable choice.

Let's have a look at how buying subscribers may hurt your channel and ruin your chances of achieving YouTube success.

The Odds of Getting Banned

If you’re considering buying subscribers, your most pressing question might be “Will I get banned?” This is completely within reason because your first concern should be to avoid being penalized by YouTube.

If YouTube's algorithm catches you buying fake views, your video will be removed. We should specify that "fake views" means "views generated by a bot."

Buying real human views is a bit of a grey area — not technically against the rules, but frowned upon and potentially risky if the delivery of the views results makes YouTube think you’re using a bot.

What To Do If You Get Caught For Fake Subs and Views

If your video is removed for artificially inflating your view count you can try to restore it by filling out the YouTube View Abuse Appeal Form. Even if you manage to restore your video, your channel will get a red flag — not the kind you get for copyright violation, but an internal one that keeps the YouTube's algorithm alert in case you try to do the same thing again.

Being caught more than once gaming the system may result in your videos being permanently removed or your channel being completely suspended. When providers of views and subscribers advertise their services as safe they are actually saying that their service will not raise red flags with YouTube's algorithm.

The only way in which they can guarantee that is if they intend on delivering high retention views, which means that actual people will click on your video and watch it from the beginning until the end. There are services that have proven to deliver this level of quality, and if you are interested you should check out Buy Views Review, which is a site that tests and rates these services.

Buying subscribers is riskier than buying views, but there are still some services that are better than others.

What to Consider When Buying YouTube Subscribers

While purchasing subscribers for a YouTube channel that doesn't really make money is looked upon relatively lightly, buying views or subscribers to gain profit is an entirely different matter.

As you probably already know, YouTube videos are monetized through AdSense, which has far stricter rules about attempts to trick the system. Getting caught by AdSense may result in being banned from using AdSense, which means that your account will be suspended and you will not be allowed to open another account.

Buying fake views and subscribers to try and turn a profit involves a lot of risks, especially because the financial gain you will be able to make isn't significant. There are other ways to make money on YouTube than to get subscribers. 

The best advice for YouTube creators who want to buy views and subscribers is to go through official channels. The reason for buying real views isn’t technically against the rules is because Google could be said to sell views itself through its ad services. Paying Google for YouTube views is highly unlikely to backfire on you, while you can also consider hiring freelancers to get you legitimate subscribers and views, the quality of their services can range from excellent to terrible and it will be hard to find reliable reviews.

Other Risks of Buying Subscribers

Besides getting into trouble with YouTube, there are other risks involved with buying subscribers.

The whole idea behind buying fake subscribers is to make your channel look more popular to attract real subscribers, but in order to attract real subscribers, your videos need to rank in YouTube’s search engine. There are legitimate optimization tactics that can help you do that, but it does require more patience. 

The amount of time viewers spend watching your video is the most important statistic for determining how well ranked your videos are in search queries on YouTube and if you buy fake views or fake subscribers, the viewer retention rates will remain the same.

Why Fake YouTube Subscribers Are a Waste of Money 

Buying fake subscribers won’t help get your videos in front of real viewers.

Your channel and your videos will continue to perform poorly in the search results as long as the viewer retention rates remain low. This is because buying subscribers doesn't mean that you will be buying views or watch time.

In most cases, subscribers who you have paid for will not watch your videos. If your subscriber count suddenly shoots up, but your view count and watch time does not reflect that growth, YouTube’s algorithm will pick up on that. You may not face any official disciplinary action, but the algorithm will ensure that your videos are ranked very low in search results making it impossible to grow.

Alternative to Buying Fake YouTube Subscribers 

The best strategy is to grow your channel organically, even though it will take a lot of time. Create a community that loves and follows your work and you will never have to think about how to get fake subscribers.

If you would like to avoid even the slightest possibility of your channel getting hurt, create content that YouTube viewers will enjoy watching or find helpful, and keep making them consistently. It might take a long time, but you will start to see growth.

This is the best way to develop a loyal fan base that will help you get more subscribers. Views and subscribers you get from bot farms, which is where most of the bought subscribers and views come from, maybe excellent at imitating the human online behavior, but there will be consequences if you get caught.

Buying subscribers is unlikely to have a huge effect on the growth rate of your channel. Also, this method for increasing traffic on your channel will not take you a step closer to creating a community of subscribers who can't wait to watch your next video, which should be the ultimate goal of every aspiring YouTube creator. 

In conclusion, we don't recommend that you buy fake YouTube subscribers. 

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