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Free YouTube End Screen Templates

Oct 26, 2023• Proven solutions

YouTube end screens are a great way to get your viewers who have watched your YouTube video until the end to subscribe to your channel, visit your website, or watch more of your videos. End screens work on all devices, including mobile phones and tablets. This was not the case for annotations (YouTube’s former way of doing these things). As more YouTubers have jumped onto using end screens, the need for well-designed end screen templates have rapidly grown. In this post, I will

  1. List some places you can download free end screen templates
  2. Give you a step-by-step tutorial on how to build your own outro for free

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Part 1: Free End Screen Templates Download

Wondershare Filmstock Gaming Video Editing Skils

(The images displayed below are for preview purposes only. For the highest quality and ideal dimensions to add into your own video, click the image and follow the links that we provide)

1. The Sales Lion

In exchange for your name and e-mail address, the Sales Lion will let you download their YouTube templates pack, which includes a PhotoShop PSD file of their designed YouTube end screen.


2. Grabster

Grabster offers five free YouTube end screen templates. With each download, you’ll get a PhotoShop PSD file and a font file so that you can change the text.






3. Taha Chimar

Those who do not have PhotoShop can use Taha Chimar’s end screen designs that come in png file format.


To download, you will have to follow a URL link in the description box of the YouTube videos. Be careful, though, as a lot of the links lead to free hosting websites with pop-ups that can harm your computer if you are easily fooled by them.

4. SoapyEdits

SoapyEdits is a YouTuber with a channel offering a whole playlist of PhotoShop PSD file end screen designs.

Here are some of our favorite ones.


Here’s one for the Minecraft fans:

SoapyEdits YouTube end screen template Minecraft

SoapyEdits YouTube end screen template

SoapyEdits YouTube end screen template

Another way to get your YouTube end screens for free, of course, is to make them yourself. Canva is a great free online design tool for this.

Part 2: How To Build Your Outro For Free (Step-by-step Canva Tutorial)

1. First, you have to sign up with an e-mail address


2. Once logged in, select “use custom dimensions” and plug in “1920” pixels as your width and “1080” pixels as your height (this, of course, may vary depending on the resolution of your video project).


3. After clicking “Design!,” a new browser will open with a blank canvas.

4. Next, do an image search for “YouTube End Screen,” choose an end screen with a layout that you would like to build off of, and save the image onto your computer.


5. Upload the image onto your Canva project.


6. Stretch your image to the ends of your canvas.


7. Insert your own shapes, lines, colours, images, and text over the image.


8. When you’re done, delete the original image so that you’re left with just your own design. Go ahead and click “download.”


If you're looking for other options to design your end screen, make sure to also check out our article on The YouTube Outro Guide. To edit the YouTube video with more effects and templates, you can try Wondershare Filmora video editor.

Download Filmora9 Win Version Download Filmora9 Mac Version

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