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How to Force YouTube CC to Stay On and Get More Views

Oct 26, 2023• Proven solutions

Table of Content: 

How YouTube CC Helps You Get More Views?

Benefits of Having YouTube CC Always On

How to Force YouTube CC to Always Turn On?

How to Embed Your Videos with Closed Captions on Your Website

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How YouTube CC Helps You to Get More Views?

YouTube CC (Closed Captions) is much capable of bringing more views to your videos.

Why? Because YouTube algorithms prefer to highlight YouTube videos that contain closed captions because such content appears universally acceptable and it helps to boost the experience for viewers. So when your YouTube video has some kind of relevant audio or speech information then it is essential to add closed captions (YouTube CC) to it.

Benefits of Having YouTube CC Always On

YouTube CC can easily bring more viewers to your terminal. But not all users know how to turn it on or bother to turn it on when it can actually help improve the watching experience. So there are few benefits that you can enjoy by having CCs ALWAYS on your videos.

- Closed captions play an important role when you have poor audio quality in your videos. For instance, if your videos did not follow the best audio recording practices, and are affected by background noise or bad audio equipment. In such cases, YouTube subtitles help viewers to understand what is going on videos even if they cannot hear it.

- For those who make videos with a unique accent, discuss something complex, or speaks too fast, turning on the closed captions help your viewers understand explanations and maintain their attention.

- This feature makes videos more accessible and can also appear useful for viewers that are hearing impaired. 

How to Force YouTube CC to Always Turn On?

So, as you have gone through several benefits associated with YouTube video closed captions, now it is time to learn the technique to keep them always On.

Go through the steps below to force CCs always on your YouTube videos:

Step 1: Login and click the video in which you wish to add your captions.

Step 2: Click Edit underneath the video

click edit video

Step 3: Add a specific tag to your content: “yt:cc=on”

add a specific tag

Step 4: Click Save Edit

click save changes


There you go! 

keep youtube cc


How to Embed your Videos with Closed Captions on your website

Some of you might also want to embed YouTube videos on your website. In this case, also you will need to use closed captions during display.

To do this, write “?cc_load_policy=1” at the end of your video source URL; it will be inside the iframe.

embed url

These simple steps will help you to create videos with the most impactful content and this collection will be enjoyed by all viewers on your channel. The Closed Captioned videos are valued higher by Google because they are capable enough to please the viewers throughout the world.


Even though CCs can be a powerful addition to your videos, it's always important to prioritize audio, and it all starts with a good microphone. Find out what the best microphones are in this blog post: The Best Microphone for All Types of Creators 

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