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How to Verify Your YouTube Account - a Simple Guide

Oct 26, 2023• Proven solutions

YouTube verify isn’t just for big channels, it’s for just about anyone serious about YouTube. The main benefits of verifying your channel are live streaming and the ability to publish longer videos. You must also verify your account to apply for monetization, although there are other qualifications for that as well.

How to verify your YouTube channel

To verify your YouTube channel, start by visiting this link:

You’ll need to provide a phone number. A verification code will be either texted or sent via an automated voice call (your choice). Once you have the code, you just have to enter in the field YouTube provides.

How to post videos on YouTube longer than 15 minutes

The default settings on YouTube only allow creators to upload videos that are 15 minutes or shorter. To upload longer videos you will need to verify your YouTube account. Luckily this feature is easy to access.

From the YouTube upload page, you will see an option that says increase your limit at the bottom of the page. From there you will be redirected to the main YouTube verification page. In this area, you can follow the steps to verify your account, which will involve receiving a verification code via text message on your mobile phone or an automated voice call. Once you are verified you can upload videos that are up to 12 hours long or have a file size of up to 128 GB.

How to live stream on YouTube

Live streaming lets you reach out to your viewers an engage with them directly. With a verified YouTube account you can start the process of streaming directly from your channel page. Live streams will appear as recommended for your subscribers just like any other piece of the published content. After a live stream is finished content creators have the chance to publish the video that was captured during the live stream.

To live stream on YouTube you must have a verified channel and zero live stream restrictions for 90 days. An account may not be able to live stream within the first 24 hours of account creation.

To enable live streaming go to the creator studio, click on the live streaming tab, and enable the live stream. Live streams are also available through the YouTube mobile app from the ‘create a live stream’ button.

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