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2024 Guide to Share YouTube Video on Facebook

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Aug 08, 23, updated Feb 29, 24
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YouTube reports that Facebook is the most utilized platform fans use to watch online content. More so, up to 40% of those who watch the content do share links with their friends online – this then makes it quick to promote YouTube content on Facebook. Simply by making your new YouTube content visible on your Facebook page, and you’ll be certain that thousands of viewers will have a glimpse of it. You must already be scratching your head for ways on how to post a YouTube video on a Facebook page. Well, we bring you several ways to go through that and make your YouTube content accessible on Facebook.

how to share youtube video on facebook

How to Post YouTube video on Facebook?

Since Facebook is easily accessible, many users have more access to it than other social media platforms. More so, the page allows you to communicate with your audience via photos, videos, graphics, text, among many other multimedia contents. You don’t even need any programming skills to operate it. Here are ways to post YouTube content to Facebook.

How to share a YouTube video on Facebook using a computer

If you have a stationary point of work, i.e., a computer, it is possible to share your YouTube video through it.

Step 1. First, visit the YouTube site at It can launch from any web browser.

Step 2. Choose from among your videos on YouTube the one you wish to share on Facebook.

Step 3. Then find the “Share” icon located directly under the video you want to share. Click on the video and hit the “Share” button below the video.

Step 4. Choose “Facebook” from the sharing options that pop up.

share youtube video on facebook using computer

Step 5. Next, sign in to “Facebook” on your desktop. Then select the destination point you want your video to land in by using the drop-down menu at the top of your desktop screen. Select the “Share to News Feed” or perhaps the share to “Story.”

Step 6. Finally, click the “Post to Facebook” tab to share your YouTube content with Facebook.

How to share a YouTube video on Facebook using a mobile device

Are you on the go and want your Facebook fans to know what content you have on your YouTube channel? Here are the simple steps on how to post a YouTube video on Facebook right from the palm of your hands – a mobile device.

Step 1. Use any browser on your mobile device to launch the YouTube app from the official website.

Step 2. Peruse through your YouTube videos and choose the one you wish to share on Facebook.

Step 3. Check below the video and click on the “Share” icon.

Step 4. Search through the app’s options and choose Facebook. Also, ensure that the “Facebook” app is installed on your mobile device to make your videos sharable.

Step 5. Click on the “Next” option in the upper right-hand corner of your mobile screen. It will enable video sharing.

share youtube video on facebook using mobile

Step 6. Then choose the YouTube video’s post destination to your Facebook. It could be shared on your timeline, story, or a Facebook group’s page.

Step 7. Finally, click on the “Share” tab to make your video viewable on Facebook.

how to share youtube video on facebook using mobile

How to post a YouTube video on Facebook

Easily post your YouTube video on Facebook and let viewers access them directly from your Facebook feed. By this, your fans don’t have to click on other tabs but will access the videos directly.

Step 1. Copy the YouTube video’s link
First, go to your YouTube channel and copy the video link that you want to post to Facebook. You can as well copy the embed code.

Step 2. Embed the video link you copied
This link should be embedded into a Facebook post. Do this by first logging into your Facebook account. Then go to the top of your “Facebook News Feed” and click the “What’s on your mind” box.

Step 3. Paste your link
Right-click on the “What’s on your mind” box, then select the “Paste” option.

Step 4. Preview video
Facebook will let you preview the video you just posted. Check whether you have pasted the right video before you post it.

Step 5. Post your video
Now, scroll down and click on the “Post” tab. You can also add a message to your post. Just place a cursor after the video URL and hit the “Enter” key on your keyboard. Finally, scroll down and hit the “Post” tab to make your video public on Facebook.

Extra Tip: Facebook Video Tips for more Views and Shares

You have to play your cards well when it comes to posting and sharing your videos on Facebook. These tips are all you need.

- Catch viewer’s attention within the shortest time possible

Here, your main aim is to convince your viewers. So, don’t let them spend so much time before you catch their attention. You can bring up a point about some latest news or adventures that let your viewers connect immediately.

- Add captions to the video

It is not necessarily possible that viewers will watch your videos with the sound on. Some like it when it’s silent and might disable the sound auto-play. Add some captions so that viewers will understand your video, even on silent mode.

- Emphasize on one key-point

Focus on one key point so that your viewers are not swayed away. Your video is highly sharable if it is easy to understand.

- Add a Call To Action

Including a call-to-action will encourage your viewers to subscribe to your channel. Ensure you include it at the end of your video to tell viewers what to do next. You could also include a link to your blog post to let your viewers read and find more content from your other channels.

- Facebook ads can make a great difference

Facebook is a great place for running ads that reach a wider audience. Adverts are great ways to target a specific audience. They explain your products and services more straightforwardly.

- Embed your videos on blog posts

Numerous people get to access guest posts and blog posts. You can embed your Facebook videos on such posts to reach more people. Just get the embed code from your video, then copy and paste it to a guest or blog post.

Frequently Asked Question about Facebook video

Both viewers and content creators have a few concerns about YouTube and Facebook videos. Here are some frequently asked questions that will be of benefit to you.

1) Is it legal to share YouTube videos?

YouTube is just one platform where content creators showcase their productions. Yes, it is legal to share your content on other forums like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

2) What is the best time to post to your Facebook page?

The best time to post on a Facebook page depends on your time zone. Generally, viewers access Facebook late in the evening and early in the night. Perhaps they are off work and now want to relax by checking the day’s updates.

3) What are Facebook business accounts and personal accounts?

Facebook business accounts are designed for users who want to use Facebook to administer their pages and advert campaigns. This account cannot be found in searching or receiving friend request apps. Nonetheless, personal accounts are used at basic and casual levels. You can search for friends and send requests. Personal accounts are also easy to manage.

4) Can I mobilize people to share my posted content on Facebook?

Yes, it is possible to let others share what you have posted. Just ensure they know your intention by constant reminders. Some popular ways that are proven to be effective include the use of “Call to Action,” using an image or video with your Facebook status update and offering some incentive to your fans for sharing.

5) Does the quality of my YouTube content drop when I share it with Facebook?

Of course not! What you pull from your YouTube channel is the kind of video that will be watched from Facebook. The quality cannot deteriorate. However, it is good to ensure you compose quality videos on YouTube before sharing them. Several video editing apps like Filmora can help you compose quality videos with high resolution.


● Facebook is a great platform that is accessed by a wide audience. More so, you can share your content from other platforms easily. The article has covered how to share YouTube videos on Facebook and hook your audience. You can use your computer or share directly from your mobile device in simple steps. It is also better to play some tricks on your effort to reach a wider audience. These include a CTA, embedding your Facebook videos to blogs posts, among other options.

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