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YouTube Subscriber Boost – The 4 Simplest Tricks to Grow Your Channel Faster

Oct 26, 2023• Proven solutions

If you have a YouTube channel, you are one of many content creators competing for viewers’ attention online - a YouTube subscriber boost is a tough thing to manage. The good news is that time spent on YouTube is on the rise around the world. There’s no reason you can’t have a slice of that gigantic pie.

When it comes to running a successful YouTube channel, it’s all about subscribers. The more subscribers you attract, the more your videos will be viewed and shared online. In fact, YouTube confirms that subscribers watch double the number of videos non-subscribers do. So, getting more people to subscribe to your channel will certainly increase the number of views and engagement your videos get.

It’s no wonder the rate at which channels’ subscribers grow is an important metric in YouTube’s algorithm. The channels with the best rate of subscriber growth get featured. It’s not about suddenly skyrocketing to stardom, though. It’s about consistent growth. So, as a YouTube creator, growing your subscribers should definitely be a top priority.

There are many tips out there on how to go about increasing your YouTube subscribers. In this post, we share 4 simple and smart tricks to get the process rolling.

  1. Make Sure All Your Links Are Subscribe Links
  2. Sort Your Videos Into Playlists
  3. Create a Channel Trailer or Set a Featured Video
  4. Add Your Rivals To Your Tags


This point is key. By making all your links subscribe links anytime you link to your channel, you make sure that anyone who views your channel is prompted to subscribe. Subscribe links create a pop-up once viewers reach your channel. It’s a bold move that can give you instant results especially if you are referring traffic to your YouTube channel from other social media platforms.

All you need do is add ‘?sub_confirmation=1’ at the end of all your YouTube links and there’ll be a pop-up whenever people click.

Now, it’s true that YouTube’s subscribe button isn’t exactly hidden. The bright red subscribe button can be found beneath all videos and at the top right side of every channel’s homepage. However, including your own subscribe link (via a YouTube card or in your video’s description) allows you to write a message that creates a sense of urgency which can produce fast results especially when people are really interested in watching your videos.



Playlists have long been a part of our entertainment experience. Whether on our iPods or via apps like SoundCloud or Spotify, playlists make it easy for us to find and access the kind of content we like. But playlists aren’t just for music. Creating playlists on your YouTube channel is a very smart move. It gives your subscribers and viewers added value they will appreciate. Part of the hassle of being online these days is trying to find the content you actually want to consume because you have to wade through so much content you aren’t actually interested in. By taking the work out of finding related content, you actually increase the chances that your viewers will stay longer on your channel and watch more of your videos.

You can also create playlists to curate content by other YouTube creators. As long as your curated content falls within your chosen category, and also complements your channel, you should go for it. In a way, creating curated playlists makes it easier to convince non-subscribed viewers that you understand the sort of content they like, and your channel is one to watch. Seeing that you know the best content and creators for a particular topic might just be the thing that convinces non-subscribed viewers to sign-on to receive updates from your channel.



Most dedicated YouTube creators have made channel trailers. It’s their chance to give visitors a taste of what they’re all about in a short and exciting video. YouTube trailers are a sure way to hook viewers and you should definitely make one if you want to increase your channel subscribers fast.

YouTube channel trailers are usually under a minute long. In less than 60 seconds, you can showcase your best videos and get viewers excited about what you have to offer. You may choose to employ the sorts of clever videography we see in movie trailers. With so many open source and free video editing programs, doing this is actually not as difficult as you might think. The bottom line is that a YouTube trailer can be a creative and effective way of creating buzz about your channel and ultimately, growing your subscribers.

That said, you don’t have to make a YouTube channel trailer if you don’t want to. Setting a featured video can be just as effective. Featuring your most popular video will make a b first impression on people who visit your channel and increase the likelihood that they’ll click the subscribe button. Featuring your most recent video will keep your channel looking fresh.



Adding your rival's names to your tags might sound a bit underhanded, but it’s a fair way of increasing the chances that your content will show up as related to theirs. The trick is to choose rivals whose content ranks highest for the category or group related to your own content.

To find your rivals, simply search for your video titles. If your video is very popular and you’ve optimized it well enough, it may rank tops in your search. In most cases, however, the search results will show someone else’s content at the top of the list. Adding the names of the top 3 creators on that search list to your video’s tags will increase the likelihood that your video will be presented to viewers as related to theirs. When your video shows up as related to a top-ranking video, the chance that it will be viewed is increased significantly. And in addition, the more you are seen to create content that’s similar to the best videos, the more viewers are likely to subscribe to your channel.



The tips on this list are simple, straightforward, and sure to deliver results. If you want a YouTube subscriber boost, you’d better be smart about it! What's more, if you also want to know how to make an attractive YouTube video, you can try Wondershare Filmora and get more ideas!

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