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Live Stream on YouTube Using Zoom

Shanoon Cox
Shanoon Cox
Originally published May 25, 22, updated Nov 29, 23
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Zoom sessions have made daily meetings a lot easier as it offers great flexibility to the people. You can conduct long and important business meetings or educational class lessons in the comfort of your home. As Zoom meetings are widely adopted as a new medium of communication, many people have started to stream live Zoom sessions across various online platforms.

One of the popular online platforms is YouTube, so one must know how to Zoom YouTube live streaming instantly. Through this article, you will come to know about simple and basic steps regarding stream Zoom to YouTube flawlessly.

Part 1: Software Requirements

In this part, we will mention software requirements for Zoom meetings and webinars to conduct Zoom live streams on YouTube comfortably on your devices.

Streaming for Zoom Meeting

  • Pro, Business, Education, or Enterprise Account
  • The Host is Licensed
  • Zoom Desktop Client
    • Windows:Version 4.4.53582 or Higher 
    • macOS:Version 4.4.53582 or Higher 
  • Zoom Mobile Client
    • Android:Version 5.4.0 or Higher
    • iOS:Version 5.4.0 or Higher
  • Live streaming is enabled on YouTube

Streaming for Zoom Webinar

  • Pro, Business, Education, or Enterprise Account
  • The Host is Assigned a Zoom Webinar License
  • Zoom Desktop Client
    • Windows:Version 4.0 or Higher 
    • macOS:Version 4.0 or Higher 
  • Zoom Mobile Client
    • Android:Version 5.4.0 or Higher
    • iOS:Version 5.4.0 or Higher
  • Live Streaming Enabled on YouTube

Part 2: Live Stream on YouTube Using Zoom

To Zoom YouTube live, this part contains detailed steps that will assist you throughout the whole process.

Steps to Execute Before Live Streaming

Before going live on YouTube, the first step is to schedule the meeting in Zoom for successful live streaming. To do so, open your Zoom account and schedule a suitable time for the meeting or webinar you want to conduct.

schedule a zoom meeting

Activating the Live Streaming Option

Step 1: To begin, first sign in to your Zoom account and then navigate to "Zoom meeting settings." On this menu, scroll down to find the option "In Meeting (Advanced)" on the left side.

Step 2: Now turn on the toggle of “Allow live streaming meetings” to activate the feature of live streaming. Afterward, you would see four checkboxes on your screen through which you can control where to stream Zoom meetings.

Step 3: Start by unchecking the Facebook box if you don’t want to want live stream Zoom on the Facebook platform. Then, tap on the checkbox of YouTube to allow the live streaming of Zoom meetings on your YouTube account.

Step 4: Now, click on the checkbox for “Custom live streaming service” to enable the live streaming before your meeting starts. Also, on the displayed text box, you can enter any instructions for the host who will live stream your Zoom meeting. Once done with all the changes, tap on “Save” and continue with the steps given below.

choose custom live streaming option

Settings Up Live Streaming of Scheduled Meeting

If you want to live stream the scheduled Zoom meeting through the option of "Custom live streaming," you should have your stream key, stream URL, and the URL of the live streaming page of your streaming site. Now read the below instructions to set up live streaming settings on YouTube.

Step 1: Navigate to the site by entering the internet ID and password. Then tap on the button “Create a video or post” displayed in the top right corner.

tap on create icon

Step 2: From the displayed options, click on “Go Live” and create your channel for the live streaming videos. Verify your account from the phone call or received text message. Now from the YouTube home page, tap on the “Create a video or post” button to proceed further.

wait for live stream activation

Step 3: After clicking on the option of "Go Live" again, enter the information about your live streaming video in the pop-up window. For this, you should navigate to the "Stream" tab to build an "Event title." You can also enter a description along with the title. Now you can control the viewability of your live stream video such as public, private and unlisted.

add the stream details

Step 4: From the appeared drop-down menu, tap on the category of your live stream video. You can also turn on the toggle of “Schedule for later” if you want to live stream later and enter the date and time simultaneously.

Step 5: You can also add a thumbnail to your live stream video so that people can easily search. Afterward, choose the option either "Yes" or "No" of the heading saying, "Is this video made for kids?”. Once done, tap on the “Create Stream” button.

Step 6: A new window will appear containing your "Stream URL" and "Stream Key." Copy and save this information for pre-scheduled live streaming on a text file. Now tap on the "Share" option from the top right and then also copy the “Livestream URL” and save it in a text file.

copy the stream essential things

How to Set Up the Live Stream on Zoom

Step 1: On your Zoom account, go to the lists of upcoming meetings and locate your scheduled meeting. After finding the scheduled meeting, choose the meeting topic to continue.

select a meeting

Step 2: Now scroll down the page to select the option called "Live Streaming." Click on this tab and then click on the option saying "configure live stream settings."

configure live stream settings

Step 3: On the pop-up screen, enter all the information you saved before, such as "Stream key," "Stream URL," and "Live streaming page URL" on their respective boxes. Once done, click on the “Save” button.

add the copied things

Guidelines to Perform Quickly Before Your Live Stream

Step 1: Start this process before half an hour of your meeting and click to begin your Zoom meeting. Then tap on the “More” option displayed on the toolbar.

tap on more option

Step 2: From the more options, select "Live on custom live streaming service." Now proceed with the live streaming on your streaming platform.

select live streaming service option

Step 3: If you are utilizing YouTube live from the settings of "Live on custom live streaming service," navigate to your YouTube live window. If you don't have this window open, tap on the "Create a video or post" button and click on "Go Live." From the "Manage" tab, select the title of your live stream video and then tap on the "Go Live" option from the top right corner.

tap on go live

How to Go Live from Your Zoom Meeting

Step 1: Through your Zoom meeting, tap on the "More" button and then click on "Live on YouTube." A new window will display the form where you select your account.

choose live on youtube option

Step 2: On the next page, enter the title of the YouTube live stream video and choose the viewability options such as public, private and unlisted. Once done with privacy options, tap on the “Go Live” button.

add the meeting details

How to Stop the Stop the Live Stream and End the Zoom Meeting

Ending the Live Stream through Custom Streaming Service

For live-streaming YouTube videos through "Live on custom live streaming service," tap on the “End Stream” button displayed in the top right corner that will end your live session.

Ending the Live Stream and Zoom Meeting

From your Zoom meeting, tap on the "More" button and tap on the option called "Stop live stream." Afterward, select the "End Meeting" option to end the Zoom meeting for all participants. Then tap on the "End Meeting for All" option for confirmation.

stop the live stream


Many people across the world use online platforms like YouTube to live stream their videos for more connectivity. As Zoom meetings and webinars are getting recognition, it’s a great idea to stream Zoom to YouTube live to have a larger audience. Using this article, you can find easy and simple steps to Zoom YouTube live according to your convenience.

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